Could Haslam try to stiff Banner and Lombardi?


As the hiring and firings mount in Cleveland, so do the buyouts financed by owner Jimmy Haslam.

It’s hard not to wonder whether, at some point, Haslam will try to stiff one or more of his former employees out of the ongoing pay to which they’re otherwise entitled.

Typically, coaches, General Managers, and other executives are paid for the rest of their contracts, if they’re let go.  Teams can block the ongoing payment only by firing those employee “for cause.”

The standard contractual language for these non-union employees grants the Commissioner the power to resolve any disputes that may arise.

Ultimately, there’s nothing to lose.  At least not financially.  While it could hurt Haslam’s perception in league circles (especially when he tries to make more hires), there’s no tangible penalty for taking a chance at refusing to pay an employee.

Most states have wage payment laws the entitle employees who are stiffed to treble damages or other punitive payments, along with attorneys’ fees.  For the NFL, the owner who loses the arbitration determined by the Commissioner ends up paying only what he would have paid in the first place.

Still, there are other costs.  At a time when the Browns already are viewed by many (not just those in the local media) as a dysfunctional mess, the Browns would only make things look worse by trying to reduce the natural financial consequences of firing so many people by trying not to pay them what their contracts say they should get.

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  1. I believe many of these so called front office geniuses see the Browns as an easy dollar. “Big Show” Mike Holmgren was a lazy wannabe. He proved in Cleveland he wasn’t as good as he proclaimed. He sat on Mangini an extra year. Then replaced him with Pat Schurmur. Banner is a league known high profile douche. Randy Lerner never showed his face. The NFL and it’s employees have made a lot of money off the hard working people in Cleveland. The NFL has given Cleveland the Sandusky treatment.

  2. Is that picture from the hiring press conference or the firing press conference? Guess it doesn’t make much difference because they would all be wearing the same suits, anyway.

  3. Hallam should just reassign them. Put them in skirts a pair of Pom poms and a field pass then he can pay them peanuts.

  4. Both Joe Bummer and Mike Dumturdi have clearly misled everyone by impersonating Knowlesgable NFL personnel executives. So Haslam may have a case.

  5. If he stiffs small trucking payments out of there rebates, then why not. When you name is mud, you can’t hurt your reputation.

  6. “The NFL has given Cleveland the Sandusky treatment.”

    A vile post that cheapens and belittles the crimes suffered at the hands of Sandusky.

  7. Like this will come out of the owner’s pocket.

    NFL owners just raise ticket prices $8.00-10.00/seat and the fans end up subsidizing coaches and GM’s who are owed 3-4 years wages!

    Dan Snyder has made a cottage industry out of this.

  8. “Could Haslam try to stiff Banner and Lombardi?”

    What is the basis of this article? Did Haslam threaten anyone’s pay? Or are you just looking to have fun at someone else’s expense.

    Mike Florio needs to get back to real reporting rather than making stuff up just to get hits on this site.

  9. We at Duke and Duke would trade them to Dan Snyder or Jerry Jones for one dollar. With the understanding I paid their salary since I was on the hook for it anyways. But why not insult their egos.

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