Jermichael Finley should be fully healed in next 4-8 weeks

Getty Images

Tight end Jermichael Finley said recently that he expects to be cleared soon after having neck fusion surgery, saying that his doctor told him that there was a “99.9 percent” chance of making a full recovery.

Finley’s agent Blake Baratz added some more specificity to how soon Finley might be getting that medical green light. Baratz said, via Tyler Dunne of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, that Dr. Joseph Maroon, who performed the surgery, believes Finley should be fully healed sometime in the next four to eight weeks.

Maroon is also a Steelers team doctor, but each team will have its own opinion about whether they want to bring Finley on board after such a serious neck surgery. The Packers refused to clear safety Nick Collins, who is attempting to mount a comeback, after a similar surgery and Finley knows that continuing his career isn’t guaranteed.

“This isn’t a reckless stab at wanting to play football again. He wants to play because this is his livelihood and what he has worked so hard for his entire life,” Baratz said. “He’s only 26 years old and isn’t ready for the next chapter of his life yet. If that decision is forced upon him, then he understands. We adjust and we move forward. He’s working out and rehabbing almost six hours per day with a group of experts to ensure that he stays in the best shape possible.”

Baratz said he hasn’t spoken to the Packers yet to see where they stand in regard to Finley’s return to the team and any conversations would be premature until Finley gets the medical thumbs up he’s expecting.