Dolphins commence process of creating trade value for Jonathan Martin


From the moment the Dolphins swung open the doors to their locker room and allowed multiple players to speak out in defense of suspended guard Richie Incognito in November, it was clear that tackle Jonathan Martin would not be able to return to the team as then constituted.

But now that the Dolphins approach the point at which they’ll have to decide whether to release or trade Martin, they’re possibly doing the only thing that can help generate trade value:  They’re privately suggesting that Martin could return.

Ian Rapoport of NFL Network recently reported it’s “not impossible” that Martin will return to the team.  While that standard is loose and fluid and far from absolute, it’s more conducive to pulling off a trade than if the Dolphins were to admit there’s no way Martin will return.

If the Dolphins don’t have the “screw it, we’ll just keep him” club in their bag, it would be nearly impossible to trade him.  Unless two or more teams are boxing out for the ability to trade for the balance of Martin’s second-round contract, which pays a base salary of $824,933 in 2014 and $1.042 million in 2015, any team interested in Martin can reject a trade demand from the Dolphins by pointing out that there’s no way they’re going to bring him back.

As Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald recently pointed out, the team’s better play would be to cut him.  With the Scouting Combine looming — and with the Dolphins apparently trying to sell to other teams the notion that he could return to Miami — the next two weeks could provide the best chance to find out whether there will be a trade market.

Of course, the contents of Ted Wells report could play a big role in the willingness (or lack thereof) of another team to acquire Martin.  Teammate Richie Incognito, who has said he completely supports Martin return to the NFL, likewise did Martin no favors by disclosing on Twitter that Incognito’s good friend shared suicidal thoughts with Incogito in May 2013.

With friends like Richie, who needs bullies?

56 responses to “Dolphins commence process of creating trade value for Jonathan Martin

  1. JEEZ…That might be a fire sale. How marketable is Martin in a trade? I have lost interest a long time ago, however, it appears as though as time has passed, that RI would be more welcome in locker rooms across the league to a larger extent than Martin.

  2. Jonathan Martin is just a liability.

    He’s not even a very good offensive lineman.

    And he comes with all this baggage.

    I don’t even think most franchises would take a free draft pick to have to have this cancer on their football team.

  3. Who’s going to make a trade for this guy? He wasn’t that good to begin with and if anyone on a team makes fun of this guy he will go crying back to his parents and file a bullying lawsuit. He’s the football version of Richard Simmons.

  4. Let’s just forget for a moment all the distraction he has caused. From a pure football standpoint he got abused by defensive ends. Distraction+consistently beaten by defenses=low trade value IMO.

  5. I bet the dolphins would be happy to swap picks in the 7th round. I haven’t seen enough tape to know how good he is, but 1 million a year for a backup swing tackle is actually pretty reasonable. And without being the pressure of being a starter, maybe he holds up better psychologically. I guess I wouldn’t be surprised if a team spends a 7th rounder to kick the tires on him…

  6. playoffs? playoffs? dey ain’t gonna be no trade. he is who we thought he was [after the latest batch of articles not the earliest]. a bum and a flake. he’ll have an nfl team [probably, or @least cfl] for a couple more years, but then, once hes no longer coasting on his youth-potential and draft status, he’ll disspear from our lives forever, thankfully.

  7. “With friends like Richie, who needs bullies?”

    Funny. Especially coming from the guy who uses this forum as a political pulpit to bully everyone into thinking his opinion on social matters is the only one that can possibly be right.

  8. Who actually cares any more. Don’t bring him back to the Dolphins, the fans don’t want him. He was horrible, and a big baby who left the team, because he didn’t like the language, poor darling!! Get the hell out of there.

  9. The vikings will probably look at it as a sweetheart deal and offer a 5th round pick.

    He is just the kind of player they want. Big talk and quit when things get a little rough.

  10. Some team will pick up a steal from the trash bin. Martin had a tough time in Miami, on a different team he could recapture the form where he protected Andrew Luck’s blindside at Stanford. You can expect Indy and 49ers as possible interested teams. Luck and Harbaugh know he’s better than what he’s showed.
    The Wells Report will show he went through hell with Incognito. Manic depression can be readily treated with the right medication.

  11. He’s worthless. He has ZERO value unless you gift him to your worst enemy. He’s not even a cancer. Its much worse. Having him on your team is like being hit by a train. He can’t run block..He can’t pass block…and at any moment there is a good chance that he will break down and start to cry. When finished crying he will blame his teamates for his failure.

  12. With the way that this has all gone down if the Dolphins could get a bologna sandwich for him right now they should jump at the offer.

  13. All of this happened because Martin couldn’t except the fact that he is not good enough to be a starting LT in the NFL. The reality is that he is just a backup RT and because he is too immature to accept this, no team will offer a draft pick for him.

  14. Who would want a tattle-tell like that on their team??… the Army/Marines/Navy have a “beat-down” mentality before they bring you back up in a good way, and I think some of that does bring mental toughness to the fore-front.

    Martin is a weak man.

  15. This reminds of Jet’s owner Woody Johnson trying to get value for Tebow. Cut your losses Ross and do the right thing. Give him his unconditional release.

  16. Call me crazy, but im thinking Incognito never would have revealed Martin’s thoughts of suicide if Martin hadn’t TOTALLY ruined Incognito’s 2013 season.

  17. To all you guys questioning this guy’s manhood, you do know he would kick the living you know what out of you?

  18. He will play for another team but his new team mates will be careful in how they relate to him on a professional level. This especially if he underperforms. They will be weary about assigning blame that falls on him, but his team mates will make sure the coaches are more involved in how he plays. They need to ask Martin if he really wants to play, why go through this.

  19. Nothing says money grab more than son of a rich, successful lawyer who works for a huge non-union corporation and a tenured university professor.

    “Those types of people” are always looking for the free handouts.

  20. Ted Wells sure is milking the billable hours on this one, but we all knew that when he talking about digging deep.

    Those 24 words I just wrote above have more trade value then JM.

  21. No trade value at all. He is a subpar lineman with the attitude of a jilted 15 year old girl. There is also the eggshell factor in the locker room. He won’t easily gain the trust of his teammates and that is part of why he claims he abandoned the Dolphins.

    Cutting him is the right move but I think he should give back his unearned bonus money

  22. I think Richie knows what’s in that Wells Report. All this time he has been the medias punching bag and he has kept quiet and been really pretty good. Why? Because he knew that Martin was depressed and even suicidal and he was being a stand up guy.

    But then he gets to see an advanced copy of the Wells report (as an involved party) and he finds out that far from being just depressed, Martin and his agent were actively spreading BS about Incognito and how he was treating Martin to better Martin’s position for payment of his contract and possibly even a lawsuit.

    That’s why I think he all of a sudden went twitterpissed after all this time.

  23. Simple really. He wont come back to the dolphins, put him on the did not report to camp list and recoup the signing bonus he was paid and then let him sit on the list until they know hes done with football for good.

    -He is owed nothing
    -He quit because he knows he doesnt have the talent and then blamed it on a friend
    -And it he does somehow make it on to another team its like a slap in the face to everyone that ever had to work hard for a living.

    useless piece of #censored#

  24. Dolphins will not get anything for Martin. If Martin really wants to play football for a living, he needs to get his head straight and try out in Canada somewhere, and let his balls drop. (They have that socialized medicine, too)

    Maybe he just settles with the Dolphins and goes back home to the cake-eating life style he grew up with. (He got paid and can still walk upright.) Maybe that was the plan all along.

    My Browns desperately need O-line help, especially at Guard. With Farmer as the GM, Pettine as the new HC, adding Incognito on the line might finally “man up” the Browns.

  25. If the Dolphins release him, the Seahawks would be more than happy to give him a try. We would love to have another Stanford guy who played with Richard Sherman and Doug Baldwin.

    Pete Carroll knows how to take misfits and rejects and develop them to their full potential. The Seahawk lockerroom is fun-loving, but not mean spirited. Martin would be welcomed there.

  26. Look I know Incognito is a meathead but why does the media, in general, still ride this guy. Hell I don’t blame him for outing Martin. It paints a picture of his mental state and helps to clarify his role in this mess.

    Richie is a goon but he was railroaded by 90% of the media and instead of admitting they are wrong most of them continue to pile on the guy because he is an easy target.

  27. Just wondering how many of you “manly” guys have ever been in a situation with a bunch of alpha males where the only way out was to start a fight and keep fighting until one person can no longer fight. That’s what Martin was facing and he chose not to fight. Unfortunately for Martin, a fight with Richie was the only thing that was going to stop the harassment and allow him to play football.

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