Jeff Fisher consulted with Goodell before hiring Gregg Williams

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The Rams had to hire Gregg Williams as their defensive coordinator this offseason because his first stint with the team was cut short by a suspension from the league for Williams’ involvement in the Saints’ bounty scandal.

Williams was reinstated in time to serve as a defensive assistant with the Titans last season, but Rams coach Jeff Fisher still wanted to make sure with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell that the league was fine with Williams taking over the defense in St. Louis. At a press conference formally introducing Williams on Thursday, Fisher said he got more than that.

“I had a conversation with the commissioner who not only endorsed Gregg, but felt that [hiring] Gregg would be a good move,” Fisher said.

Fisher said he reached out to Goodell about hiring Williams in January when he decided he was “uncomfortable” with the direction that the Rams defense was heading in under Tim Walton. It has been 14 seasons since the two men have been on the same coaching staff, but they had success together in Tennessee and Williams said it felt good to be back with people “who think and believe the same way.”

If those thoughts and beliefs translate into a similar level of play on defense, the NFC West may be even more imposing than it was in the 2013 season.

14 responses to “Jeff Fisher consulted with Goodell before hiring Gregg Williams

  1. that comment by fisher that goodell thought it was a good move should put to rest the idea that williams will be heavily scrutinized by the nfl. he won’t be ignored but it looks like he should be just fine. and so should the rams defense

  2. J Fisher is barely a 500 coach OMG be scared NFC West! He now has a bully on staff to go with his oft trouble players; sure they’re a real threat.

  3. The Rams were the dirtiest Defense last year WITHOUT Greg Williams. This is going to end well.

  4. I’ve always liked Fisher, but he’s really made too many mistakes with Williams, including NOT replacing him when he was suspended.

    The NFL is too serious to be messing around and holding loyalty ahead of your teams performance.

  5. Goodell is talking out of both sides of his mouth again. How can he continuously preach that he is doing everything he can for player safety and allow a guy who intentionally tried to hurt opposing players back into the league?????

  6. I would like to see anyone be in the game as long as fish has been and try to have a better record than him .in this game it is hard to win and u need alot of things to go right and alot of luck. Do I think he is the best no but he is agood coach and I think he has changed this organization around pretty fast.There is still alot to do but its going up .and for anyone that thinks that Gregg is the only coach in the game that was doing that needs to get there head checked out. Alot of coaches have come forward and said that they did this to

  7. Was the defense that bad under Walton as a 1st year DC? The article starts off with the rams had to hire Williams because of his 1st stint with the team, that’s not right.

  8. The hiring of Walton was a baffling move. He was coming off a year as the Secondary coach of the Lions, who had one of the worst passing defenses in the league. I suppose it was a hire to just fill an empty void, and he was the best candidate available. The Rams defense started off the season soft and sloppy; they were down right bad at times.
    The aggressive, blitz-happy D we saw the year prior was no where to be found. Combine that with missing Dunbar for the first 4 games and the rapid decline in play from Finnegan, the Rams D reverted to looking how it was from years past, horrible.
    Mid-way through the season it was announced that Fisher had taken over more of the defensive responsibilities, and suddenly the team began to play much better. Thus, Walton being released was expected and most likely was always going to be the end result.
    Excited to see what Williams brings to the table for this young team; a few key FA acquisitions, another strong draft like last years, and this D can easily be top 5 next year.

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