Dolphins fined Incognito $55,000 for a pair of golf-course incidents

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The Ted Wells report contains plenty of interesting facts and allegations and other tidbits, regarding the Jonathan Martin situation and other circumstances.

Largely lost in the focus on the interactions between Incognito and Martin has been the allegations of inappropriate conduct by Incognito at the team’s charity golf outing in May 2012. Incognito was accused of molesting a female volunteer by among other things rubbing a golf club against her genitals.

The Wells report states that Incognito admitted his behavior to the Dolphins, and that the Dolphins fined Incognito $50,000 for his behavior.  Incognito disputed the fine via a grievance filed under the labor deal, and the grievance remains unresolved.

Incognito was fined another $5,000 that day for admittedly taking a guest’s car joyriding in the parking lot of the golf club, damaging along the way the guest’s luggage.

That’s $55,000 for a pair of incidents arising from the same golf outing.  For a guy who was signed to a one-year deal in 2010 under a “one-strike” arrangement for any on-field or off-field misconduct.

At some point, the one-strike understanding evaporated.  And now the Dolphins are paying the price for it.