Lions dump Louis Delmas, too


The Detroit Lions continue to create cap space by parting ways with players having recognizable names.

Joining receiver Nate Burleson as a former member of the team is safety Louis Delmas.  The team has announced that Delmas has been released.

The move creates $6 million in cap space, via a $5.5 million base salary and $500,000 in bonus money.

A second-round pick in 2009, Delmas signed a two-year deal to stay with the team in 2013.  He appeared in every game last season, starting 15 times.

Like Burleson, Delmas instantly becomes a free agent.  He can sign with any team, giving him a head start on free agency.

Per a league source, the Lions currently have roughly $121 million in 2014 cap commitments.  With today’s moves, the Lions have created $11.5 million in cap space.  Millions more could be created via an extension of defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh’s rookie deal, which has a cap number in excess of $22 million.

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  1. Another move that had to be done. Nobody left on the roster that presents more than $3MM of cap savings through release. A bunch still between the 1-2 range that could shake out different ways depending on how that Suh issue plays out.

  2. The Lions need a new reckless DB to concuss teammates, or us fans might get to see some of those young CBs actually develop something other than brain damage.

  3. A no brainer. I doubt he could make the Seahawks roster as a backup. Players with his skill level are interchangeable.

  4. Delmas and Nate can’t take up that much cap to play 8 games a season. Your “leadership” can only take you so far. I appreciate both of them but it’s time for some new blood in Detroit.

  5. 2013 was the first draft since Louis Delmas was picked in the 2nd round that Detroit has chosen a defensive back before the 3rd round in 2009.

  6. This is a tough one, I love me some Delmas. Dude has incredible heart and a fearless player, and top notch instincts. Not to mention he could lay the wood. His only downside is he would dive at ball carriers’ feet and sometimes get nothing but air. Still a top safety though in my book. Whoever signs him is getting a very good player. We’ll miss ya Lou.

  7. Really, his shelf life is probably up anyway. Safeties are about the closest to RB in how quickly they go downhill once injuries start hitting them on the defensive side of the ball. He’s never been the same since his first couple of years when the rash of injuries began.

  8. This guy never lived up to the hype when they drafted him. Burleson, is a cool dude, but is too old, and just not that good.

    Now……these good moves are offset by the fact they kept Raiola.

  9. After the last of the pre-rookie salary cap contracts is gone, the league will have completed its transition from one filled with savvy and experienced veterans to one consisting of high paid stars and a lot of very fast cheap young players, with enough out-of-work veterans looking for jobs to keep free-agent prices down.

    The rule changes are meant to make a cheapskate league maintain the illusion of a good product.

  10. this is exactly why you should never have a problem with a player going for the biggest deal they can get. why should a player give a team a home town discount, when that home town throws you away like yesterdays thrash if they’re through with you

  11. vikes89allday says: Feb 13, 2014 5:13 PM

    Minnesota needs a safety..

    Lol, Minnesota needs an entire team!

  12. Hey bobleblah, I wish I could give you more than one thumbs up regarding the rookie salary cap. As a Lions fan, I’m pretty sure my team was most affected by the pre-cap rules. Stafford and Suh (both pre-cap) are crushing our finances. I’m still not sold on Stafford, and even though Suh is a highly proven commodity, I’d be tempted to trade him for a wad of picks / players. Hey Jerrah, interested in another fleecing by Mayhew?

  13. Burleson getting cut was no surprise, but I am surprised Delmas was cut. His big issue prior to last season was staying on the field. He did make some mistakes last year, but he probably will perform a lot better on a team with better corners.

  14. Our safety’s are Barry Church and Jeff Heath. Louis Delmas would be an upgrade instantly. Wilcox was a rookie last year, all 3 of them looked like deer in headlights all season long. Heck, we haven’t had a good safety since D-Wood retired ( save one or two years before Roy Williams started eating pizza)

  15. Teams can not afford good players out of their rookie contracts. Teams consist of average to good rookies who are cheap (occasionally a great one), cheap veterans, and a couple of two to three great players that they can afford to pay and keep. The cap has created a league where a team can not afford to field a good team because talented rookies can not to be kept as they chase the highest dollar on whichever loser team can afford it. It is not just the Lions, the Ravens released a number of talented players last year and will lose a number this year as well. Good teams bleed talent because they win and loser teams who don’t appreciate talent allows those good teams the opportunity to sign good veterans at a cheap price. (Aka Daryl Smith of the Ravens signed because Jacksonville’s loser team cut him. He played so well with a good team they won’t be able to afford him. Stupid.) A winner is a good drafting team and a team who can find good veteran talent cheap. The NFL needs to expand the cap, it has not expanded equally with NFL profits as it was designed to do.

  16. Ozzie Newsome has an extensive track record of signing guys who are cut, not UFA’s whose contracts have expired as it doesn’t effect their compensatory draft picks. The Ravens need a free safety badly and if the price is right, don’t be surprised to see Delmas resurface in Baltimore. If he can get over his injury problems, it would be a solid move for both parties.

  17. Is this one of Cunningham projects that failed..Since lions hired Cunningham Senior Asst. Coach.. My Gosh!!!

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