Jimmy Graham says he’s not sweating his contract


Jimmy Graham is heading into an offseason that may feature a lengthy contract negotiation and a fight with the Saints about the position he plays, but he says he’s not sweating it.

Graham said today that he’s approaching the offseason the way he always does, working out and preparing for the next season.

“I’m just standing. I take every day one day at a time. I’m just going to wait, see what happens,” Graham said, via Larry Holder of the Times-Picayune.

The biggest question looming for Graham is whether he’ll be categorized as a tight end or a wide receiver for the purpose of his status as the Saints’ franchise player. If he’s a wide receiver the Saints will have to guarantee him $4.5 million more on the franchise tender than they’d have to pay him if he’s a tight end, but Graham says he’s not worried about that.

“That’s not for me to decide. I’m going to do and I’m going to play what ever I’m asked to do. It’s that simple,” Graham said.

It may not be that simple for the Saints or for Graham’s agent, but Graham sounds like he’s ready to tune that stuff out, and keep his focus on football first.

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  1. Jimmy “alligator arms” Graham needs to worry a little more about catching passes. Among the top 9 TE’s in targets during the regular season he had the lowest rec %.

  2. So the Saints are arguing over whether Jimmy Graham is still a tight end or if he has hooked up with Drew Brees so many times that he is now a wide receiver.

    But the NFL’s not ready for a gay player.


  3. That Detroit tight end who I can’t remember his name is just as good….

    …. or so the Germans would have us believe.

  4. Vilma hasnt played in two years. Will Smith didnt play one down last year. Roman Harper has been terrible for years. Jabari is over 30 and coming off an ACL. Hardly half the defense. Shows how much seahawk trolls really know about football.

  5. gohawks7 says:Feb 13, 2014 6:00 PM

    Also….across ALL TE’s…the average rec % is 65%. Graham’s is 60%.

    He’ still a heck of alot better than Zach Miller:)

  6. This is a story now, but will be settled easily. There is some very specific language in what position a player plays per use of the franchise tag based on how many times he lined up as a blocker/TE/WR. For use of the franchise tag it’s that language and not what the team calls the players or even what he himself intended to play. It will take a judge about 10 minutes to decide this. This is all posturing by both sides.

  7. @nbarber2013 – if rings are the ONLY thing that matters that Seahawks suck compared to any team that has 2+ rings. By your own argument you automatically lose any comparison on anything to the Steelers, 49ers, Redskins, Giants, Patriots, Cowboys, etc etc etc because they have more rings and “that’s all that matters”

  8. he needs to come get some balls from #12.

    that lil’ guy brees is going downhill fast.

    12 will throw him some balls and hit those guts, hard.

    plus, green bay>>>>>>new orleans

    ‘dis your boy, packers baller shot caller.

    i’m outti, peace y’all (deuces)

  9. The TE average reception rate is always higher because they are generally actual tight-ends, catching mostly short passes passes.

    Graham’s 60% catch rate is close to the norm for someone who is basically a WR, with a 14.1 YPC average.

  10. Actually, Graham sounds like he’s ready to launch his PR campaign: don’t communicate with the team via the media, don’t whine, don’t piss off the fans, but instead create the appearance of a stand-up guy.

  11. “By your own argument you automatically lose any comparison on anything to the Steelers, 49ers, Redskins, Giants, Patriots, Cowboys, etc etc etc because they have more rings and “that’s all that matters””
    Who currently on those squads actually won rings with their team, idiot? Just a small handful.

  12. gohawks7 says:
    Feb 13, 2014 5:57 PM

    “Jimmy “alligator arms” Graham needs to worry a little more about catching passes. Among the top 9 TE’s in targets during the regular season he had the lowest rec %.”

    Classic example of a fan stumbling across a nugget stat but has no idea how to look at it. Graham has above average catching ability. Yes, he has dropped some passes, but his volume of targets is far greater than any other TE in the NFL. I can score 100% on a 10 question test, but odds aren’t as great if its 100 questions. You following me? You also need to take in to account that he lined up as a WR over 60% of the time! I bet the next closest % of snaps taken by a TE lined up as a WR isn’t even half of Jimmy’s. So that means the routes he ran were more detailed then just running a 10 yard comeback route. He was asked to do more, excel beyond his position expectations

  13. They are going to get him signed. So packers and everyone else can calm down he’s going to be a Saint. And, we’re going to be back in the mix next year

  14. Here we go again……every year yall get all spastic and flood this site with Saints salary cap and contract issues and every year they work it out , it is old and tiresome stop being si dramatic and tmz like by trying to create drama where it is not ……

  15. If Graham wants paid big bucks, perhaps he could show up in the post season.

    The only thing he accomplished in the playoffs was getting into a pregame fight.

  16. The Saints have to know Graham’s importance to this team. The discussion over whether he gets franchised as a TE or WR is probably the initial stage for negotiating a long term deal. The Saints are doing the logical thing from a business standpoint by trying to portray Graham in a less valuable way. They will end up signing him to a long term deal. Graham will get paid. Graham’s agent will wish he got paid more. The Saints will probably wish he got paid less.

  17. As a Saints fan, I’d rather dump Jimmy if it means that keeping him would force the Saints to drop Pierre Thomas and Lance Moore.

    We won a Super Bowl without a truly elite tight end. We won a Super Bowl with a TOUGH, in-your-face tight end named Jeremy Shockey. It was a more balanced offense then. Now, it’s the Jimmy Graham Show where Jimmy gets terrible stage fright in the most crucial moments of the season.

  18. Seaturd fans talk about their D shutting Jimmy down, while Zach Miller had 5 receptions last year. Looks like everyone shut him down.

  19. I am a Seahawks fan and I see well enough to know that Graham is not a better tight end than Zack miller… he is a better wide receiver than Miller but not tight end. 50 to 60% of the time a tight ends job is to block…. Graham wont block to save his own life and that is a fact. Of course the saints want to tag him as a TE so they don’t have to pay but if that were the case they would use him like one.. just because he is not running in a wide receivers route roentgen’s mean anything he does half the job of a TE…

  20. If you catch more than 60 passes or line up at WR on 55%+ of snaps, you should be classified as a WR for contract purposes.

    Seems like a silly thing for a team to debate.

  21. Seahawks fans should be worried about their own salary cap situation. Thomas, Wilson, Sherman and Bennett will receive big contracts. Not to mention Thurmond, KJ Wright, and several other FAs they will have to pay to keep happy. It’s called a mirror, you should it out sometimes.

  22. LOL YEAH RIGHT BRO, you got guys crying about making 5 Mil a year and you not sweating your contract! Give me a break with these dudes, hell i’m sweating my next pay check lol!

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