Chris Boyd will tell NFL teams, “I’m not a bad guy”


Former Vanderbilt wide receiver Chris Boyd was kicked off the team last year for attempting to cover up an alleged rape by four teammates. But Boyd, who will attend the Scouting Combine, says he’s ready to explain himself to NFL teams.

I know the questions are coming,” Boyd told the Tennessean. “And I am ready to tell my side of what happened, and it will clear up a lot of the misconceptions about what really did happen. I know everyone is going to want to know about it, and I understand that.”

Boyd says that if NFL coaches, scouts and executives get to know him, they’ll see that he’s a good person.

“I was raised to be polite and have manners. If I just be myself, I think people will understand that I am a good guy, I come from a good family, and I mean well,” Boyd said. “I would never want to hurt anybody or do anything harmful to anyone. I think once people get to know me and spend some time around me, it will be pretty obvious. I’m not a bad guy.”

Boyd entered a conditional guilty plea to a misdemeanor charge of being an accessory after the fact and was sentenced to probation, and some NFL teams may decide that alone is enough to indicate that he’s not the kind of guy they want on their team. Boyd is just hoping one team will take a chance on him.