Court filing: Darren Sharper a suspect in seven alleged rapes


A sworn declaration from a Los Angeles detective in a legal filing in Los Angeles Superior Court Friday claims former NFL safety Darren Sharper is a suspect in seven alleged rapes from September 2013 through January 2014.

In the court filing, which was obtained and posted by the New Orleans Times-Picayune and which was cited by multiple other media outlets, detective John Machiarella alleges, via review of police reports and his own investigating, that Sharper has been accused in rapes in New Orleans, Tempe, Arizona, Los Angeles and Las Vegas. According to the filing, Machiarella also alleges that Sharper is accused of supplying a controlled substance on 11 different occasions, according to the filing, which argued Sharper’s bond should be raised to $10 million.

Sharper was charged with two counts of rape by use of drugs in Los Angeles County on Friday. He has not been charged in connection with the other accusations.

Sharper’s attorney, Blair Berk, professed his client’s innocence on Friday.

“We look forward to the true facts being revealed in this case and we are hopeful that Mr. Sharper will be fully exonerated before this case is concluded,” Berk said, according to the Los Angeles Times.

According to the Times-Picayune, Sharper remains free on $200,000 bail but had to give up his passport and cannot leave the Los Angeles area. He will be arraigned on February 20.

118 responses to “Court filing: Darren Sharper a suspect in seven alleged rapes

  1. Darren Sharper is a true Packer, and we will love and support him just like we do Mark Chmura. No matter what he’s done. This is why I stay here. This is why I belong here. We are a band of misfits, but we are all in it together.

  2. You know who is loving “This Week In Football”? Alex Rodriquez – Thanks to Sam, Incognito and now Sharper, everyone has all but ignored his admission of guilt and not tore into him like he deserved.

  3. Hard to believe. Good looking dude, NFL player, made a lot of money. Lord knows he probably had no problem picking up the ladies. Hard to know what makes one do this.

    I hope this isn’t true, but the victims’ voice should have the same weight as Sharper’s.

  4. thevikesarebest says:
    Feb 14, 2014 8:15 PM
    The sort of thing you could suspect from a former packer…


    I’m guessing you are being humorous since he also played for the Vikings.

  5. Every post I read, no one mentions the victims. 7 times come on. That dude is guilty and will be sending Hernandez smoke signals from prison!

  6. One of the guys that I thought was genuine and seemed like a good person…just goes to show you can’t judge a book by it’s cover.

    The allegations presented are very disturbing and I can’t believe a professional athlete would ever have to resort to such tactics…extremely disgusting.

  7. Funny the NFL Network doesn’t even mention this story.Too busy with Incognito/Martin and Michael Sam stories ad nausea.

  8. In Sharper’s defense, there are 46 other states where he hasn’t been accused of sexual assault.

  9. Feb 14, 2014 8:30 PM

    This is what your brain looks like when you turn purple
    What the He** is that supposed to mean, and why in He** s anybody giving it thumbs up?

    He played for the Packers MOST of his career, and then a couple for the Vikings and then finished with the Saints.

    What does a “brain” being “purple”even mean?

  10. backdapack4evr says: Feb 14, 2014 8:51 PM

    Now we have other teams whining that it’s not fair that they don’t get to play the Vikings twice a year??
    That’s like two automatic wins!!
    Or maybe only a win and a tie. Nice try, to divert the attenion from a former packer who clealy learned his skils from a former team mate in Mark Chmura to an up and coming division rival.

  11. 509seahawks says: Feb 14, 2014 9:00 PM

    Sharper is not a saint! Literally….he doesnt play for the saints anymore and he is a dirt bag
    The Seahawks finally win something, and now their fans think every post is gold.

  12. backdapack4evr says:
    Feb 14, 2014 8:51 PM
    Now we have other teams whining that it’s not fair that they don’t get to play the Vikings twice a year??
    That’s like two automatic wins!!
    Yet the feeble packers managed to get a come from behind tie.

    As for sharper….once you’re exposed to Green Bay it’s hard to let go of what was normal there.

  13. It’s not like he dropped the N word, hit a WR in the head or heaven forbid bullied a teammate. Rape gets lumped in the NFL misdemeanor category with DUI manslaughters, dog fighting rings and PED’s. Goodell and his posse would like you to think they are “serious” offenses…but we know the truth…

  14. I thought Mossy Cade was the worst ex-Packer as a human being, but looks like Sharper may take the jailhouse crown. If true, enjoy the Shower room you pig.

  15. Proves that you never know what lurks in the depths of the human mind. Nice guy, good looking, TV personality, well spoken, smart, and if the charges are true one sick puppy.

  16. Seven in a five-month span? If the allegations are true, how many more victims are out there? It reminds me of when Sebastian Janikowski was caught with the date-rape drug. What are the odds that it was an isolated incident?

  17. I dont know what it is….that makes some of these athletes, and ex-athletes think they are 1.) above the law & 2.) the desire of every breathing woman.
    What piece of work….no one deserves to have done to them, what this man is being accused of.
    If he is found guilty I hope they throw the book at him.
    I guess Ill be taking down my life size Sharper poster….in the man cave. It’s all good….will make room for other….more deserving people.

  18. 84fantrick says:
    Feb 14, 2014 8:29 PM
    He looks like he wants to get at that lawyer too in that pic! Straight Predator Homey!!

    That comment got so much funnier when I scrolled back up and realized what lawyer he was eyeing down.

    Straight Predator Homey. Ha .

  19. To all of you people who think if you make a lot of money playing sports, you don’t have any problems…

  20. The Packers cut him decades ago and then the viklings signed him. He left them to play for a winner again in New Orleans.

    He was never in trouble as a Packer or a Saint.

  21. arlingtonsynn says:
    Feb 14, 2014 8:49 PM

    Look on the bright side, BigBen is no longer creep #1 of the NFL.

    Nor was he ever in the first place. Because, you morons, he was never even charged with a parking violation, let alone sexual assault.

    What I don’t understand, though, is how this could’ve happened under the watch of the $44 million dollar man, Roger Goodell. I thought he was doing such a great job? Well the owners say he is, anyway.

  22. What do you expect from the green bay packers, the team that drafted Sharper? This is what you get when you draft from the Waupon State Prison. Fits right in with Mosey Cade, Sterling Sharp, and Mark Chumera

  23. What is wrong with these athletes? They have money, play a game for money that many would give a arm to play, and th3y can probaly get ninety percent of the women they want….. without doping them. Basically have the world by the rear and the6 throw it away. Is it because they’ve been told they are special and the6 are entitled to anything the6 want or what?

  24. Many fools are trying to link Sharper to a particular NFL team.

    This is absurd. He did all this AFTER he played football. YEARS after he played football.

    To try and link this to a particular football team is outrageous. Unless it’s the Eagles.

  25. My money is on Oxycontin here. Player get Rx for old football injuries, discovers it makes people feel good and horny, slips it to his female friends, sees it works, then thinks more must be better so he ups the ante a bit too far, then gets tattooed when a string of them realize that they can’t remember a thing, but know the next morning that somehow they’ve been with “someone,” and they’re none too happy. It will be interesting to learn if there is any physical evidence or witnesses, because without those, it may be tough to prove.

  26. He was a Pro Bowl football player. After he retired, he was on TV several times a week for the NFL Network. I’m sure he had no problem getting ladies. But some people have deep psychological problems, and his must be drugging girls and taking advantage of them.

  27. “The sort of thing you could suspect from a former packer…”

    …and a former Viking and Saint. BTW-since Packers are the name of and NFL organization, the “P” needs to be capitalized.

  28. I was reading on CSN Bay Area that some of these incidents happened at Hollywood Night Clubs. Where he would ask these women if they wanted to party, then take them back to his hotel room. Then while they were drinking in his hotel room, he slipped something in their drink. Now it sounds like Sharper is a definite dirt bag with these accusations in 4 different states so far. I’m just wondering why these women agreed to go in back to his room in the 1st place. If you’re already at a club and a man asks a woman if she wants to party. Then takes her back to his hotel, it should be pretty obvious what’s on his mind. Sharper is definitely a scumbag if this is true, which sounds to be. It also concerns me that some of our young women are making terrible judgement calls. A similar situation happened to someone very close to me. And it just kills me that such a smart girl can have such bad judgement.

  29. First Favre texting pics of his junk and now Sharper. Seems that when former Packers cross over the river that something snaps in their heads.

    I guess I get it. I’ve spent time in that depressing society called Minnesota. Everyone is somewhat nice to your face and can’t wait to stab you in the back. Where no one will accept blame for a mistake and you can feel the seething anger just under the surface.

    Got to be hard for anyone to deal with that crap.

  30. I do not even know why dude would even have to drug women. When women at my job sees his pix they are instantly attracted to the man. My guess he does pretty ok in this category. I just do not get it.

  31. And also, rape has absolutely nothing to do with “being able to get women”. It is about power, control, and a bunch of other sick things that go on in a person!a head. You’d be surprised at the overwhelming majority of rapists who are married or have girlfriends.

  32. dahmergeinteam says: Feb 14, 2014 8:18 PM
    Darren Sharper is a true Packer, and we will love and support him just like we do Mark Chmura. No matter what he’s done. This is why I stay here. This is why I belong here. We are a band of misfits, but we are all in it together.

    Just don’t make the mistake of unretiring on these fans, then you will feel their full wrath.

  33. Look its only 8 women so far so let’s not get on that guilty bandwagon until at least 20 come out of the woodwork, at that time we can consider their may be a pattern here and smidgeon of guilt. LOL

  34. Well, at some point he needs to take responsibility for his actions, I mean, they can’t all be gold-diggers…

  35. The guy is accused of raping seven women, and people are trying to attach that to an entire organization? Quit being a bunch of football homers! This is a serious charge that, if true, is vile and disgusting.

  36. Leave it to vikequeen posters to play in the gutter. I guess when you have nothing to look forward to in regards to their team they come on here and talk stupid.

  37. I WOULD SAY that I can’t believe my eyes while reading some of these comments that are so vindictive, and just simply mean spirited, but I’m not surprised. I can see where they’re coming from. Last I heard, it was innocent until PROVEN guilty in this country, and even though the U.S. court system is a joke, that’s the law. I’m not saying what the verdict IS, one way or another. I can say this. It doesn’t have ANYTHING AT ALL to do with what color of uniform(s) Sharper wore as a player, and I just feel sorry for you people on here that think and/or say that it does. That’s just your immaturity, and childish bias shining through. If Sharper is guilty, then I say throw away the key JUST AS STRONGLY as anyone. Rape is a horrible, unconscionable crime that DESERVES a life sentence…especially if it has been committed several times over. NO DEBATE, JUST LIFE WITHOUT PAROLE. BUT, if he’s innocent, it’s simple. He should just be let go. PROVING guilt OR innocence in this country’s court system is a farce a good percentage of the time anyway…(see O.J.), AND his subsequent book, “IF I DID IT”. This isn’t the first time a pro athlete has been accused of similar unspeakable crimes, and it surely won’t be the last. Some have been guilty, some not. At least, that’s what the courts found. No one knows if OJ did it. No one knows if Kobe did it. No one knows if Darren Sharper did it, so all anyone can do is hope and pray that the judge and/or jury gets it right, and that the penalty is just.

  38. This situation should prove the point to all of the people who are still confused about rape. Here we have a man who is clearly very good looking, smart, charming, athletically gifted and very wealthy. One would think he could get many women to sleep with him for any or all of the above reasons. However, he chose to drug women and take advantage of them while they were unconscious. That’s because he didn’t want to merely have sex; he wanted to have POWER and CONTROL over these women. That’s what rape is about- not sex. Power. Hopefully this sickening story will serve to educate the remaining people on the planet that don’t understand this.

  39. This story really bothers me since I was a fan of Sharper from afar. The pure nature of the charges and accusations suggest that Sharper is suffering from mental illness. To go to such great lengths to achieve sexual gratification via de humanizing (drugging) victims when one is wealthy and has the means to access personal sexual gratification suggests that Mr Sharper is a true sexual deviant that most likely has sexually offended most of his adult life.

  40. I have some friends that automatically think that when a pro athlete is accused of rape, they think the girl is lying and trying to trap him for money.

    Ok. Say one woman is that bad. Maybe two. Big maybe right there.

    But 7?! 7??????!!!!!!!! There comes a time where the coincidences are too much and they really look more like a pattern of truth.

  41. I have some friends that automatically think that when a pro athlete is accused of rape, they think the girl is lying and trying to trap him for money.

    Ok. Say one woman is that bad. Maybe two. Big maybe right there.

    But 7?! 7??????!!!!!!!! There comes a time where the coincidences are too much and they really look more like a pattern of truth.


    Unfortunately the world is full of bad people, males and females from all over. I hate to say it but he is a easy target for money at this point. He very well could be guilty, and he very well could be the victim. We just don’t know… Sadly we live in a scary world where we as a society don’t know who to blame at times.

  42. Dumb. If you have the ability to convince them to go back to your place, you probably don’t need to resort to drugging them for a hookup.

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