Harbaugh, Kaepernick, Boldin deals are priorities for 49ers

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As the San Francisco 49ers try to get back to the Super Bowl and win it, they’ve got some offseason business to deal with.

Their priority list contains at least three names:  Jim Harbaugh, Colin Kaepernick, and Anquan Boldin.

Per a league source, the plans will come into better focus after next week’s Scouting Combine.  For now, the goal is to extend Harbaugh and Kaepernick, and to keep Boldin, a looming free agent.

The 49ers and Harbaugh tried to work out an extension to the original five-year deal inked in 2011 last year, but an agreement wasn’t reached.  After reports linked Harbaugh to the vacancy at Texas that ultimately was filled by Charlie Strong, it became clear that the 49ers intend to sign Harbaugh to a new deal.

The biggest impediment could be his financial expectations.  With his brother, John, making in the neighborhood of $7 million in Baltimore, Jim may want as much or more.  There’s also speculation that Jim may want more say over personnel, given reports that emerged last season regarding friction between Harbaugh and G.M. Trent Baalke.

As to Kaepernick, it won’t be easy to apply a fair value.  He’s entering the final year of a 2011 second-round rookie contract, due to earn a base salary of $973,766 in 2014.  The top of the market pays $20 million or more per year.  In 2015, Kaepernick would be eligible for a one-year franchise tag in the range of $16 million.  With performances that ping-pong between pedestrian and Pro Bowl-caliber, it could be hard for Kaepernick and the 49ers to assess the right value for a multi-year, especially in light of the salary cap, which continues to grow at a rate slower than the top of the quarterback market.

Boldin becomes the biggest potential conundrum.  Traded to San Fran after declining to cut his $6 million salary by a third to stay with the Ravens, the 33-year-old wideout became a key contributor.  But with 53 other free-agent receivers available, how much will Boldin be worth?

All three names fall into the “good problems to have” category, but if a contending team doesn’t wisely navigate the tough decisions that emerge from building a contender, the contending can quickly come to an end.

101 responses to “Harbaugh, Kaepernick, Boldin deals are priorities for 49ers

  1. I hope the Niners and the Seahawks both have good off seasons and a healthy team when they face each other in the regular season.
    It would also be nice if Kaep over/under throws a receiver with the game on the line.
    Then we can hear more of Kaep’s “if only” comments.

  2. Why on Earth would Harbaugh warrant more money that than his brother? Jim LOST a Superbowl to John. Getting to the NFC Championship game 3 years in a row is a huge deal, but being unable to close the deal is a strong reason NOT to give Jim Harbaugh $7 million.

  3. Harbaugh’s the easy one here as his salary doesn’t impact the salary cap. 3 consecutive NFC Championship games?

    Pay the man!

  4. really? with only 5-7 millon available in cap for 2014, good luck keeping boldin and others. QB will eat up way to much money and with key players like crabtree and others coming due…..their “window” has passed.

  5. As a Seahawk fan, other hawk fans should realized that Kaps deal is going to be the groundwork for Wilson’s deal next year so I don’t want to see him signing for 20 million per.

  6. Do the sorry Ravens route and sign Kaep to an overpayed deal….let Boldin walk. I think it worked out well!

    Kaep is worse than “Jump Ball” Joe…first read then run.

  7. Quan you got the wrong Harbaugh and weak QB by the left bay, come on back to the OLD BAY, where winning superbowls is how we do in the land of pleasant living!

    Bring Boldin Back to Black and Purple!!!!

    BBBBLACK and Purple!

  8. I sure hope they sign Kaepernick to a mega money deal.

    The moment the 49’ers defense loses a bit of steam he’s going to be exposed for the dumb QB he is who can’t read defenses and isn’t accurate enough of a passer.

    If they really think singing a running back to play QB is a good idea, the 49’ers get what they deserve.

  9. Kaepernick is already a top 5-6 QB in the league and will be top 3 down the road. This isn’t my opinion it’s based on facts. First fact, ESPN’s QBR is the most comprehensive QB rating matrix that also takes into account when the passing yards take place (garbage time yards don’t raise your score) and give points for running yards, moving the chains. Kapernick is already rated a top QB just behind Peyton Manning, Philip Rivers, Drew Brees, Nick Foles, and Aaron Rodgers. (rated ahead of Luck, Ryan, Brady, Romo, Wilson ..) This despite having the WORST OC in the league that insists on running on 1st down 80% of the time and being 100% predictable with his play calling. Getting Crabtree back raised all of Kapernick’s numbers …how would he rate if he had a great OC and Crabtree all season and was allowed to pass/scramble for runs more often? He’s built like a WR and can run line one and WR’s take hits all game …plus he slides to avoid hits ..so why not allow him to run like he did in the post season during the season when they need it? Why not let him take the snap in the shotgun position like he did his entire college career? Because the OC is brainless ..that’s why.

  10. How much longer do they think Boldin is going to play at a high level ? He’s getting up there for a wideout , and never had much speed to begin with. He’s got excellent hands , but if I’m the Niners’ GM , I’m looking at a one year deal for this guy , two , tops.

  11. Once Kap figures it all out he’s going be close to unstoppable. Boldin has to resign that’s the man.

    Harabaugh’s contract doesn’t go against the cap so that’s a non-issue. Can’t picture York letting Harbaugh to go unless he did a Jerry Jones who just hired a high profile head coach(Parcells) to get his new stadium built. I doubt that thought.

  12. As for Harbaugh …he seems to be a good coach and have his players respect. He knows how to help QB’s develop as well. He needs to replace Roman as OC this off season however. That more than anything would help SF win it all next year.

  13. Extending Harbaugh will most likely get done, the 7 million per year is most likely a bargaining chip . He has done a great job as head coach , so the extension is warranted.
    Boldin is a tough one , he is 33 and there are several good wide receivers available in free agency. Cap room is a problem, will Boldin work with that , he didn’t before . Cap room can always be made , but sometimes the cost of doing so is far more expensive than what is originally seen.
    As for Kaepernick , it does make sense to extend him, especially if you can make an extension that makes his hit on the cap less than the franchise tag of 16 million in 2015. Can it be done ?? Whatever it is, 2015 will be hard on the 9ers, as a million dollar cap hit for the QB goes much higher and the salary cap gets tighter

  14. Another point on Kapernick. Seattle has a pretty good defense and in the NFC Championship game, Kapernick ran all over them for a playoff record 140 or so yards. It was like taking candy from a baby! When he took the ball in shotgun formation, it was money, but Roman didn’t go to that well often enough. He had Kaepernick hand the ball of to a RB (with a broken hand no less) how many times for a loss? Despite all of that it took bad officiating and a few fluke plays (long kickoff return and the 4th down hail mary TD pass) to beat them. The fumble recovery on the sack was a lucky bounce ..could have gone out of bounds and the tip at the end of the game …Smith wasn’t supposed to be in the area to make that INT and it could have been tipped out of bounds ..more luck ..sometimes the ball doesn’t bounce your way, sometimes it does …

  15. I like Boldin, but liking a player and paying him too much are two different things. He may be too proud to take the market rate for someone of his age and skills. And it’s not like he took them farther than they went the prior year without him.

  16. Harbaugh brought the organization out of the mud. Players play hard for him and 3 NFC Title games in a row! (extend him)

    Boldin makes Kaep better but he is OLD. (let him go and get young)

    It’s the defense that makes the 49ers great.

    Kaep can make a few more plays than Alex Smith but he needs to grow up. His maturity is lacking. (Wait and see how he performs next season)

  17. Boldin is going to play for whomever offers him the most money, okay! Stop pretending the NFL isn’t a business, IT IS! Team that offers you the most money is showing you the most love and telling you they want you more! Team that wants to pay you less is disrespecting you and your talent! I like Boldin but I’m a businessman so I respect the almighty dollar and know the happiness it can buy! (yes, I have a lot and I am VERY happy, hate all you want but money does buy happiness regardless of the lies your preacher tells you)

  18. Harbaugh is a no-brainer. You gotta keep this guy, unless you want to return to the magic of the Erickson-Nolan-Singletary years.

    Boldin…he’s 33. Yes, he’s still productive, but at that age, he’s always one game away from being old and slow. Caveat Emptor.

    Kaepernick…what’s the hurry? The guy has talent, but in consecutive years he’s blown the final game of the season with the ball in his hands. In the event he’s the next Fran Tarkenton/Jim Kelly/Donovan McNabb (highly-rated QBs of successful teams who only have pain and agony to show for their championship game appeareances) is that something you really want to pay $20 million a year for? Let him play one more season on the cheap, and if it ends with another agonizing playoff loss with the game in his hands, then maybe that’s not the route you want to go for the long-term.

  19. Please sign “deer in headlights Krapernick” to a 10 year deal. The guy can’t read defenses (probably can’t even read his scribble tattoos) and under-throws is receivers all day.

    Please please please resign him to the Santa Clara 49ers.

  20. Sure are a lot of Kapernick haters…the guy just finished his FIRST full season in the NFL…his success rate in the NFL this early in his career (1.5 seasons) is great for a 2nd round pick, and rare among QB’s historically (1 SB appearance, 1 NFC Champ)….Of course he still needs to work on throwing from the pocket and reading defenses…that comes with YEARS of experience…This guy is probably two plays away from having two super bowl rings in his first two years…This year they lost to a better team and QB, Russell Wilson is even more rare in handling a team so early in his career. Still no way you don’t sign this guy long term.

  21. 2014 Prediction: Kapernick will lead the 49ers deep into the playoff’s and end their run by throwing an incomplete or intercepted pass to Michael Crabtree.

    For your health.

  22. Its funny that so many people want to try and call Kaep a RB instead of a QB, yet the same people don’t say the same about Russell Wilson, who ran more often than Kaepernick.

  23. enki702, I ‘m a 49er fan and I don’t think Kaep is a top QB. He’s a great runner and has a strong arm. He can complete passes if his first read is open. He has a long way to go to develop as a passer. He struggles reading defenses and his vision is bad. He missed many open Wr’s and can’t spread the ball around as evidenced by only Boldin and VD catching passes most of the year.
    Roman is too run oriented at times, but Kaep made him look bad. Let him play out his contract to see if he improves or trade him while he has value. He’s not worth top money.
    In the Seattle game, Seattle adjusted coverages in the 2nd half to take Kaep’s running away. On the last play, that LB wouldn’t have been there for the INT if Kaep had looked him off before throwing the pass.
    Boldin will resign with us or retire.

  24. The reason people are calling Kap a RB and not Wilson is because Wilson has a QB rating of over 100 each of the last two seasons and it actually improved in the playoffs.

    Kap – not so much. QB rating 2013 post season 74.


  25. It kills me to see the Kap/ 49er hatered in here. People act as if Kap isnt learning or growing year by year. How many of you were top dog and knew EVERYthing in your first 2 years on the job.

  26. How about teaching Kap how to look for more than one possibly open receiver during a play? Or how to read a defense? Or how not to throw a game-losing interception? Just saying…..

  27. Kap has shown me enough growth in his first season and a half as a starter to warrant an extension . . . but nothing close to a top tier deal. I’d feel better seeing an incentive laden deal with an artificial high average per year that is has Kap-like escapability after two or three seasons just in case. Boldin I think has two more productive seasons . . . $5 million per is doable . . . and extending Harbaugh is a no-brainer.

  28. Dear Seahawk fans,

    Your team won a championship. Your team is the best team in the NFL. You got what you’ve been waiting for. Isn’t it past time to give this manic Niner hate a rest? Your team’s players have a lot more respect for the Niners than you have. Shouldn’t you get the message by now? Calm down. Chill. You won. Act like the winners you are, not petulant middle-schoolers.

    A long-time Niner fan who respects the Seahawks

  29. Kaepernick should keep in mind that Harbaugh took one of the biggest #1-pick busts of all time and turned him into an efficient, championship-caliber quarterback.

    Could lightning strike again for Jim? Who knows.

    But Kaep should still keep it in mind…

  30. In the NFC championship game, Kaepernick turned the ball over 3 straight drives to end the game.

    He’s the reason they got beat. I would not be in a hurry to sign the guy to a mega buck deal. It would be smarter for Harbaugh to develop another kid, than to wreck the cap on Kaep.

  31. wow, thought they were a smarter club, Boldins not the guy he was a bust in terms of production, his separation issues cost the 9ers 2 SB’s already, why press an already proven disaster?

    if you ask me they need to SCOUT SCOUT SCOUT!!!

    I fear they may not even make the playoffs next year with Seattle ROCK SOLID and the Cards and Rams coming on, did they miss their window?

    appears as if they did

  32. Actually, Seahawk fans and SF fans are going to be joined in similarities here. What SF gives Kap might be a pre-curser for what Wilson gets next year. Both have played very well at times, and both haven’t played well over stretches of time. Wilson played well in the SB, but that wasn’t the reason we won.

    Though I love Tate, I think Boldin is the better WR without question. Whatever SF gives Harbaugh you have to realize Carroll will want more to extend his contract.

    My point is everything SF pays to these guys will end up being used in negotiation in Seattle’s contract extensions.

  33. LOL at the blogger who said Boldin was a bust in terms of production. Maybe his Madden ratings aren’t to your liking, but in the real world Boldin was basically our whole passing offense while Crab was rehabbing. Without Boldin there is no production in the 49ers passing game. He and VD accounted for 99% of our TD passes.

  34. Keapernick is a slightly better/healthier version Vick. The problem with that is that he’ll always trust his instincts and athletic abilities over his progressions and trusting in his ability to hang in and make the throw. He will continue to run, and he’ll eventually start getting injured and break down once everyone recognizes this.

    Plus I’m not convinced he’s got the demeanor to be a leader and to play within himself.

    If I was SF, I’d be careful just how much and how long I invest in that…

  35. Trade Hoody and Tattoo boy Kaep, they can find a average QB as long as that defense is stout, get rid of Coach Harbaugh and give Mike Holmgren a call, Holmgren has won a Super Bowl.

    Holmgren doesn’t act like a Pee Wee football coach, and was the guy to take the Hawks to their first Super Bowl, and brought Green Bay back from the dead to win a Lombardi.

    This 49ers non sense on the sidelines has got to stop, it is embarrassing, Mike will bring maturity to the days of Uncle Eddie.

    Matt Schwab(with the 49ers defense) could do a better job than Kaep.

  36. travelingwillies ..I feel just the opposite. Not sure I would keep Boldin at $6 mil/year. Yeah he was a big help last year but that was just that…last year. As for Kap, to me he has just finished his first full year as a starter. It would be different if he was a veteran making $10 mil per year and still making mistakes, but he isn’t. He should play out the last year of his contract and then negotiate for a raise. Same with Harbaugh…..he wants to coach in the NFL so I think he will stay. I dislike people who want new contracts before they fulfill the existing; otherwise a contract has no meaning.

  37. Wow! Pretty amazing how much hate people have for the Niners. Clown on Kaep all you want but the guy wins and oh yeah, he hasn’t even started two full seasons yet. I respect Russell Wilson but don’t try to tell me he is elite. Seattle’s defense won that Super Bowl. Wilson’s two TD passes were in garbage time. Bottom line is most realize the Niners aren’t going anywhere for awhile, hence all the haters.

  38. zonarob says:Feb 13, 2014 6:12 PM

    Wow! Pretty amazing how much hate people have for the Niners. Clown on Kaep all you want but the guy wins and oh yeah, he hasn’t even started two full seasons yet. I respect Russell Wilson but don’t try to tell me he is elite. Seattle’s defense won that Super Bowl. Wilson’s two TD passes were in garbage time. Bottom line is most realize the Niners aren’t going anywhere for awhile, hence all the haters.

    Which quarterback won the Super Bowl, and had a qb rating over 100?

  39. “enki702 says: Feb 13, 2014 1:30 PM Kaepernick is already a top 5-6 QB in the league and will be top 3 down the road.”

    So… ESPN QB rating says Kaep is better than Brady, Luck and the current SB champeen QB, Mr. Russell?

  40. Seattle fans are the worst, acting like they didn’t buy a superbowl team. Talking all that trash on an article about the niners. Just let me say it’s not SAFE to be a seachicken fan in norcal. We’ll beat you up. NinersNation

  41. lol

    somebody just said that Kaep is a top QB.

    are you kidding me or did you forget about #12?

    you can’t say top QB without mentioning the dude that wears that belt (ain’t even gotta say his name).

    ‘dis your boy, packers baller shot caller.

    i’m outti, peace y’all (deuces)

  42. Anyone who doesn’t think Anquan Boldin isn’t a vital part of the 49ers (especially this year) just wasn’t paying attention. I don’t know if the 9ers even make the playoffs without his 3 down conversions and amazing circus sideline catches. I can’t figure out why this guy wasn’t locked up into a franchise deal years ago. And someone please find me a WR that is tougher than Q these days. If some of these younger guys other than Vernon could blow the top off the defenses, Frank and the others wouldn’t look so bottled up either. Gotta keep Q and get one of these young fellas on a track program and get some elite speed. For crying out loud, put LaMichael James out there in the slot. Teach him the Wes Welker/role, and wind him up… Be creative for crying out loud!!!!

  43. How about everyone who hates Har-blah-blah-blah contribute $1/each to a retirement fund for him? I don’t hate SF, but Kaep and his whiner of a coach make the whole team a pain in the backside.

  44. enki702 says: Feb 13, 2014 1:30 PM

    Kaepernick is already a top 5-6 QB in the league and will be top 3 down the road. This isn’t my opinion it’s based on facts.

    lol. Only on Mars. Tell me which ‘Top5/6″ QB has a mid-50s redzone completion percentage?

    Peyton Manning? Nope. Aaron Rodgers? Nope. Drew Brees? Nope.

    Hell, even Alex Smith is better in the Redzone.

  45. pantherpro says:Feb 13, 2014 7:44 PM

    Seahawks… One year wonders. Seattle favorite team again will be the Sounders in two years. How lame is that dreary city?

    Win a Super Bowl in this century…..then talk…..

  46. Had Frisco kept Alex Smith, they would have advanced to the Super Bowl and most likely won it.

    Hairball will regret the decision he made vis a vis his quarterback.

  47. I don’t understand why ANY fan gets on here and talks trash about other teams/fans/cities. You can love your team without being an idiot. Be a man and have some respect.

    To the guy who said he beats up Seahawks fans in NorCal: I sincerely hope you’re just trying to be funny. Keep in mind that Seahawks fans have wives and children and mothers and all the same type of people in their lives as you do. Keep you cool, friend. It’s just a game.

    Last thing, Seattle is a great city. We love our team. The people on here who can’t stop tearing everybody down don’t represent the vast majority of Seahawks fans. The same is true for every team out there.

  48. Paying Harbaugh 7 mil should not be a problem because the money won’t count against the cap. Kap is more difficult. They may wait until after next season, since they can pay him 1 mil in 2014 and franchise tag him for $16 mil, which would be $4 mil less than the $20 mil that the top paid ones are making. Doing that gives them time to evaluate Kap’s ability and also give them room to sign other players. As for Boldin, he saved the 9ers season in 2013, and deserves $6 mil. I think they may try to save money elsewhere, such as cutting Carlos Rogers and his $6 mil salary.

  49. billb49 says:Feb 13, 2014 3:26 PM

    Dear Seahawk fans,

    Your team won a championship. Your team is the best team in the NFL. You got what you’ve been waiting for. Isn’t it past time to give this manic Niner hate a rest? Your team’s players have a lot more respect for the Niners than you have. Shouldn’t you get the message by now? Calm down. Chill. You won. Act like the winners you are, not petulant middle-schoolers.

    A long-time Niner fan who respects the Seahawks

    You mad bro?

  50. ctiggs says:Feb 13, 2014 2:59 PM

    It kills me to see the Kap/ 49er hatered in here. People act as if Kap isnt learning or growing year by year. How many of you were top dog and knew EVERYthing in your first 2 years on the job

    I did.


    Russell Wilson

    Go Hawks

  51. idealyoulose says:Feb 13, 2014 6:57 PM

    Seattle fans are the worst, acting like they didn’t buy a superbowl team. Talking all that trash on an article about the niners. Just let me say it’s not SAFE to be a seachicken fan in norcal. We’ll beat you up. NinersNation

    Laughable. Try that sometime. Some us fight in the ufc. Some are police officers. Some of us legally carry. Jealously leads to anger, anger to violence. If you think violence is the answer to sports you have bigger issues then pft commentating. -stay mad bro

  52. Whatever the Niners do this offseason, puh-leeze sign Perrish Cox to at least a one year deal! The maintenance workers at the VMAC are getting tired of putting his name over the locker, and taking it down.

    C’mon, do your buddies in the Pacific Northwest, a favor?

  53. Dont know why some peeps think this’ll be hard.. we’ll lock them up,all 3 plus Dawson.. trade up for a wr,keep our two’s for a.cb.and a.saftey

  54. Please Niners, sign them all to a contract so Seattle can play against that same roster again. It would be good to see two identical WRs in Crabtree and Boldin, both are slow one young and ones too oldin. A QB that rush for more yards than his RB in the NFC championship that renders that position worthless, 11 carries 14 yards. By running also makes his WRs worthless. 2 WRs combine for 104 yrds less than Seattle’s 3rd string WR Baldwin 106 yrds and a TE that doesnt like to show up against Seattle, 2 reception 16 yrds. PLEASES, PLEASE, PLEASE sign them all.

  55. 49er fans hated Alex Smith when he was struggling and I know a lot of these comments about Kap is coming from 49ers fans. Kap is in a learning stage. We have a great QB coach(Jim Harbaugh). If you were true niner fans you would have faith in our organization to develop this young great QB (Kap) to a Super Bowl caliber QB. Everyone hated Alex smith when he was struggling but at the end they still rode his wagon. One day Kap will prove that he can and will win a Lombardi trophy. Til that day come, all you haters can stop being a sf49er fan because you are nothing but a bandwagoner. You probably didn’t watch the NFC championship game or you probably missed all the bad calls by the refs. Not matter what, you fake 49er fans can see yourself out the door. 49er Faithful. Red n Gold let’s roll.

  56. Seahawk fans, why are you so angry and hostile? You just won the damn Super Bowl. Very convincingly I might add. I enjoy this rivalry we have between your team and my Niners. Two great defenses, running games, young QB stars, and two coaches you either love/hate, no in between. Even Sherman said the game against the Niners was the “real Super Bowl.” Now log off your computer, quit trolling 49er articles already, and go enjoy your championship offseason. See you in the Fall.

  57. Here’s the deal, Kaepernick has outplayed Rodgers (twice), Brady, Wilson, Brees, Matty Ice, Cam, etc. He has the ability to go 300 passing and 75 rushing as he did in last years superbowl (almost all in second half post blackout). His dual threat ability causes problems to the best defenses in the league (as you can see by the great Mannings inability to move a yard to the right or left, making him a sitting duck for seahawk defenders). The guy is an unquestioned weapon. Yes he had 3 turnovers in final 3 drives, which ultimately costed them the game, but he also was the reason they were in control for the majority of the game and accounted for more than 90% of the total offense production. When you have someone that special you pay him. Negotiate hard and leverage the fact that he has come up short both years (short of winning it all, not short of have a successful season).

  58. Love how people are trying to say running is somehow a bad thing, lol. As long as he doesnt get hurt doing it, last I checked a 50 yard run is as good as a 50 yard throw, in fact, I might argue its better BECAUSE nothing can be more disheartening to a team when they stuff the RB, cover the WRs like white on rice, and the QB is able to go 100 in a half. Its a third weapon that makes the defensive challenge all the more complicated. Peyton Manning and the vaunted Broncos offense were sitting ducks with their one dimensional throwing machine. In this day and age (especially when playing in a supremely defensive talented NFC West specifically, and NFC in general) you have to have the goods to improvise with your legs, extend plays, extend drives – because in tight games (which all games seem to be in the top heavy NFC) every point counts.

  59. The 9ers have been an elite team for the past 3 years with the best defense over that span. Backups that get cut usually go on to become starters on other teams. This is a luxury in the nfl and an attribute to the GM and scouts. Winning is what’s matters and Kap, Jim and AQ have done nothing but win games and that’s something most of the league envys. Yeah it’s true that Cheat Carroll won it all and he makes 7mil year. Look at his winning percentage in the league and it’s average. People don’t like Jim and Kap for there own reasons but you can’t deny they are winners. Peyton is a top qb who makes 20 mil and look what happened to him against the PEDHAWKS. The real sb was the NFC championship where Kap ran for 140. Dual threat qbs are the future of the league.. Cam. Andrew, Wilson…bottom line is if flaco, romo and cutler are getn paid why shouldn’t these youngsters who have been winning games? Defense wins championships no doubt but QB ‘s get paid in the nfl and so do coaches who win .80 of their games.

  60. Kaepernick is a once in a generation talent, anyone who thinks different knows NOTHING about playing the quarterback position.

  61. Cards fan here , since a lot of you aren’t happy with Kaep , we’d love to have him here in AZ.
    Also Boldin , bring him back home.
    This could be the year.

  62. I believe that Kap should ultimately be retained, however if you let him play out his contact 49ers saves 15 mil this year and Kap will have one more year to really get better, and he will. This will then enable you to extend the window on winning the Super Bowl next year and figuring out Kaps value for the future. You will have saved 15 mil and it would take 4 years to use up the savings in the next contract. I think this is still the best of all worlds. The 49ers remain competitive for one more year, gets Kap the experience and training he needs. And retains the flexibility to move in another direction if the Org does not believe in Kap’s development potential. That would mean that the 49ers would have to Draft a Quarter back this year to develop. Which seems like a smart thing. If you keep Kap then trade your prospect for more Draft picks to continue to bring in great talent. I want to have the rivalry between 49ers and seahawks to continue for as long as possible.

  63. Now that the Super Bowl is in the rear view, time for the 49ers to step up and move right by Seattle. Given Seattle’s cap situation is worse, and they have less draft picks, the 49ers are primed to not only move past Seattle in 2014, but also in years to come.

    Beong that Seattle fans are the most obnoxious, arrogant bunch in American sports, it’s going to be incredibly fun watching them all on the way down. Anyone who idolizes and defends Sherman is a joke.

  64. Hard to take some of you so called “fans” and all of your negativity. Traditional football fans are having a hard time embracing “athletic”QB’s. To be honest I don’t know if they are here to stay or not.

    However, to rip on our QB is ludicrous. Kaepernick who in 1 and 1/2 seasons as a starter has a .700 winning percentage, been to the NFC
    CHampionship twice and the superbowl once.
    You realize that as a starting QB he finished the season 10-1 and came within a pass of making it to the superbowl in back to back seasons.

    The folks that are “just” looking at the QB either don’t know football or are just plain being lazy. Here is the “real” reason we didn’t beat the best “team” in football. It’s our offensive line and our running game. In our last four games versus the Seahawks, here are the RB stats.

    Lynch 337 total yards and 6 TD’s

    Gore 168 total yards and 0 TD’s

    The one game that we won was in SF. Not a coincidence that that was the only game in which Gore outrushed Lynch. Also Gore versus the Seahawks averages about 1.5 yards a clip. He gets all of his yards usually in one big run. That is great for that one drive, but it means that for most of the game he does not help move the chains. Lynch on the other hand averages 3-4 yards a clip consistently helping move the chains.

    So while Wilson gets to play more pressure free because of his running game, Kaepernick unfortunately has more pressure on his shoulders to be the guy because he’s received no help on the ground by his running game.

    Stats don’t lie. In their last five meetings, the team that outrushed the other has won. But go ahead and be lazy and continue to blame the QB.

  65. This is my honest opinion. Harbaugh is worth the contract extension, Boldin is not, and Kaepernick is a big question mark.

    Jim Harbaugh took a perennial loser into an annual contender and is the first coach in NFL history to make it to three Championship games in his first three seasons. He was able to turn Alex Smith, a draft bust, into earning his keep (and then not keeping him…huh…yeah I never understood waiting out all of Smith’s bad years and then trading him when he finally got good). Harbaugh didn’t build this team, most of the key players were on the roster prior to his start (he did draft Aldon Smith and Eric Reid though), but talk about a guy who can get the most out of his players.

    Anquan Boldin is 33 and he will be 34 next season. He had a sort of resurgence late in his career this past season, mostly due to him being the primary target that he was never meant to be. I’d say he can’t continue playing at that caliber for too much longer and there’s probably a cheaper #2 option on the market who is also younger.

    And now Kaepernick. On the one hand, you want a QB to build a franchise around, on the other hand he maybe asking for more than he’s worth. If he can settle for under $10 million or around it, I’d say sign him…but if he honestly starts talking upwards of $15 to $20 million than you have to pass on him. Here’s an interesting stat, Kaepernick was the WORST QB in the league at spreading the ball around in 2013. Only Kaep and Terrelle Pryor completed TD passes to just three different receivers this season. You can say all you want about not having enough good receivers, but that’s just ridiculous. The 49ers do not have the 32nd ranked group of receivers in the NFL, that’s just ridiculous. Teams like the Jaguars, Raiders, Browns, and Bucs all managed to spread the ball around more than Kaep did. Why does spreading the ball around matter? Look no further than the end of the NFC Championship game. Trying to force a pass to Crabtree against the league’s best corner ISN’T better than throwing Quinton Patton or Vernon Davis (who were both less covered than Crab). It wasn’t even a bad throw, just a bad decision.

    Honestly, Kaepernick has potential to be a top 5 QB, but he hasn’t earned the money of a top 5 QB yet. And also, I’ve heard arguments about how good he played once Crabtree came back. That’s not an argument as to how good Kaep is…it’s an argument of how good Crabtree is. Without Crabtree, he was 6-4 with a 81.8 rating. With Crab, he was 8-1 with a 95.7 Rating.

  66. Not everyone who disapproves of signing Kaepernick to a big contract needed to see his meltdown in the NFC Conference Championship game. He’s a physically gifted athlete with nine years of quarterbacking experience spanning high school, college, and the NFL, and yet he still has trouble making a genuine first read followed by a genuine second read. Can anyone who believes Kaepernick is the answer for the 49ers’ franchise make a legitimate argument that in his tenth year, he can be expected to consistently make his second read? Even in the games not already being won by one of the league’s elite defenses?

    The worst argument 49ers fans make in Kaepernick’s behalf is that he hasn’t had enough starts under center: There are quarterbacks that come into the league with 0 NFL starts that can consistently make a second read when given the time in the pocket the 49ers’ offensive line gives Kaepernick.

    The best solution: Don’t extend him, and don’t let his contract run out. Trade him for the Texans’ first overall pick and change, and then trade out of that first overall pick to another team desperate to draft an over-hyped quarterback. Then draft a quarterback and sign a free agent quarterback that each can demonstrate an ability to learn how to be a quarterback. It won’t be popular, but it will prevent the otherwise inevitable slamming-shut of the 49ers’ Super Bowl window due to the dilution of team talent that comes with overpaying a quarterback that depended on his team far more than his team depended on him.

    This won’t happen, but it was worth mentioning.

  67. Trade him to the Texans for the first overall pick?


    Why not trade him to Indy for Luck and their first pick?

    Heck, how about N.E. for Brady and their coaching staff?

    Wow, talking about an overblown sense of worth.

  68. I like some of the last comments. I think that one of Harbaugh’s competitive advantages is coaching quarterbacks. So start drafting good talent and coaching them up and trade them for valuable Draft picks. You seem to do well at it ie trading Smith so do it again and try to get better at the wr position using free agency. Plus start stashing running back talent behind gore he cannot last much longer. Your drafting has been suspect recently particularly around receivers so do what you seem good at by draft quarterbacks and dbs. Seattle should do this at corner backs. Each team has their strengths.

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