Montee Ball: I want to start and get the ball every time next year

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The Broncos got a strong season from running back Knowshon Moreno, who scored 13 touchdowns to help the team take the AFC title.

Moreno is set to become a free agent next month, though, and the Broncos may choose to spend their money in other areas. One reason why that might be the call is Montee Ball. A second-round pick last year, Ball ran for 559 yards and four touchdowns as a complement to Moreno. He says he’s ready for a bigger role if that’s what the Broncos have in mind.

“Of course, obviously I have no idea what’s going to happen with him and this organization, but I do want to be a starter, and yeah, I want the football every time,” Ball said, via Benjamin Hochman of the Denver Post. “I think I’m going to have a great offseason, and I’m going to have a better season next year for sure.”

While Ball should get the first shot at the job if Moreno does leave, there are areas he needs to shore up. Pass blocking was an issue for Ball early and he had issues holding onto the football (three total fumbles and two in his first 31 carries), although both things were better by the time the Broncos wrapped up their season. They’ll need to remain that way if the second-round pick is to realize his goal of being No. 1 next year.

40 responses to “Montee Ball: I want to start and get the ball every time next year

  1. And I want to wear the most ugly and hideous orange jersey you’ve ever seen while doing it.

  2. I’m don’t see how he’s being selfish. I think every player wants to start. He’s not bashing Moreno and saying that he’s better than him. He just wants his shot like everyone else.

  3. He didn’t get off to a great start last year but he finished well.

    4 High ceiling backs came out last year and staked their claims:

    Eddie Lacy
    Gio Bernard
    Montee Ball
    Le’veon Bell

    Bumper crop – All 4 could have great careers ahead of them

  4. hey at least he acts like he wants to play he could have said i want a clipboard a paycheck and an occasional joint for the pain in my elbow and wrist from carrying the clipboard. oh and im in colorado so its cool!!

  5. i can tell you one thing

    he’s lucky he’s not in green bay

    because he would never see the rock.

    we got that rookie of the year, playa

    (don’t hate)

    ‘dis your boy, packers baller shot caller.

    i’m outti, peace y’all (deuces)

  6. They should ride him to death for the next 4 years, sign him to a franchise contract for a year, and then trade him for a 1st round pick and watch his decline…

    And that’s the biz

  7. My God their are a lot of people who don’t know about football, especially those who haven’t even watch the Broncos play during the regular season…

    He’s not being selfish, he didn’t say he was better then everyone else. All he said was he wants to start (like everybody else) and believes he can be more successful running the ball next year. He ran the ball extremely well the last 8 games of the year (5.9 ypc), I think he still needs to work as a pass blocker…

  8. Dear Mr. Packers7baller7shotcaller,
    We all thank you for your purple prose. The world is a better place with you in it. Keep up the good work (sarcasm).
    Yours in Christ,
    The Colonel

  9. infectorman says:
    Feb 13, 2014 6:54 PM
    He didn’t get off to a great start last year but he finished well.

    4 High ceiling backs came out last year and staked their claims:

    Eddie Lacy
    Gio Bernard
    Montee Ball
    Le’veon Bell

    Bumper crop – All 4 could have great careers ahead of them

    I agree. But don’t forget about Zac Stacy.

  10. @letsgolos:

    Zac Stacy…I knew I was forgetting someone… he makes 5!

    Christine Michael? Gonna have to see it first. looked good though the little snipets I saw

  11. Probably should lay off the partying.

    Let your feet do the talking, not your mouth, there are these people called coaches….they do not like to hear lobbying.

  12. Its all about him not having a chance at rookie of year by not playing. He is eager to prove he is better than Lacy and I think he is. Lacy runs into traffic, Ball runs away from it with his speed.

  13. Ball is definitely the guy. Love what knowshon did but Ball is a superior runner. He already has the the inside moves of veteran slasher. More experience and a power run set and he could be a beast. Eddie Lacy is the real deal though. He should have gone 1st round.

  14. I am a big fan of Ball, but I worry his skills translating to the pros as well as other backs.

    In college he would bounce a fair amount of his runs to the outside. In the NFL he isn’t going to have that luxury.

    So I am almost a little worried that he will have a Reggie Bush like career, but I do wish him the best and that he can prove me wrong.

  15. Monte merely stated what every player thinks: I want to start.
    Monte left out the part that every player thinks but doesn’t say: I am the best.
    I’m sure Monte learned from his mistakes after a year of rookie life. I’m happy to hear he wants to start – it tells me he is confident and ready to put in the work.
    I’m not a Bronco fan, I just like this kid’s work ethic.

  16. So I do not see the selfishness anywhere in his comments. He wants the ball all the time, show me an offensive player who doesn’t. He definitely did a much better job in the latter part of the season and showed he can be a primary back. He just needs to work in his deficiencies and he’s got the starting gig. I doubt Moreno will be back next season just for cap space reasons so the job is Balls to lose come training camp and otas. Lastly, the Broncos pass defense wasn’t as bad as everyone keeps saying. The statistical ranking is a little misleading because the Broncos usually had a sizable lead on their opponent and the D simply played a prevent style. Besides, many of the starters toward the end of the season were out due to injury. If the main starters were in place then that defense could stop anyone.

  17. 1300 yards 14 td’s, he’s gonna have a break thru year. I really think that next season is the start where you’ll see the “Terrel Davis” comparisons.

    Although dissapointing first part of the year…I don’t remember him losing a fumble second half of the year.

    He has break away speed Moreno don’t have. Lacks toughness, but he show’d signs the ladder part of the season that erased doubt in my mind.

    The toughness that Moreno had, will be missed. Moreno was the only “rough rider” along with Vazquez on that offense the whole YEAR! We’ll see

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