Mike Pettine: “Overblown” that Ray Farmer wasn’t in interviews


In the wake of the Browns’ decision to part ways with General Manager Mike Lombardi and CEO Joe Banner after the two men spent a year in their jobs, it was reported that new General Manager Ray Farmer did not take part in interviews with Mike Pettine before the Browns named him their head coach.

Pettine confirmed that on Thursday, but said he felt concerns about what that might mean for the way the organization is functioning were “overblown.” Pettine said that he and Farmer have spoken several times since he became the head coach and he’s left with the feeling that they’ll have a “tremendous relationship” because of a shared view about many things having to do with football.

Pettine also said he had no inkling of the changes that were coming and that it was bittersweet because of how he bonded with the two exiled executives during the interviews. Beyond that, though, he said the team was moving full speed ahead and that he was on board with owner Jimmy Haslam’s decision.

“He realized there were some issues and wanted to make things right,” Pettine said during a community event at the Browns’ facility. “As controversial and shocking as it was, I think he’s a believer and he wasn’t going to let things stay the way they were.”

Given the reported rifts that developed at the tail end of the brief Banner/Lombardi regime, it would seem to be crucial for Farmer, Pettine and Haslam to get on the same page for the organization to move on to better days. It looks like Pettine’s on board with that program.

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  1. Since neither Pettine or Farmer have the egos that Banner and Lombardi do/did, I think they will be fine. Congratulations again to Jimmy Haslam for finally admitting his mistake with Banner and Lombardi and moving on. Now it is time for Jimmy to open up his wallet and pony up for some free agent talent.

  2. I’m excited for this year. Don’t know why but I like Farmer and I’m pumped about having Pettine as the head coach. Anyone who has watched a Cleveland game knows we have talent on the defensive side of the ball so a defensive minded coach can get the best out of them. Hoping that we can develop a respectable offense to go with it and we should stop being the laughing stock of the league…….should is the key word there

  3. Jimmy Haslam, had to fix the front office, made a difficult recession, and went ahead with it.
    Now there really is a next year for the Browns and their fans to anticipate.
    .now the Browns will be able to be able to go full speed ahead
    Thank you Mr. Haslam
    Now we believe

  4. Pettine and Farmer both strike me as no-nonsense guys.

    That’s the type of leadership Cleveland has been missing!

  5. I think Pettine will be a good head coach for the Cleveland Browns. He’s already had success with the Baltimore Browns.

  6. Wow what a mess. I bet every employee there practically runs to the bank to cash their check every week, wondering if/when it will all fall down.

    Get your money, Pettine, because unless you make the playoffs this mess will claim you as well.

  7. SO, you fire your head coach, then spend a month trying to get ANYONE that would take the position.

    THEN, you fire your President AND GM?

    Why, if you were going to fire the Pres and GM, did you not do that first? With the coach saying he bonded with the fired duo, puts a riff between him and new boss.

    On top of all that, next year you have the coach blame tbe GM, and the GM blaming the coach.

  8. Wake me up when Cleveland drafts the next bust at QB. Until then, it’s all just hot air and hope.

  9. It’s all well and good that Cleveland fans are taking a positive view of all of this. They should.

    But from the outside, I have to tell you that Mike Pettine/Kyle Shanahan/Jim O’Neil doesn’t have quite the same ring to it that Rob Chudzinski, Norv Turner/Ray Horton did.

    Wish ’em all the luck in the world though.

  10. There is a far greater chance of Haslam, Farmer and Pettine being on the same page than Haslam, Banner, Lombardi and Pettine being on the same page.

    Everyone in Cleveland knows that Lombardi was not allowed to do anything without Banner’s approval. Banner, with his background on the financial side of the Eagles franchise proved to be totally unqualified to hold the position Haslam gave him.

    Farmer is more qualfied to do the job of GM than either Lombardi or Banner.

    The Browns are a better team today than they were two days ago.

  11. Part of the problem was GM Lombardi was hired after Banner and Chudzinski. Any GM worth his salt should be involved in hiring the HC unless the HC is the power in the organization like a Bill Belichick or Pete Carroll. Most times it doesn’t work. Browns might be making the same mistake again. but then neither Pettine or Farmer have any experience at their respective positions.

  12. If anything, ridding Joe Banner will strengthen the ability of the new GM and Coach to do what they want and need to do. He never got McNabb a receiver until TO. We were stuck with Todd Pinkston, James Thrash and Mr. 4th-26 …

    But back to the Browns… Farmer/Pettine can take this team with 6 Pro-bowlers, a high first round pick and compete in a very open division in the NFL. They could be next year’s Chiefs… not too crazy to believe that.

  13. Poor Mike Pettine…should have stayed one more year in Buffalo and gotten a chance to coach a team with a chance.

    He has brought a high school coaching staff from Pennsylvania with him. Lol.

    I’ll take Him Schwartz, Pepper Johnson and Pugac (sp?)…over Pettine, O’Neil and Driesbach/Weaver…any day.

    I would also take Chud, Turner and Horton over the Browns new staff…that’s actually who we wanted in Buffalo last year (minus Chud)…and the Browns wanted Marrone.

    Weird how this stuff works out, eh?

  14. Cleveland fans, Mike Pettine is a fine coach. I sincerely mean that. As messed as the front office might be, I billieve that got the HC hire right. Best of Luck!!

  15. Unfortunately, Pettine is up against it already. He’s got to deliver something that fans and, more importantly, the owner can hang his at on to keep him. He wasn’t the first, second, third, or even fourth choice. Haslam said Pettine was the best coach “they could get.” Not exactly a statement of full support in my eyes. If the Browns win 2, 3 games, and they could with a rookie QB, Pettine may be gone. Farmer has no ties or loyalties to him and Farmer will probably be given more time to succeed than Pettine. And most, if not all, front office guys want to bring in “their guy” eventually. I’d be surprised if Pettine isn’t a D coordinator in the near future again.

  16. Go Browns. This situation looks so messed up on a National Perspective, but that’s why its going to work. That and our 3000 draft picks.

  17. As long as Farmer does his job in getting Pettine the best players possible and Pettine does his job of coaching, developing, and preparation there should be no issues so I agree….but it’s Cleveland so there’s always a chance something bad can happen

  18. I really believe in Ray Farmer. For me, the jury is still out on Putin. However, I love their attitude and I believe that it will positively effect the locker room.

    Whomever we pick at the skilled positions, I really hope to see some improvement in the O-line.

  19. From the outside looking in this whole situation seems like failure. For Browns fans like me it screams positive change! I am more excited to be a Browns fan now than any other point in my life. No nonsense coaches and a fresh gm who WANTS to be in Cleveland and build a winner! Hopefully they will sign a couple free agents and draft a solid QB and WR!

  20. if CLE wants to learn about stability,

    all they have to do is look for guidance and advice from

    the best squad in the biz.

    somebody from CLE needs to pick-up the phone and call murphy.

    ‘dis your boy, packers baller shot caller.

    i’m outti, peace y’all (deuces)

  21. The Browns are challenging the Raiders for the title of most dysfunctional team in the league.

    Only thing they got over Oakland is a decent stadium. The Colosseum is a pit and half the seats are tarped off.

  22. This is a truck-stop guy. Something tells me he has an itchy trigger finger until he gets it right. It ain’t rocket science and sometimes things go wrong .

  23. “Overblown” this is after a woman services you, yet keeps on lickin and suckin well after the load was sent and you have to push her head away

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