Source: McDaniels declined second interview with Browns


A couple of intriguing reports emerged on Thursday regarding Josh McDaniels’ candidacy for the coaching job in Cleveland.  And now there’s a third.

Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer got the ball rolling with a report that McDaniels was a candidate until the end, and that he wanted the job.  We then reported that he was a safety-net candidate, and that the Browns didn’t necessarily want to hire him.

In response to those reports, he’s another key piece of information we’ve obtained from a source with knowledge of the situation — shortly before hiring Mike Pettine, the Browns made a formal request for permission with the Patriots to interview McDaniels a second time.  And he declined.

On the surface, that cuts against the notion that he wanted the job.  Unless, of course, McDaniels wanted a wink-nod commitment that he’d also be getting an offer.

Regardless, the Browns wanted to interview McDaniels a second time.  For whatever reason(s), McDaniels wouldn’t do it.

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  1. Josh will get another offer to coach down the road. I don’t think too many guys get a 3rd shot to be a NFL head coach so going into the Browns job probably was not a good situation. Based on some of the players he left Denver with, Josh does have an eye for talent.

    As a Jags fan I hope the Browns get their house in order because it is tough being a fan of a team that is a losing mess.

  2. as a ram fan mc daniel gave me the impression that he wants to run an offense his way and as our OC he did just that and unfortunately he ignored the abilities and shortfalls of the players my guess is in the right situation one where he has say in who they draft and sign where he can get the guys that fit his system he should do fine but his ability to adapt to his players is lacking!!

  3. All of these s insider leaks designed to make their organization seem stable are counterproductive and blatantly sdelf-serving failures.

    The Browns, led by their soon to be incarcerated owner, are a complete joke of a franchise.

    Their die hard long suffering fans deserve so much better.

    The only organizations clearly worse than them are Snyder’s Redskins and the hapless Oakland Raiders. Even the Jaguars are in better shAPE.

    I feel for them. (sniff)

  4. Luckily the Browns got their “man” with Pettine. Of course that hiring got two people fired but that’s just semantics.

  5. Banner and Lombardi were a mess. You don’t have to know everything, but you have to know what you don’t know and these two arrogant stooges were ignorant of that fact. One was combative and the other was an idiot know-it-all who knew half as much as he thought he did. It was a bad recipe.

    Hopefully this regime is better but last year yet another wasted year in Cleveland. Wasted draft picks, wasted talent and wasted time. The fact that Lombardi was willing to let Josh Gordon go for a #4 showed that he is a horrible talent evaluator and doesn’t need to be given too much more responsibility than what you would give an intern.

  6. That’s unfortunate that McDaniels didn’t pursue this job.

    The Browns are a great place for an up and coming coach – they’ve got a great owner who sticks to his guns and supports his staff for the long term

    McDaniels knows this 2nd chance is his last, so better to go to the Browns rather than one of those teams that dumps its coach and GM every year.

  7. Coaches rarely get a 3rd chance to coach after failing to succeed twice. He was smart not to take the job, because if he didn’t win this time around he’d be a coordinator for life…and he is only in his 30’s. That’s 30+ years just inches away from the top gig.

  8. Really? But you know what,he doesn’t have the job. He’s still the OC in New England. Any opportunity to be a head coach in the NFL should be taken. Look how long Bruce Arians waited. All other teams,besides the Raiders, have entrenched coaches,new coaches or coaches that have been assured of staying. What happens if some unknown coordinator becomes the new “hot” commodity? Guess what,all those dudes that said no,will have to wait again. A coach with a good people skills coupled with a GM willing to work with them to get the personnel will succeed more than the Xs and Os guy. Frisco,Seattle.Denver,AZ,Pittsburgh,Miami and even the Giants with this off year love playing for their coaches. They don’t do anything fancy (P Manning is a freak) schematically,those teams just want to win for a coach they like. So if the Browns can gather around the 6th choice coach and the GM can pull the right moves,I’ll take him over any “wunderkind” coordinator.

  9. Why do teams want this guy as their head coach so bad? All he did in Denver was single handedly rip that team apart and turn it into a joke. Looks what’s happened in just 4 short years with Elway & Fox. No losing record, playoffs 3 straight years, #1 seed last 2 years, & 1 AFC championship win. McDaniels is just like every other assistant Coach that’s been under Belichik, zero success once they left and fired within 3 years of leaving the Patriots. It’s time to get rid of this notion that if someone simply works for Belichik then they just be a football genius and can turn our franchise into the next Patriots.

  10. Yes, Josh, we get it. The reports have emerged that you were the last-resort in Cleveland, that you lost out to a nobody, and that they strung you along to the very end— and now, in an astonishing and timely coincidence, your publicist is trying to help you “save face” by putting out a story that it was you who declined a second interview and took your own name out of the running.

    LOL. Yes, Josh, we get it.

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