Brian Hoyer grateful to Mike Lombardi for chance


In the week of change in Cleveland, few tears have been shed for departing General Manager Mike Lombardi.

But for Brian Hoyer, the change could mean a lot, as Lombardi was his patron, the guy who got him the chance which he then made the most of.

“Obviously for me, Mike Lombardi was a big reason I came here,” Hoyer said, via Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer. “He had a lot of faith in me and I’ll always appreciate what he did for me to a point where not a lot of people believed in me. And I’ll always look to prove him right.”

Hoyer had been with three teams in nine months before Lombardi brought him in, based on a fond remembrance of his work as Tom Brady’s backup in New England.

When Hoyer went 3-0 before suffering a torn ACL, it looked like a smart move.

But now Hoyer’s faced with a long rehab, and the reality that with a new quarterback on the way in, his biggest supporter was just shown the door.

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  1. I hope Hoyer gets a legitimate chance to start Week 1.

    He had some pretty good moments for Cleveland in 2013 and I’d like to see him continue that success (even if it is in a different city).

  2. Hard spot for Cleveland. Hoyer played really well last year, and if you knew he’s consistently play like that and get better, than you might be willing to roll the dice with him as your starter.

    Then again, it was only a 3 game stretch, and the fact of the matter is you don’t know how consistent he’ll be. So you might feel the need to draft a QB, and if you do, then even if Hoyer plays well he’d be shown the door before too long to make room for the rookie.

    Not that having 2 qb’s you are comfortable with is really a “problem”. But if they knew Hoyer was a lock to be productive and consistent, they could use the pick to focus on other areas of need on their roster instead or taking another QB.

  3. With a deep threat like Josh Gordon, Browns need a QB with an accurate deep ball and unfortunately Hoyer isn’t that guy . Lombardi never should have flaked on Weeden, Im glad to see him go.

  4. While the Browns were 3-0 in games Hoyer started he left the Buffalo game with a deficit. Weeden won that game. That said, Hoyer won those games without Josh Gordon. Shanahan is a West Coast Offense guy so a huge arm isn’t necessary although Hoyer has a great arm. I’d rather they draft Sammy Watkins with the first pick to open up the offense and help Gordon and Cameron by eliminating double coverage.

  5. Provided Hoyer is healthy and good to play, the plan should be to draft the quarterback of the future and play Hoyer now. Let the new guy sit and learn, and don’t force him in early unless Hoyer gets hurt again.

  6. He’s only in the minority because Clevelanders never gave Lombardi a chance. After all, they cried after bust T-Rich got traded and never said sorry for that.

  7. Hoyer looked sharp, went through his reads quickly and made sharp throws in his 3 games. No doubt he would have started the rest of the way had he not been injured. The Browns are going to draft a QB with their first pick and having a guy like Hoyer puts less stress on the rookie come training camp and into the regular season. My guess is Hoyer starts and they take their time developing their draft pick….unless the kid’s a stud and lights it up.

  8. Hoyer will be the solid veteran to hold the fort down, the should draft Watkins with #4 to complement Gordon, and in case Gordon falls into old habits, Take Hyde with 26, look at guards in the 2nd, then take Aaron Murray in the 3rd to develop behind Hoyer.

  9. He played really well last year- as in, far better than any Cleveland QB I’ve seen on the field in many years. Made quick decisions, was very mobile (just needs to learn how to slide!), could throw deep, etc.—– and these are all the reasons he probably WON’T be the Browns starting QB this year. It seems that no matter who the HC or GM is or the FO consists of, this teams just loves making ill-advised, head-scratchingly stupid personnel decisions, year in and year out.

    I fully expect the Browns to do something mind-bogglingly stupid, like draft a bust QB, claim he “won” the starting job in training camp, force him to start/get killed his first year, trade away Hoyer for a bag of chips, keep Weeden as a backup, and watch Weeden blow the season in miserable fashion after the rookie QB “savior” gets hurt in the second game of the season.

    Yeah, that sounds about right for the Browns.

    I hate to be so negative, but show me one damn season of things to be positive about, and I promise my attitude will turn right around.

  10. Never really thought of the player’s perspective. We vilified these guys but never thought about the players that they gave an opportunity to. Thanks for the insight Hoyer.

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