Incognito, Pouncey suggested retaliation in text exchange about Martin


That sound you hear in the distance could be the evaporation of any team’s potential interest in Richie Incognito.

While trudging through the 144-page Ted Wells report (here’s a tip — start at the bottom and work your way up), I found at page 133 a significant text-message exchange between Dolphins guard Richie Incognito and Dolphins center Mike Pouncey.

It happened after reports surfaced that Dolphins tackle Jonathan Martin was bullied and harassed primarily by Incognito, and after Incognito had reached out to Martin and expressed support for him.

Here’s the exchange, with the profane language sanitized:

Incognito:  F–k Jmart That f—t is never back

Pouncey:  Bro I said the same thing I can’t even look at him the same he’s a pussy

Incognito:  My agent just said if we held mandatory strip club meetings Jmart is f–king ratting on everyone

Pouncey:  Lol wow are you serious he is a f–k boy

Pouncey:  He’s not welcome back bro I can’t be around that f–king guy

Incognito:  F–k that guy if Ur not with [u]s Ur against us

Pouncey:  No question bro he’s a coward for snitching

Incognito:  Snitches get stiches Blood in blood out F–king guy

Pouncey:  He’s dead to me

So while the text messages exchanged between Incognito and Martin — which Incognito admitted to Wells had been promptly leaking to Jeff Darlington of NFL Network — painted one picture about their relationship, the text messages exchanged by and between Incognito and Pouncey show a more troubling truth.

The two men held a grudge against Martin for being a “snitch,” and they discussed (if not planned) to retaliate against him in some way.Which won’t be good for Incognito or Pouncey.

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  1. Well, if you thought you were friends with Martin, wouldn’t you hold a grudge after you’d been called a racist and an extortionist in the press?

    Gotta admit, them vowing to “freeze out” Martin after all this doesn’t seem out of line. And I seriously doubt the “snitches get stitches line was literal”. My 6 six year old said it last week. It didn’t mean he was going to beat the crap out of his brother. It’s just a saying.

    I think people are taking these words between guys in text messages waaaaaayyyyy to literally.

  2. Actually what this proves is pretty much no one respected or liked Martin, not just Incognito.

    It also ends any talk of this being a racial thing. Pouncey, last time I checked, was black and he’s agreeing with Incognito.

  3. That sound you hear in the distance could be the evaporation of any team’s potential interest in Richie Incognito.

    Anyone have any idea why Pouncey seems to be skating on this?

  4. I’m not sure how this quoted exchange suggests any kind of wrongdoing on their part (although there are probably some really bad ones in the report that do show that). Lashing out at the person who is perceived to have backstabbed is very natural to me. Otherwise, the conversation would’ve been like this:

    Incognito: man..Jmart ratted us out..but he’s still my best about you?
    Pouncey: yea. that jerk. we’re still BFFs though
    Incognito: yea, let’s not do anything whatsoever
    Pouncey: Agreed!

  5. Wait where did they plan to retaliate against him? I see nothing in there where they say they’re going to attack him…..They’re saying he’s not welcome back because he left the team on account of not being able to handle 8th grade locker-room mockery, and went and snitched.

    I mean, say what you will about incognito, pouncey, etc….but honestly what do you THINK they were going to say “Oh hey, Martin snitched on us for doing the same stuff HE was doing as well….I can’t wait to see that guy again and hug it out”

    STILL haven’t heard how it’s ok for Martin to say he was going to kill Richie’s family…or the fact that he was still talking to Incognito after he left the team, and even thanked him for his support in text messages. How on Earth does the report NOT mention that, and assuming it doesn’t how does anyone actually take this thing to be anything other than the NFL going into CYA mode to avoid the anti-bullying wrath.

  6. Do you know how many people say “snitches get stiches”? It’s a stupid saying, but it doesn’t mean there will actually be a physical attack on someone.

    Plus, Pouncey’s main hitman is already locked up.

  7. The texts show the guys were disappointed that they had a snitch. They felt Martin betrayed the brotherhood of football. Lineman are badasses. Of course they are pissed. That’s a normal reaction when a teammate turns on another teammate. I still think Incognito will get a job. Martin is the one that will have issues b/c of his reputation as a snitch.

  8. Much ado about nothing. We have players playing in the NFL that have taken human life. And nobody EVER complained about that. NFL players weren’t hired to sing in the local choir. From my perspective they were ALL acting immature but committed no crime. The NFL likes to try and CREATE news. Even bad news for some reason (Saints pseudo bounty scandal). I hope the Saints sign Incognito. We need his nastiness on our O line to blow holes for Ingram and protect Brees. It is what it is. If ya don’t like the behavior of NFL players then don’t watch or follow it. It’s just that simple. That’s why they have a channel knob on TV sets. Geaux Saints!

  9. Our Heroes! Likeable, Warm, forgiving, graceful, eloquent, and delightful human beings of outstanding character. True gentlemen. Watch and learn from these two class acts and maybe one day we all can aspire to become even a little like these two proud individuals. Bravo and good show gentlemen!

  10. When one of your “peers” goes blabbing about the inner workings and activities of what goes on in the “brotherhood” of an NFL locker room and teammates, then this is the exact type of reaction I would expect.

    If one of my buds started blabbing to the media (lets assume anyone would even care) about stuff we did to make us all look bad- I’d probably react the same… If not worse.

  11. What would an alternative reaction be??

    “Hey Mike, did you see J mart is throwing under the bus to make us look bad? That upsets me”

    “Me too Rich. That is so unfortunate. We were all so close. Oh well, I wish him the best of luck in his future endeavors”.

    Please! This text exchange is how most buds would talk if put in that same boat… Especially 95% of football players.

  12. That’s it? In some regards, I have heard worse out of the mouths of high school girls.

    The snitches and blood in/blood out lines? Please-those are the two cliche lines in every gangster movie/show made in the last 20 years. Not saying this makes either Incognito or Pouncey look like great guys, but did you expect West Side Story quotes?

  13. Sticks and stones will break my bones but words will never hurt me……
    This sentiment is reflected in the common law of civil assault, which holds that mere name-calling does not give rise to a cause of action, while putting someone in fear of physical violence does.

  14. Being from Boston I can tell you both Pouncy’s are in trouble with the Florida/Hernandez case and will be snitching themselves for reduced sentences!!

  15. The NFL employs sex offenders, murderers, drunk drivers, unlicensed gun owners, child support cheats and a host of others. Unfortunately….name calling…..gets you the death sentence in this league (being blackballed). Good work Rog.

  16. Looks like the Dolphins will need to replace every offensive lineman at least at the beginning of the season because Pouncy’s getting suspended at the least. Not to mention his entanglement with Hernandez on top of all this. What a mess, but Joe Philbin is right on top of all things Dolphins according to Stephen Ross from his helicopter in London.

  17. Lets see…your in trouble for texting harassing messages (among other things)… what do you do?….send more text messages (to each other) further implicating yourselves……what a couple of dopes!

  18. All I can say is thank God texting didn’t exist when I was these guys’ age. The stuff me and my friends said to each other IN PRIVATE, which is what text messages are supposed to be, would have made me sound like an animal, which I assure you I wasn’t.

    I am not excusing what happened here, but please keep in mind that when they are texting these things, they are intending them only for the eyes of someone who knows them very well and understands the context in which it is being said.

  19. I’m relatively netural on this matter, but I’m curious to know how Wells was able to obtain text messages between Incognito and Pouncey? I doubt they were under any obligation to make those available.

  20. I believe the main disconnect here is the communication gap between the white collar group and the blue collar group. Work any construction site, truck driving job, basically any place blue collar workers inhabit, and you will hear very similar talk. Contrast that with the white collar workplace, that language is likely never heard. The shock exhibited by the white collar people at this language is understandable; they never hear it.
    Please don’t read the texts my 13 yo grandson sends to his friends, you would be appalled, makes these exchanges sound like a sunday church sermon.

  21. I guarantee you this nonsense doesn’t go on in the Seahawks locker room, the Broncos locker room, the Patriots Locker Room or the locker room of any other serious contender in the NFL. This points as much to a Philbin problem as anything else.

  22. Why don’t these two grow up a little and quit living life like frat boy meatheads? Does every text have to include “ur” or “bro”?
    Moving on, what is the sound of something evaporating?

  23. If a person screams out he snitched us out (not lied on us). That means that they are guilty of what they are accuse of. This is a workplace, similar to where we go to (a dream job that pays a whole lot better) and work. Expecting people to respect us and allow us to do our job without interference in any form or fashion. I think all these men should be held accountable for their actions. Mike Pouncey is a sell out! Who gave him the right to authorize the right for someone to say the n word! I know his parents are very proud of him (just in case you are reading Mike that’s sarcasm and your four fathers are turning in their graves) for all he’s done for his culture.

  24. That’s nothing two friends wouldn’t say to each other. None of you guys have ever said you “wanted to kill” your boss? Get over it people. Martin is soft, and he deserves to be treated as such

  25. This exchange itself is hardly explosive. I would bet most of the people on this site have exchanges in their text history that they wouldn’t want out there.

    That being said, Incognito is a low life and Pouncey (insert support for Hernandez here) is as well.

  26. I never thought Incognito was a racist. He’s a bully by every definition in the book, a dirty player, and a mental midget who has no business leading a team.

  27. Seconding someone elses question, how did they obtain the text messages? Was a search warrant issued? Maybe I missed something and they were obtained legally, but it seems like Pouncy and Incognito could have a justifiable lawsuit.

  28. This is the kind of talk you’d hear between a lot of guys, but I don’t think that gives Incognito and Pouncey a pass.

    They clearly saw that they were harming the psyche of Martin as well as another O-Lineman and only became more aggressive. There’s something wrong with that. What did they gain out of it? They clearly hurt the team even if this doesn’t go public and explodes like it has. That alone will make them guilty in the eyes of NFL teams. No good coach or GM wants that kind of presence in the locker room.

    But whatever, I know you all out there in internet land are real tough guys and I’m just soft. And everybody who plays football should be real winners like Incognito and Pouncey.

  29. Wow. I’ll bet that’s the first time this has ever happened on an NFL team.

    Is Roger Goodell willing to go back and look at the harrassment of the players who crossed the picket line during the 1987 strike?

    Players who crossed the line during that strike were subjected to harrassment from their teammates once the strike was over. I remember Jim Kelly admitting as much about a teammate named Carl Byrum.


  30. Martin is clinically depressed, which, if anyone knows someone who has been through clinical depression knows that it can be a debilitating handicap.

    Picking on and exploiting someone’s handicap is about as low as it gets. Martin is not “soft” as many of you have been saying. He is dealing with a legitimate handicap. Now, you can say what you want about whether someone with a handicap like that should be playing professional football, but picking on and bullying someone with a handicap is disgusting.

  31. This isn’t a plan to retaliate against “Jmart”… they are pissed that he is a snitch. Who doesn’t hate a snitch/narc? They just wanted to have mandatory strip club meetings, is that so bad? Seriously, they are just talking trash… nothing to see here. Jmart- you shouldn’t have chosen football as a profession.

  32. Looks like Pouncey had the worst things to say, but this is basically just a private conversation between boys, shortly after they found out they were being hung out to dry. Perfectly understandable. Spare me the crap about this being about changing the behavior of “the boys,” according to The Book of Oprah. Get a grip. Stop trying to make the world androgynous. Too bad Daniel Snyder doesn’t own the Dolphins, so he could sign these guys to contract extensions.

    Is it just me, or is the NFL all about feminizing the sport? That’s not hate speech people. Look at the historical timeline. It might be time to find a new sport. Or is it an entertainment?

  33. Good thing I’m not famous! If people are surprised by this and calling this exchange a threat of “retaliation,” I can’t imagine what some people would think about the texts between me and my buddies.

  34. Wow. It amazes me that just people this is the NFL and therefore “manly” how people can just brush off these things. What if someone who made you uncomfortable came up and said these things and worse? There is NO way you can say you would just take it and brush it off because he’s a guy. What if someone says it to your sister, wife, girlfriend, etc? Oh wait, they’re women so it wouldn’t be okay then, but since Martin is a man he should have to take it. BS!

  35. Is it any big mystery why Martin didn’t want to go to Vegas with these guys? Even if they liked him at the time, why would anyone want to spend time with such low class human beings?

  36. We wonder why the Dolphins can’t protect the QB or develop a running game. It is because these morons are getting paid to be little text-buddy Laverne’s and Shirley’s. When Pouncey says the dude is dead, he may really mean it! Remember, Hernandez taught Pouncey how to shoot!

    The new O-line coach needs to put these guys on notice and then fine them until they owe the Dolphins money! I pay good money to watch pro football and I am tired of looking at inferior performances, now that I understand the lack of character and dedication these knuckleheads possess.

  37. Pouncey expressed support for Aaron Hernendez with his ‘Free Hernandez’ T-Shirt. Pouncey expressed support for a potential triple murderer who is probably going to prison for life.

    So considering this text exchange between Incognito and Pouncey, I can certainly see them getting involved in much more explicit and dangerous behavior than what they are currently being accused of.

  38. This furthers my argument that football players, especially linemen, are primarily rocket scientists.

  39. all the incognito apologists are remembering the schoolyard when they were 11… which is really naive

    newsflash: this is a multi million dollar business where idiots like Incognito need to shut up and do their job which is CREATING camaraderie… not destroying it to the point of having the worst line in football… for 3 years straight…

    and leaving the team open to 3 or more multi million dollar lawsuits and federal and state investigations….

  40. Joe Philbin has a lot of questions to answer on this. Marten was on the verge of suicide. Who knows whether it was on the verge of a murderous Suicide “Rage” in that locker room. Suffice it to say; This was a crisis situation in that locker room. With the unfortunate death of his son by suicide, only a few years before in Green Bay; Philbin should have been way more sensitive to this kind of conduct/behavior/climate. He can not be proud of implementing a team culture that empowered conduct like what occurred on his watch.

    Miami has a tough decision to make. And the coaches have some serious soul searching to do. That situation was much more dangerous than the media and most others are addressing here. The NFL itself must eliminate it completely.

  41. This text exchange only shows that they disliked Martin after he sold out Incognito. This doesn’t show any proof of bullying at. Not a big deal. I’m sure most of us would be upset if a coworker unjustly sold us out for no reason.

  42. Did Icognito really just say snitches get stiches? Ok there tupac. This isn’t south central LA. You’re on the Miami Dolphins. relax and enjoy South Beach. I’d love to see this guy with some real bad actors and watch him get quiet very quickly.

  43. unless Martin was physically abused or had property stolen from him, i see no problem with any of this. sometimes, people say mean things about you. deal with it. sometimes, people will simply hate your guts. better to accept that simple, simple truth than to create some anti-bullying crusade.

  44. I guess when Pouncey said he is dead to me, he was probably reliving the double murder he and Hernandez were involved in. Let’s face it, after his support of Hernandez, who is surprised. The Dolphins management is garbage and good luck to the losers who end up in this cesspit. The NFL should take the owner and GM to the wood house and clean their wallets. If this happened with any other management of any other corporation in the nation, the legal system would shut them down. Since when did playing a game make you exempt from laws and taxes. I don’t get it.

  45. I am really disappointed in Pouncey. It does remind me of Pouncey’s final two years at Florida. There were some issues with Easley and Floyd, who were freshmen. Easley and Floyd almost left UF because of it. It was alleged that Pouncey was verbally harassing the younger players. Now that this has come out, I believe there is some truth to the rumors. Pouncey is another creation of Urban Meyer. Meyer allowed certain players to do as they pleased and gave them authority over younger players. Incognito and Pouncey should be kicked out of the NFL.

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