Report: McDaniels wanted Browns job, was a candidate to the end


Shortly after Josh McDaniels withdrew his name from consideration for the Browns’ head-coaching job, a report surfaced that said he and the Browns were still talking. Now a new report suggests that McDaniels wanted the Browns job and was a candidate right up until the point that they hired Mike Pettine.

Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer reports that within about 24 hours after McDaniels withdrew his name from consideration, he called the Browns and said he wanted the job. Cabot further reports that McDaniels remained in the mix until January 23, the day the Browns hired Pettine.

The report also says Patriots coach Bill Belichick was in touch with the Browns, and was vouching for McDaniels to the very end.

It’s unclear exactly why McDaniels went from the Browns’ supposed top choice, to not in the running at all, to a finalist who lost out to Pettine. But he’ll spend at least one more year as offensive coordinator of the Patriots, rather than heading to Cleveland.

24 responses to “Report: McDaniels wanted Browns job, was a candidate to the end

  1. Haslam runs the Browns like he runs Flying J and Pilot.…hire…fire…..etc.

    I am sure working for him and his ego, sucks no matter if you are cleaning showers at Flying J or at the Browns facility.

  2. He tried to call the Browns bluff and lost.

    I think Pettine will bring the attitude Cleveland has been lacking.

    Go Browns!!!

  3. So for weeks it was reported that nobody wanted the job and they settled for Mike Pettine. Now today the top choice wanted the job and doesn’t get it and the front office is fired for not giving it to the top choice? This is The Browns for ya.

  4. We’re talking about the Cleveland Browns here… They actually have a core group of talented guys there…I know their fans are hoping they don’t waste them. The rest of the league is hoping the opposite…

  5. McD wouldn’t have worked well here. He may have learned from his Denver days, but he doesn’t strike me as the type of leader who can handle Cleveland. We need a hard nosed coach that can handle criticism and turn it into motivation for the players. McD seems a little soft to me. Plus, our hometown boys don’t seem to work out well. Plus he pulled his name from the hat. We don’t need any more half hearted efforts or skepticism from our coaches anymore.

  6. I’m sure Lombardi was pushing this and Haslam kept saying “let me think about it” as Haslam was talking to the lawyers about removing Lombardi and Banner.

  7. Is he sick? Nobody really wants that dead end one year job unless they are daffy and want to end their career.

  8. Gotta love it. McDaniels ” Hire me within 48 hours or I will not take the job!!”

    48 hours later ” By the by, I ma still interested. And sorry about that little outburst 48 and 1/2 hours ago.”

  9. Its simple….McDaniels would not work as cheap as Pettine. I know this as a Bills fan cause all we hire coach wise in Buffalo is….cheap!!

  10. The way things are going with the Cleveland team (the name offends me, lol), I wouldn’t be a bit surprised – would put even money on it – to find McD as HC on opening day in Sept 2014…

  11. its so “wanna be patriots way”. Lombardi wanted Mcdaniels, and IMO the owner wasn’t sold, and it wouldn’t shock me if that was a sticking point. the owner was said to be mad that they didn’t get the big name coach whoever that was, but personally I think Lombardi was sabotaging interviews hoping to sell mcdaniels

    this is like scott pioli. he wasn’t going to hire an andy reid if he kept his job, he was looking at guys like Kirk Ferentz from Iowa. In fact, Pioli wanted Mcdaniels over Haley, but the timing didn’t work out.

  12. so let me get this straight. belechik was calling the browns and pushing both greg schiano (2 calls) and mcdaniels? how do you do that?

  13. Belichick’s heart still belongs in Cleveland after all these years, it appears. Maybe his swan song, will be to,bring Cleveland a championship in the future.

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