Brandon Weeden: I just want to play football and win games

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Browns quarterback Brandon Weeden didn’t exactly confirm or deny the report that he wants out of Cleveland, instead saying today that he just wants to play football somewhere.

I want to play football,” Weeden told the Oklahoman. “I don’t care. I just want to play football and be at a place where it’s enjoyable and we can compete and win games. That’s really what it’s all about.”

It’s hard to see why new General Manager Ray Farmer or new coach Mike Pettine would want Weeden to play football in Cleveland this year. Weeden didn’t play well for his first coach and G.M. in 2012 and didn’t play well for his second coach and G.M. in 2013. The third coach and G.M. will probably decide to send Weeden packing, but Weeden won’t have any say in that decision, and he says he can accept whatever the Browns decide.

“I understand the business side of everything that’s going on,” Weeden said. “It’s kind of out of my control, because I’m still under contract. The ball’s kind of in their court, depending on what they want to do and do with me going forward. I kind of have no control over it. It is what it is, and things will work out.”

Weeden’s best bet may be hoping that the Browns cut him sooner rather than later, so that he’ll have some time to catch on with another team for training camp, learn the offense, and make a roster as a backup.

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  1. Vikes should bring him in. We r gonna have a major a major qb competition. And its looking like we r gonna pick bortels and everyone is saying he might not be ready to start rite away. The more qbs the better.

  2. Weeden is a qb who looks great in pre-season and in practice but cant translate the same play in the regular season. Hence he is a coach KILLER, Get rid of him as fast as you can, He has had his oppurtunities but failed everytime.

  3. Clean out your locker. You we’re terrible for the Browns. Enjoy being rich on some other teams sideline or just enjoy the fact you made more money than 99% of Americans will never make and they are actually good at their jobs.

  4. I’ve always liked this kid ; I actually wanted Miami to draft him , rather than Tannehill two years ago , because I had no idea RT would progress as quickly as he has.
    I think he’ll do well with a change of scenery.

  5. “Browns quarterback Brandon Weeden didn’t exactly confirm or deny the report that he wants out of Cleveland…”

    He said he “wants to win”, so it sure sounds like he wants out of Cleveland to me.

  6. I was in Weeden’s corner until he proved he was terrible last season.
    Good luck Brandon, you will need it wherever you land to get a 3rd stringer position.

  7. Can’t have it both ways old man. Pack up your crap and get out. By the way, you might want to consider learning a trade because your professional career is over.

  8. I’m getting tired of all these stories that don’t include anything about how the Pack is BACK and going to win it all. You all make fun of WI fans because our state IQ is extremely low, but look in the mirror Vike fans!! You back a team that hasn’t won a superbowl. How dumb are you? PACK fan for life!!!! WE are the reason why the NFL has been so successful.

  9. “Brandon Weeden: I just want to play football and win games”
    Sorry Brandon. If you have one, you can’t have the other.

  10. I knew he would be Weinke 2.0, as all my posts have indicated. I did have hope he might finally be the “one.” However, after watching him look like a clueless deer in headlights, game after game, I gave up hope.

    I won’t blame him for the way that p.o.s. Shumur treated Colt, I just find it gratifying that it was the Browns incompetence rather than anything Colt did or did not do. It all falls back on the management. A 1st round pick…really???

    I wish no ill on We-done, and hope maybe he can get back into baseball. He’s just not mentally quick enough for professional football.

  11. Entering his third season…3 different offensive playbooks…3 offensive coordinators…3 head coaches…3 different front office teams.

    I can’t blame anyone for wanting to get the hell out of Cleveland. Cleveland has become the place that destroys QBs…the changes…the physical beating…front office personnel that do all they can to destroy a players spirit.

    Then Browns fans wonder why a young QB doesn’t progress in our system…

    I believe the Browns will trade Weeden or cut him…he doesn’t have much of a future here Cleveland.

  12. Who cares that you want to play ball and win games? What is really important is that you are down with a gay teammate, that you support a name change for the R Skins, that you support fines for hits that look like they hurt, and whether you, or any of your friends, are bullies. That’s what we REALLY want to know in today’s NFL Brandon. No need to respond here. Just Tweet me.

  13. Brandon, I was pulling for you, talking you up, excited for you in the preseason, blamed a lot of bad games on your receivers and the dropsies, but those backhanded flips and other bad decisions just made me look stupid. You have the arm, you just need to play smarter football.

  14. This guy is just a really bad QB that shouldn’t be in the league at all. Not sure how much room on an NFL roster there is for a 30 year old 3rd year QB that hasn’t shown anything but how to lose games and give games away.

  15. The new version of Madden will be out soon Brandon.
    Know you used the previous one but maybe the new one will be dumbed down for you so you can maybe have a chance.
    Don’t let the door hit you on your way out.

  16. You don’t have to be a great QB to win games, you just have to play for a team with a really good defense.

    Just ask Rex Grossman. He got to the Super Bowl on that philosophy

  17. He will become another journeyman QB along the lines of Charlie Frye, Brady Quinn, and DA. Weeden’s a decent guy, but NOT what the Browns need in order for the Browns to become winners. Wish him the best wherever he goes.

  18. Weeden’s main selling point in the draft was that he would be able to come in and play right away. Now that he’s failed at that, his value is gone.

  19. I am not a fan of Weeden’s. But I think the downfall of QBs in Cleveland is the coaching and the O-line. What QB has succeeded in Cleveland since Kosar? And Kosar just became a pinned-together bruised-brain man behind his O-line, and that’s been the scenario in Cleveland since the late 80s and early 90s. Not every QB playing for Cleveland was bad, but they all wound up near crippled or mentally fuzzy. Even in the past two years, how many QBs have been concussed behind the Browns “stalwart” O-line?

  20. I seriously dont get where these guys get their egos. Guys like Weeden should be happy if a team lets them on their roster as a backup so they can make a generous salary and live comfortably for the rest of their lives without ever accomplishing anything. Brandon, the only reason you were drafted in the 1st round is because you were 30 and a desperate Mike Holmgren thought, hey, maybe I can get a rookie QB is who is already mature and won’t make dumb mistakes, he will manage the game and I can win with him right away. But you weren’t. You played and continue to play just like a 21 year old. So you have no value.

  21. I think that “I want to win games” translates to “I want out of Cleveland” no matter what sport you’re playing.

  22. Hey… Cleveland here. He was supposed to be our Rothlisbuger. He’s a dolt. Can’t learn or lead an offense and can’t read a defense.
    He needs to go.
    I saw him walk off the field after a game with the ball boy carrying his helmet while all the other players had to carry theirs.
    Diva Witch.
    He has NO mobility as well.

  23. If he could not succeed as a pitcher I don’t know why he thinks he can be a QB. He locks in on his primary target, cannot see the blitz coming, cannot hit a receiver in the flat and takes way too many sacks. He was given ever opportunity to show he can be a QB in Cleveland and failed every time.

  24. Hey Brandon, scratch Minnesota from your list… we’d rather not have a QB.

    All the best,
    Norv Turner

  25. This dude belongs in a mental institution. The look on his face when he is on the field says it all. It screams, “I’m in waaaaay over my head”. The dude’s decision making is a zero and he makes up for it by being late and inaccurate with the football.

  26. Reading these comments has made me embarrassed to be a Browns fan. The Browns picked Weeden, he didn’t pick them. New head coaches, new front office personnel… The guy did as well as he could given the circumstances and the team around him. The people that drafted him aren’t even there now, know who to focus your anger and who to vent on Browns fans. Front office first players second, and try to maintain a little bit of class

  27. Stop hating on the guy you unintelligent numbskulls. The guy was a question mark as a draft pick to begin with (and he knew it). Then he gets put on the most embarrassing franchise in arguable all of sports. Without any sort of Elite QB to mentor him. He literally had an entire family while still going to OSU. Obviously he wants support that family and do something he loves–> play football! And he wants to have another shot as a starter cause he doesn’t like sitting on the bench and being rich. The guys times running out, he wants to put some W’s on his record before it’s too late. And FYI he obviously is good at his job since he is in the NFL. Boom. #gopackgo

  28. Unfortunately for Weeden it’s an either or proposition. Either he wants to play football or win games, because if he’s playing they aren’t going to win.

  29. mayfieldroadboy says:
    Feb 14, 2014 6:57 PM

    I am not a fan of Weeden’s. But I think the downfall of QBs in Cleveland is the coaching and the O-line. What QB has succeeded in Cleveland since Kosar? And Kosar just became a pinned-together bruised-brain man behind his O-line, and that’s been the scenario in Cleveland since the late 80s and early 90s. Not every QB playing for Cleveland was bad, but they all wound up near crippled or mentally fuzzy. Even in the past two years, how many QBs have been concussed behind the Browns “stalwart” O-line?

    Please refrain from doing any more thinking and leave that to the people that can. You blame the coaching and O-line? Not every QB playing for Cleveland was bad?

    Have you seen the idiots they have trotted out there to play quarterback?

  30. I like Weeden. Hes a good guy. he has the arm strength. He had a horrible offensive line, no running game, and greg Little and Davon Bess dropping 20 passes a game.

    Give the guy a running game and an O Line and i think he can still be a productive NFL QB. The morons Banner n Lombardi coming out and bashing him didnt give him the confidence he needed or the support he needed to focus on playing football. He threw for 370 yds vs Jacksonville.

    There is still a place in the NFL for him.

  31. He also threw for 322 in 2012 v Cincy, 320 yds vs Super Bowl Champion Ravens D in 2012, 370 v Oakland, 289 vs Miami in 13, 292 v Detroit in 2013. Not bad if im looking at it with 1 WR, and no running game and a horrible OL, for a piece of crap team

  32. Weeden might be better off waiting a few weeks

    By then Haslam may have fired Farmer and Pettine and he’ll have a fresh start with his 4th GM and Head Coach in 3 years.

  33. Didn’t this guy toss a backhanded pick 6 in a game? Isn’t the QB part of the team? So if you throw INTs or fumble or overthrow a receiver or miss reads,doesn’t that contribute to not winning? What he’s saying is that he wants a team that has everything in place for him so he can slide in and do the minimum and claim he’s a winner.The guy has never done anything to me personally,don’t know him so I can’t hate him,but it does fall on the individual to improve themselves. You can’t loaf around and blame coaches. See all the good QBs holding off-season camps? Even Mark Sanchez did it with no idea if he was going to be a starter. Sometimes you need to look in the mirror bro.

  34. This dude may have been the worst starting QB in the history of the Browns. I’ve never seen a guy get every rep with the first team and then come out on Sunday and look confused. You are not a good QB, not just because you sucked it up while a member of my Browns, but you just don’t have the skill set to be. You read slow, you react slow, you stare down receivers, you over-throw wide open receivers, you under- throw wide open receivers, you throw screen passes as if you were throwing at a beehive, you underhand flip passes…what the hell is that about? Bottom line? You’ve made a lot of money and earned a college degree…go be an accountant or something. The only winning ball you’ll play is watching while holding a clipboard, or playing Madden.

  35. It won’t be with the Browns. He’s gone as soon as the Browns can release him. And my guess is he’ll be out of football because no team will want him, even as a backup.

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