Jimmy Graham: Seahawks “grab and hold as much as you can”

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Jimmy Graham was limited to a total of just four catches for 50 yards in the Saints’ two games against the Seahawks last season, and he says Seattle had the best defense he has faced, by far. Part of the reason for the Seahawks’ greatness, Graham says, is gambling that the officials won’t call pass interference.

Graham said on Mike and Mike in the Morning that the Seahawks get physical with the opposing receivers, knowing that even if they get flagged once or twice, they’ll get away with it more often.

“They’re the type of team that they’re very, very aggressive,” Graham said. “I think they teach, ‘Listen, they’re not going to call the P.I., so just grab and hold as much as you can.'”

Graham said the Saints were “caught off guard” by how fast and physical the Seahawks were, and he said that while most players across the NFL get worn down as the season goes on, the players on the Seahawks’ defense seemed like they were at full speed both in Week 13, when the teams met in the regular season, and in the playoffs.

After the way the Seahawks’ defense played in winning the Super Bowl, no team should be caught off guard by the Seahawks next year. And offensive players may be hoping that the NFL will make pass interference and illegal contact a point of emphasis with the officials this offseason, so that the Seahawks will be caught off guard by how many penalties they get when they grab and hold.

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  1. If the refs let it go, you might as well do it. You could see this occurring in the playoffs, the refs seemed to swallow their whistles a bit. If teams cannot see this, then your loss.

  2. I like the fact that the zebras will call opi on the team playing them. Another crazy fact is out of all the routes run by jimmy is no player was called for pi while covering him. The league needs to call the games the same. If you are a huge player or a small one call pi the same.

  3. Seahawks are not “cheaters”, bunch of fans who can’t accept defeat. Do they hold constantly, yes they do. But that is on the refs to call.

    This is the issues with professional basketball that fans have. One game is called one way, then the very next game is called a different way. There is very little consistency. It makes fans feel like they are getting robbed when it goes against them. And it honestly has turned a lot of fans off to the game. They tend to act like the games are rigged, which I personally don’t believe but can understand fan reactions.

    Well I’m starting to hear a lot of similar gripes about the NFL. And I think a lot of that has to do with inconsistent officiating. It is a major issue for the NFL. I don’t blame Seattle for holding. Almost every team this year complained about it. So I don’t think it is a farce to believe this is indeed taught at some level. But you do whatever you are allowed, to win. If the refs aren’t calling the penalty, do it.

    This is on the NFL to regulate…not the Seahawks. And if the NFL is smart…they won’t allow their game to become as objectified as the NBA has allowed theirs.

  4. Haha. Aw. Yeah I’m sure that explains away being completely shut down and exposed as the in-trick pony Graham is resulting in NO being unsure about signing him. SOUR GRAPES. Next time try harder. Also Jimmy is a child’s name, man up, Powder.

  5. It will be interesting next year when teams do the same grabbing/holding to the Seahawks that they do to everyone they play. Seahawk fans will be screaming about cheating so loud it will be able to be heard on Mars.

  6. Didn’t hear the interview, but if this piece covers the essence of it, that’s very bad for Graham. He comes off like a 6’7″ cry baby. No one denies that the Seahawks are physical, but he went overboard.

    Go to the tape. The Hawks stopped Vernon Davis, Graham and Julius Thomas. But not just the best TEs in the game, as witnessed by the explosion of Demaryius Thomas by Kam. That hit in the SB set the tone and I don’t no anyone who thinks they held or grabbed on a 3 yard crossing pattern.

    Not a good look for Graham, who I think is the best TE in the game, not good at all.

  7. Sounds like sour grapes, especially after the Aint’s were busted in a head hunting scandal just 2 seasons ago…I guess Graham has taken a few too many on the head causing amnesia….

  8. Defenses have to respond in this pass friendly league. If the refs are letting them take some of that advantage back with no calls then go for it.

  9. Its funny listening to these players complain. The rules of the NFL allow so much free range to the offense especially WR and TEs most of them have become soft. The tape is out there when you press Jimmy Graham he can kind of shut down.

    Seattle plays defense the way you are supposed to play football. Being physical, fast, hitting hard and making great tackles. These new breed of pass catching TE usually has an advantage when playing teams because they are too big and fast. Pete Carroll put together 6’1-6’3 CB’s along with a 6’4 strong safety and very athletic linebacker making every throw contested. Teams are now playing catch up because that style just won a Super Bowl.

  10. What’s the excuse next year? Saints defense will be bulldozed. They lost their best corner, and several linebackers. Their only chance will be to stay in a shootout every game. Graham+Brees= 27% of the cap, lol

  11. They got away with a lot this year. It’s what other teams will do across the league next year. Sherman has to hold to back up that big mouth. Any db would look good with earl behind them. He should be the top db in the league

  12. I’d be making excuses as well if I got shut out by the Seahawks…twice.

    …and I was trash talking before the game.

    Football is a physical game, Jimmy. The Hawks play it the way it was made to be played. Not the watered-down, 21st century stuff.

  13. So they did this all year, in front of cameras and in front of the officials, for 19 games and they didn’t get called for more holding and PI than most other teams? Doesn’t sound like cheating to me. Cheating is what you do behind closed doors that no one, especially the officiating crew of the game, can see. They weren’t trying to hide this. This sounds like they’re the only smart team in the NFL. The Hawks made it blatantly clear that the refs won’t call this the majority of the time. So teams and players need to stop complaining and just get their team to play as physical. It really is THAT simple.

  14. Wah, the Seahawks are too physical, boo hoo, they won’t let me get a free release into the end zone, sniff, they grab and hold and cheat.

    Please – the Hawks push the boundaries, and sometimes beyond, but usually they have the WR locked up. They don’t hold as much as people whine about. And why wouldn’t the refs call it on every play? What’s stopping them?

    Stop crying about it. I thought this was football.

  15. It’s always seemed like Graham’s play proportionately decreased by the increase in physical play by defenders. I probably just should have said he’s soft. There, I did.

  16. At the end of the day, there are 32 business owners who ‘share’ the pie.
    All 32 collude to ensure that no one or two of the owners ‘spend too much,’ so that the spirit of the cap and the payrolls of all teams do not exceed x amount of dollars.
    32 business owners, in order to obtain a more perfect money-maker, set forth potential story lines that could catapult mediocrity into greatness; turn the frowns of unhappy franchises upside-down, the following year. The good ol’ boy system is alive and well.

    It is my belief that football is getting farther and farther from sport, as each year passes. No offense to professional athletes that play or have played before.

    In entertainment however, football is becoming more and more of a reality akin to Jersey Shore, day by day, in the scripting of yellow flag flow. Drive killers, game changers and momentum shifters are too often direct results of yellow phantom flags (flags thrown on behalf of an exaggerated call) and/ or missed calls that were clearly penalties.

  17. Everybody thinks one dimensional. They think the Seahawks Defense dominance was because they cheat or the refs don’t call pi or because the DBs figured out Manning’s hand signals or because they got lucky or blah blah blah.

    Fact is, the Seahawks have defensive schemes designed to cover the deep pass, slants and box routes at the same time. Plus, they hit harder, they hit smarter and they push the envelope as all great athletes do. I guess Michael Jordon cheated because he stayed in the air so long.

  18. Only someone blind cannot see that Seahawks repeatedly grabbed/shoved/bumped or made whatever physical contacts possible to alter passing routes well beyond 5 yards from scrimmage.

  19. “Conan, what is the greatest thing in life?”

    “To crush your enemies, have them driven before you, and hearing the lamentations of their women.”

    Thanks for the lamentations, Jimmy.

  20. The NFL will have a larger problem on their hands with their overall brand if they don’t get a handle on the defensive holding and pass interference. They make their money by showcasing their stars and when stars can be shut down because they are held every play with the trade off of a penalty or two, then the showcase loses it’s gleam. The NHL realized this when the New Jersey Devils employed the neutral zone trap. They clutched and grabbed their way to Stanley Cups against teams with much bigger superstars. Scoring went down. Viewers went down. Sponsors went down. And the NHL product continues to struggle

  21. Every fan views at least one team as a villain. The Seahawks are successful now and thus, have become the villain. When they were 7-9 there weren’t complaints about them being too rough. It’s the fact that they are now successful. Every team and every game has holding, PI, and cheap shots. There was another article the other day about how clean they played and although they hit hard, they are clean hits. Your team(no matter who it is) has done the exact same thing but you would defend their plays to the last second of every season.

  22. To say it’s not cheating if you don’t get caught is like saying it’s fine to rob a bank if you don’t get caught. Or its fine to beat your spouse if you don’t get caught.

    SEA knew they were interfering and holding with players, they have admitted it more than once. They blatantly snubbed their noses at the rules knowing they would never get called for it. Not condoning it, but at the same time Offenses KNEW this is what they were going to do and there isn’t an excuse. If SEA is going to get physical and hold, then the opposing offense should get more physical with SEA defensive backs too, and the opposing team should get rough with SEA’s starting offense.

    To start the year next year you have to assume the refs will continue to let SEA’s behavior slide, and as such that will be the new norm for defenses. Teams should be planning on that, until such time as refs start to call the penalties.

    If the D can hold and interfere with the receiver, than the receiver should be able to interfere with the defensive back without getting called too. It goes both ways.

  23. Expected nothing less, with Seattle having exposed him as soft. He has to have an excuse for being completely shut down in two consecutive games.

    Complaining about his contract, complaining about other teams D, complaining, blah blah blah.

  24. Haha… Jimmy Graham got punked by the Seahawks D’s and he is still crying about it. Just like all of the haters in this article. Haters will always be unhappy and will always try find some kind of arguement to keep on hating. You can call the Seahawks cheaters, PED’s users and other childish names. But, it’s OK because I still WIN and nothing is going to change the fact that the Seattle Seahawks is Super Bowl XLVIII World Champions! Haters, are you ready for it, here it comes.. GO HAWKS!!!

  25. The Seahawks are strong and Graham is just making excuses for his sorry performance in Seattle.. I hate the Whiners but you sure dont here Vernon Davis whining about that he went out and made plays happen…. I am starting to think the Saints might belong in the NFC with the rest of the soft finesse teams out there… Man up Graham this is football and not everyone is just going to let you catch the ball weakling.

  26. Here is the thing. There is holding and pass interference on every single play on every single team. It doesn’t matter who is playing. Do the Seahawks hold? Yes. Does every other team? Yes. The fact that an offensive player has to complain about a defense “holding” , especially a 6’7 TE, is pathetic to say the least. The rules in the NFL are by far favored to the offense, defenses have been puss3fied by the rules and now that a team can play those rules and still put game ending hits and dominate recievers, people suddenly complain that they should change the rules even more favored for the offense. One of these days, defenses won’t be able to do anything. Can’t make any contact at all, can’t hit a reciever till he catches a ball and goes 5 yards, and pretty soon they will take out pads entirely and just play flag football. Not only have the rules made football look like a sissy, it is making the players as well as the fans look the exact same.

  27. Id probably make up excuses too if I had gotten completely shut down in 2 games – and I was up for free agency.

  28. Here’s the issue for Seahawk fans- so much light is being brought to their “style” of defense that involves some excessive holding/shoving/grabbing that one of 2 things happens:
    -The commish takes notice and has the refs put extra emphasis on such issues next year, and will be watching Seattle closely, or
    -The league does nothing about it and the rest of the league starts playing by their rules and the playing field becomes even.

    Either way? Seattle is going to lose the advantage they had in 2013, it’s just a matter of whether it’s induced by the commish/refs or other teams fighting dirty with dirty.

    By the way everybody calling Graham out for saying Seattle cheats- did he EVER say the word cheat? Or cheater? Or cheating? NO. He said they hold until they get caught. It’s not a lie. And if you think it is then you’re either a blind homer or just blind. But never once did he say they cheat so let’s quit it with that whole angle.

  29. throw gb in this also. at home they grab and hold constantly all game long. and when a guys jersey is ripped off his shoulder pads, and they do get flagged , they look around like “what? me?”

  30. Sam Shields agrees. In the Packers-Seahawks game last year, Sidney Rice hitched a piggy-back ride on him and it was called DPI. And let’s not forget about Golden Tate shoving Shields from behind on the infamous Intertouchdownception.

    Tate: I know I had the ball.
    ESPN reporter: Did you push off?
    Tate: I don’t know what you’re talking about.

    Go steal some donuts, Golden.

  31. Kind of like how the Saints believed they could just keep blasting the quarterback late time and time again knowing that the ref won’t call roughing every time…..Or ever. See 2009 NFC champion game. turnabout is fair play brah!

  32. if i remember correctly the seaducks were called for the MOST pass interference penalties in the league this last year. so yes, i’m sure they hold lots, but that’s their game. obviously, it worked this year, but they won’t live very long that way.

    this happens with the high profile QBs. when they get hit they just turn and look at the ref and out comes the flag. the seaducks get the same type of treatment in the opposite kind of way with the “no calls” from the refs.

  33. Jimmy talks a big game and acts tough but the truth is the guy is soft and can’t even run block. Also he pushes off on nearly every touchdown catch he has has in the last couple years.

  34. Never thought i’d see the day that Jimmy Graham would resort to whining. No wonder he disappeared late in the season. Cuz he’s a wuss turns out. Rather than whine he should be accepting that in order to beat the Seahawks you just have to get tougher. The Saints aren’t tough enough on offense right now to beat the Seahawks. They need to shore up the O line which has played awe full for the last 3 seasons. I say let Jimmy and his whining self walk and use the savings to build a ferocious O line through the draft and free agency. And Colsten couldn’t get separation against a teenage high school football player. And he now has ‘aligator-arms’. Lance can’t stay healthy and Meecham plays like he’s 57 years old. Too funny. i love my Saints but they have hung on to some dead weight for way too long. I’m glad they are in salary cap trouble because that will force them to cut the nonproductive players that have been holding the team back. Geaux Saints!

  35. Jimmy talks a big game and acts tough but the truth is the guy is soft and can’t even run block. Also he pushes off on nearly every touchdown catch he has had in the last couple years.

  36. If anyone thinks that other teams haven’t started playing this way as well, you haven’t been paying attention to football.

    Imagine that, people trying to get back to playing football as originally played before all the rules decided to start making defenses soft and favor high scoring offense for the TV audiences.

    Of course, no one wants to pay attention to the fact that the Seahawks were the most penalized team in football this past season. Nope, the refs have obviously been paid to look the other way, right, guys? And no one wants to talk about all of the offensive fouls put on Seattle’s D that simply weren’t called, either. Could make a 20-minute highlight reel of just those from this year.

    But, by all means, whine about the D and then accuse the Hawks of cheating on top of it. Always classy.

  37. odd complaint coming from a team who is known for bounties placed to hurt players and a 50% TE known only for receiving and not blocking.

  38. Choke artist go wah wah.

    Listen, if its a penalty it would be called and they do get called. That pre-Madonna is crying because they backdown from his push offs?

    Am I biased? Watch every time 90% of receivers miss a ball in press coverage they turn and ask for a flag.

    Man up

    Play ball

    Jimmy probably just figured out he won’t be making as much due to his 2 bad performances against the LOB this season.

  39. cheating?

    they’ve been doing this exact type of physicality since the 2011 season… teams (and the league) have had plenty of time to look over and review whether there’s anything worth a flag going on.

    quit crying and man up.

  40. Yup, they hold and grab all the time and they got away with it… and I wish my team did that. It was smart football, low risk, high reward – hold and interfere and unless you start getting called repeatedly, its a successful strategy. Will the NFL allow it going forward, will other teams copy the strategy (probably, which will finally force the refs to address it) but for now the Seahawks are the reigning Superbowl champs. No excuses, no asterisks.

  41. So the Hawks have developed a new defensive philosophy . . . grab or hold or bump past five yards on every play because the refs likely won’t call it more than once a quarter or half . . . particularly in the playoffs. Like any new trend, the league will catch-up and copy the Hawks and we’ll start seeing a lot more 13-9 final scores . . . possibly along with declining attendance due to boredom . . . or the rules will begin to be consistently enforced as written. One or the other.

  42. It ain’t cheating if they don’t call it. Every team in the copycat NFL will be doing it next year. Except, of course, Dallas. They still prop up Monty Kiffins corpse and play the antiquated cover-2. How’d that work out, Cowgirl fans?
    Just wait until Gregg Williams and his pay-to-play scheme gets going in St. Louis. It’s going to be a bumpy ride.

  43. Kind of off topic but whatever it’s still football. The niners had their version of Kam Chancelor in Dashon Goldson. Instead of paying him they let him go and got a softer version in Eric Reid. Players were scared to go down the middle when Goldson was there. Not soo much when he left. That was a huge loss.

  44. It’s called “tackling”. It’s understandable that Graham wouldn’t recognize it, as the league has mostly been devoid of it for ages, replacing it with lazy cheap shots and big knock-over hits.

    But the Seahawks are, refreshingly, men enough to be up to the difficult task of not just taking out opponents with cheap sucker punches, but wrapping up, taking the center of gravity head on, and simply out-muscling their opponents.

    And I say this not as a Seahawks homer or bandwagoner, but a simply impressed Cowboys fan. These guys simply take it right to their opponents and beat them with strength and speed. Gotta respect that.

  45. Weird, I remember him being targeted only a couple of times in those games. Maybe if Drew threw the ball to you more often you can make a case in those games. Please don’t be a sore looser Jimmy.

  46. Who cares. They “grabbed and held” their way to the world championship. As much as I despise Seattle, they must have done something right including blanking Graham and making him look completely irrelevant.

    2013 is over. 2014 is here and its a new day. I suggest other teams start holding and grabbing too if it increases your chance of winning.

  47. Lot of haters on here. Don’t forget, the Hawks were the most penalized team in the league this year. On defense they tied for 2nd to St Louis; one could argue they would be even if you took a few minutes away from their final game where St Louis reeled off about 10 straight. Every team is physical in the secondary, you’re a fool to believe different. Did they do it better? Maybe. Are they a great secondary? Just ask every receiver/tight end they faced this year.

  48. I bet he signs with Seattle, making all of this moot, and then accuses the defense of bullying because he can’t make any plays in practice.

  49. No Patriot fans should complain, the Seahawks got the blueprint from them and that Super Bowl vs the Rams.

  50. Poor Jimmy. Poor sad fans of teams who lost. Some great artist should make a book of black and white pictures of all the sadness caused by the Seahawk defense.

  51. In the words of the great Greg Cosell “Seattle hold just as much as any other team in the league”. “It’s their technique people need to pay attention to”. OK Jimmy I guess they caught you off guard twice. Your second game was worst than the first. I’m from Louisiana and I root for both teams. Face Seattle is the model franchise right now so fans of other teams are looking for any excuse to not blame their own team for their ineffectiveness.

  52. They had the single best refs calling the game and you idiots want to say they’re cheating…if anyone knows the rules correctly then it would be this officiating team.

  53. Things aren’t going to change…….The Seahawks follow the rules as enforced by the Refs………..The Refs draw the line during the season and playoffs and the Hawks adjust to be right on the line……That is what helps make them hard to beat…….They also do that on the O and D line play……..This is the nature of Football.

    Physical play; yes Illegal play; no

  54. Graham is a crybaby and making excuses for his poor performance in hopes the Saints will sign him to a big contract a his lack of performance will be a factor in any new contract. Their fans posting here (not all but…) sound worse than the 40-whiner fans.

    Nut up, play a mans game, this ain’t no not a sissy boy game. Get over it, you got schooled by the Hawks, you’re jealous and you’re mad at yourselves, wimps! You’re better than this, or are you???


    Please don’t let this league turn into the NBA. This is football, be a man and take your beatings with some class.

  56. Hawks had the most PI’s called against them, and the most per game called against them. If you can’t beat em, join em Graham…sign with the Hawks.

  57. I love how even after the Seahawks have the single best SB defensive performance it wasn’t because they draft well and acquire talent it was because the Broncos lost. The Seahawks didn’t allow a single point to Denver for 45 minutes!!! Only after they went into a prevent type of defense did Peyton begin to move the ball…yet you want to say it was because they were holding or on PEDs not because they have the best secondary in the league BAR NONE and were able to collapse the pocket with four and sometimes three. Keep up the simple minded quick responses that are as unintelligent as they come. Cheating, PEDs whatever…don’t give credit to the fans who created a silent count at a SB!!!

    Sit there eating your bitter apples as your team isn’t holding the trophy as you envisioned and continue to bash a team that earned it. They only had three loses ALL year, none greater than 7 points, 15 total points. They beat the Saints, 9ers and Peyton Manning on the way to collecting the Lombardi, but you asshats want to blame it on something else….Why wasn’t Von Miller playing for the first six games? Why wasn’t Aldon Smith playing for a month this season and will miss time next year? You don’t mention them.

  58. They did the same thing in SBXL and lost, and they been crying ever since. So the refs left them hold so they could stop crying from the last SB

  59. Perhaps other teams should start doing what Seattle is doing, and stop complaining. If PI isn’t being called then the NFL is saying that type of contact is legal.

  60. Looks like a lot of people like to agree with the personal opinion of a single individual, and then say, “what a bunch of cheaters, they always get away with it, whaaa!”

    …while completely ignoring the inarguable statistics that the Seahawks led the league in penalties throughout the entire season.

  61. As a avid niner fan, y’all bunch of sore losers. The ref issue has been going on for the past decade and everyone decides to raise the issue now just bc the hated seahawks won the superbowl?? Face it guys…..the hawks demolished us! I’m 45yrs old and I must say that I respect the hawks hard-nose style defense. It’s very reminiscent how football should be played back just like in the 80’s/90’s. It’s how men should play the game! If all you lil sissies complaints took effect…..we all be watching flag football. Grow some balls people….we lost! Lets focus on next season!

  62. They’re still making excuses.

    Peyton Manning set a Super Bowl record for completions and Thomas set a Super Bowl record for receptions.

    Seahawks TACKLED and HIT.

  63. Gotta love all you losers whining and crying. The Seahawks are world champions for one reason and one reason only; they’re better than you are.

  64. any defenses who are NOT doing this are behind the times. with all the rule advantages offensives have, defenses have to take every one they can get.

  65. Should’a stuck to basketball Jimmy .. the refs in that league call flops everytime ! I could just see your big goofy butt flailing on the court everytime a 5’10” guard drove the lane ..

    Oh and by the way , next time – keep your mouth shut and your butt on your side of the field during pre-game warmups .. it’ll never be in your best interests to piss off the LOB .

    .. at least Vernon Davis has some class !

  66. Give Jimmy a brake, he is tough enough to play hurt the last two seasons. But all the Saint receivers are soft on their routes. They don’t get separation against any physical team. And yet they put up a lot if numbers and wins each year. They need to toughen up and run better routes. The Seahawks defense was great but they did get by going threw Jimmy several times. Loved the SB making Manning look normal.

  67. He is absolutely right. Many people have been saying that all season and even some Seahawks fans agree that they hold on almost every passing play. They did the math and realized they would still come out ahead even if they earned a few flags. My problem is not with the Seahawks, it is with the officials who do not call the infractions they see (against any team, in any situation)

  68. The Seahawks are taught to hold and are completely able to disrupt powerful offensives that are dependent upon timing routes. It’s just smart football when the NFL has made defensive holding a 5 yard penalty and pass interference unlimited.

    The rule needs to be revisited, as there is nothing more frustrating then seeing a WR make a double move to beat someone for a long TD, but then getting grabbed only to get 5 yards.

    Go 49ers

  69. What a whiner. The reason he got 50 yards over two games is he has alligator arms. Show him the threat of contact and you pretty much take him out of the game as a target.

  70. Did anyone else see the article about the ref that looked at the Seahawks tape and concluded they could/should have been called for 26 additional PI penalties over the entire season? 16 of those were the 5 yards and a first down variety. 1.6 missed penalties a game is nothing. Same ref concluded the Broncos offense could/should have been called for 20 additional penalties. I’d bet that when you look at all 32 teams, the seahawks got away with less than 1 more penalty per game than the average team.

  71. Yeah-huh, and no other teams in the league encourage their DB’s to do the exact same thing? What a foolish comment. Sounds like sour grapes to me.

  72. Coming from the team that was taught to intentionally try to injure other players. Jimmy you got owned suck it up. Heck Brees is the darlin of the NFL. D players can’t even touch him without a penalty. Absolutely no room for a Saints player to open their mouths.

  73. For all the fools on here bashing Jimmy Graham, the Seattle Seahawks, most notably Richard Sherman himself have admitted that Pete Carroll openly teaches them to hold (read: cheat) on every single play. There should be no debate over whether or not what he said is true when the Seahawks openly admitted to it.

    And for those defending the Hawks by saying the onus is on the NFL to catch the cheating. Would you also say there is no shame in using PEDs? Afterall you just said its ok to cheat if the NFL doesn’t catch you.

    Cheating is cheating. And the Seahawks have admitted to doing it on every single play.

  74. Yes… That’s it. All of the teams in the NFL played good wholesome clean football except those darn cheating Seahawks! In fact, the refs and the NFL conspired with the Seahawks. That is where their defense got the idea. The NFL hatched the plan and the Seahawks in cahoots with the refs executed it perfectly, even giving up a few wins to make it look legit. But you guys are so fricken smart! Nothing gets past you guys! It’s the reason the Seahawks looked so dominate… Those cheaters! Booo Hooo! I want my binky! I just hope the NFL picks my team to win the Superbowl next year!

  75. Most penalized team in 2012 (Ravens) won Super Bowl.

    Most penalized team in 2013 (Seahawks) won Super Bowl.

    2nd most penalized team in 2013 (Broncos) lost Super Bowl.

    Pay attention, peeps. Nice guys finish last. Toughen up, ladies.

  76. Someone have a tissue for Jimmy?

    At least Decker had the stones to say the Seahawks do nothing different than any other team – they just do it better.

    Wipe your eyes.

  77. If you haven’t heard it, podcast this interview. Graham spends 99.9% of the time praising the Hawks D and how much better they were than any other D they had seen. Cracks me up that you guys always have to go for the negative angle.

  78. Bronkeys got their asses kicked. It was fantastic. Defense shut down a lot of teams. Go spin your hate at the dinner table with your inept family members you moon bats.

  79. HAHA, all you hating clowns on here are just as pathetic as Jimmy Graham is… First off, football is a physical sport, so get over it. Second, you all do know that CB’s, etc. are aloud to grab, hold, and reroute receivers within the first 5 yards, right? Never mind, I forgot most of you people don’t know the rules of football, LOL. Am I saying the Hawks don’t get away with holding, and PI past those initial 5 yards sometimes??? NOT AT ALL!!! They get away with penalties, just like the 31 other teams in the NFL do. It just so happens that the Hawks have the fastest, most fit, physical defense in the league, so all you losers wanna cry about it, LOL. Especially the 49er jokers who haven’t won anything in a quarter of a century. Graham is just mad a defense like the Hawks can actually take him totally out of a game. Keep ranting though… It’s comical to see you all whine like Harbaugh on the sidelines, and act as if refs only allow one team (the Hawks) to get away with holding, and PI. Btw, to the tools still repeating the lame Adderall joke. It’s been a year since one of our players tested positive. I think it’s time for a new line. Der Der Der

  80. Jimmy Graham Cracker is the Vanilla ice of NFL queer doens’t like to be hit, because his make up might smear. He is the great White hope for the Saints.

  81. If holding, grabbing, or whatever isn’t called, and your team isn’t doing it, then your team deserves to lose.

    But the truth is, everyone does it. Watch some all-22. -Everyone- does it. The Seahawks secondary is just better than yours.

  82. Graham is talking out of both sides of his mouth. On one hand says the Seahawks have the best defense he’s seen by far. On the other hand he’s says they get away with pass interference every play. Hey Jeremy, you can’t have it both ways. If you think they interfere every play then you can’t believe they have the best defense. He’s just mad he laid turds the two times he faced them this year.

  83. “We won’t get fooled again…….”

    Ok its been 12 days; almost 2 full weeks since the SB ended…on to other news.

  84. I thinks it’s awesome having everybody talk all this smack about the Hawks. Must mean they on top! Go Hawks…Super Bowl Champs baby!!!

  85. I’m tired of all the complaints about the Seahawks winning the SB. I don’t like them but congrats to them for winning the big game.

    I kept hearing people complain about how much the NFL is favoring offenses and letting the defense get the cold shaft. Now when the defense steps up and shuts down a powerful offensive it’s the opposite. People are never happy and can’t decide what they want. I turned the SB off because it was boring, however, I’m happy that a defense that was playing and hitting hard was not flagged for every single 2nd of the game.

    Plus the players that are complaining about the Seahawks…next time beat them and you won’t have anything to complain about.

  86. The Seahawks play aggressive on defense. That is very true, and they probably get away with a lot. But it sounds to me as if Seattle gambled and won. Seattle was the most penalized team in the NFL this year. These penalties could’ve cost them several games and maybe did a few times, but the gain outweighed the cost. What did they gain? The number one defense in the NFL and a Super Bowl title. Look back at any of the league’s top defenses and tell me they don’t play too aggressive. You got to take the good with the bad and now more teams around the league are going to start copying Seattle’s formula for success. And I say “great!”. The league is already doing everything possible to inflate offense and take defense out of games, Seattle just found away around the league’s bias towards offense. Compare what the Seahawks did to any of the previous “great” defenses of all time and you wouldn’t think the Seahawks were playing too physical.

  87. @ bh2640 I agree with you. Yes if one were to compare the Seahawks defense against the “other” great defenses the Hawks would pale in comparison. Also most fans of today don’t know what an actual hard hitting, aggressive, physical defense is.

  88. If other teams start pushing the holding more I am all in for it…
    NFL had gone too far into babying the offense.

    Oh and btw… people complaining or insinuating at PED use… Seahawks had 1 player suspended for PED use this season. A couple others for substance abuse.

    Not even near the top in either category.

  89. Awe boo hoo hoo Jimmy crybaby Graham. The Saint’s got away with more trickery and dirty playing than any other team the year that they won the super bowl. They even hit Bret Favre after the whistle when he wasn’t even looking to make sure they knocked him out of the game.
    And of course there was the bounty scandal too, which just reinforces the truth about them as a team. Graham is just crying because he got dat ass beat all day up and down the field in BOTH matches against the Seahawks. Don’t you think the clever and shrewd Sean Payton wouldn’t have also jumped on that bandwagon if he knew his team could get away with ref’s allowing contact and not calling interference? You can bet your ass he would have. They just got BEAT at their own game and can’t handle the truth. Since they seem to have “figured out” why they loss to Seattle TWICE let’s see what happens the next time they meet.

  90. I’m sure the NFL will get right on that, right after they make receiver pick plays a point of emphasis.

  91. It’s a known fact about the way SEA DBs play. It’ll pbly be called more often next season. The bigger issue with SEA is how they NEVER get tired or worn down. No way they are that much stronger & faster than the rest of the NFL. Most substance suspensions in NFL since Carroll took over. Just own it SEA fans. I’m willing to bet Irving won’t be the same player next season w/o the PEDs. The so-called bounty scandal was complete BS. It was posturing & words to hype up the team. I’d be saying all kinds of violent insane crap to hype my guys up. Tear heads off, drag out their entrails, etc. During the bounty crap, the Saints DID NOT lead the league in personal foul calls or fines.

  92. Flashback…..

    Playoffs, Jimmy acting all tough in pre game warm up


    Jimmy making excuses why he did absolutely nothing against the champs!

  93. I heard the whole interview. Graham was actually praising the Hawks defense but the author chose to sensationalize the storyline for obvious reasons. However reading most of these sad sack comments, I feel like majority of you need to get laid.

  94. Name one historically great defense that wasn’t deemed “dirty” in its hey day? Much props to Jimmy Graham for giving respect to where it’s due. One day people will realize how vital Ken Norton is to the Seahawks defense. Ken Norton played the same way in his day and he played for great defenses.

  95. Shocking that someone in the media twisted the story for attention. I can’t believe it!!! It’s awesome that our defense held and broke the rules to a tune of 43 points by a struggling QB and mediocre receivers. Lol Go Hawks!!!!

  96. 1. Every single team in NFL is taught to do what Seattle does.
    2. Not every NFL team has the caliber of players as Seattle to do what they do.
    3. Seattle was bar none the best defense in the league in the past 10 years.
    4. Anyone who disagrees with this is clueless or just bitter.

  97. xa713,

    Its Bruce IRVIN, dude. Irvin with no G. Clearly you don’t even watch the Hawks let alone know anything about them if you can’t even get their player’s names correct. And you might want to check your facts there bro or better yet watch a full Seattle game not just ESPN highlights…they are constantly rotating guys in and out, that’s how they are able to stay fresh and always on their toes. What is it you want Seattle fans to own? The fact that their team just destroyed the best offense in NFL history and brought home the Lombardi?! I will own that all day, everyday.

  98. Tired of PED haters on Seattle.
    Fact – Seahawk players use no more PED than any other team in NFL. They are just worse of covering their tracks. If the NFL was really serious of getting rid of PED’s in the league they have to suspend 75-80% of the players in the league. And once everyone was clean you’d see a lot smaller dudes playing. Their drug testing is a joke. Ask anyone who has played football in college at NCAA level. Sorry to burst your bubble but PEDs are just a way of Life in NFL. I think it’s time people stop being naive. I don’t endorse it but let’s keep it real. And instead calling Seahawks cheaters just call them idiots for not concealing it better.

  99. Anyone here been to football camp as a Junior Higher or High Schooler? I went to several as a kid. I played RB and DB. Guess what I learned from pro bowl players back in the 80’s? One of the first things I learned from them was how to “hold”. It’s part of the game. Graham isn’t dissing Seahawks. He is basically stating they have perfected the art of holding which is technically allowed if done properly. Seriously ask anyone who has played the game of football and dealt with professionals and they will say I’m right.

  100. Jimmy who?

    yea right loser, see ya next year, or NOT..

    Iggles keep Taints out of the playoffs, NFC gonna be rough, 4 teams might come from the NFCW?

  101. Watch the Rams and the Cards play, those are 2 teams that play exactly like the hawks. The only reason no one is talking about how much they hold and PI is cause they didn’t just win the SuperBowl. Every rule in the NFL is poised to offenses producing insane numbers, and the minute a defense starts to be dominate, everyone wants to call them cheaters. Cheating is when you target players to intentionally hurt them..

  102. Not like the Seahawks don’t already get flagged. They got over 100 yards in penalties against the Broncos. I think Graham hit the nail on the head when he noted that there seemed to be no drop off in the secondary’s performance in the latter half of the year. Conditioning appears to be the key ingredient in Seattle’s success. That’s why they can keep up with this fleet-footed receivers week in and week out.

  103. “Seahawks had 1 player suspended for PED use this season. ”
    First time I have ever heard of marijuana being called a Performance Enhancing Drug.

    But then, you whinny kids have to have something to cry about…or it’s not worth getting out of bed in the morning. Right?

  104. Jimmy Graham was not complaining. He didn’t even bring it up. He was honestly answering a question which this article conveniently left out.
    “How good was that defense?
    Was it by far the best defense you played?
    What did they do to you in particular that kept you in check?
    A fan just yelled they cheated, Let the record show a fan yelled they cheated hahaha” – Mike and Mike

  105. I believe in this case, any Seahawk fan or anyone defending the Seahawks and saying its sour grapes and all basically has no say so in this matter seeing Seahawk fans condone cheating and will praise Seattle for doing so.

    Jimmy is right, I found it kind of strange how that Seattle team not only never wore down as the season went on, in physical games they never wore down later on either……………hmmmmm

    Hes also right about them grabbing and holding all the time, what really made the situation worse was if any Offensive player got an ounce of aggression toward Seattles DB’s, it was going to be called Offensive PI.

    Is it any wonder Seattle won the SB when you can get by with anything and the opponent gets by with nothing? Been going on all season, wake up and smell the coffee.

  106. This has got to be the DUMBEST thing anyone has complained about this year (and yes, I know Graham isn’t the first). If true, then every other NFL team in the league has to be complete idiots not to do the same thing. We teach our soccer team to play within the referee’s rulebook, and they’re 15 years old! If young teenagers can figure out what a ref is willing to let you get away with, why not professionals?

    This is just extremely dumb.

  107. Wow. Get over it people.

    Maybe the reason Seattle seemed so fresh was because they’ve done the best job building the team the last 4 years, and no one is even close.

    Harbaugh inherited a talented team and has done a good job at capitalizing.

    Carroll inherited an old and not very good team and completely rebuilt it – almost exclusively via the draft – in a very short period. That should scare other teams and their fans.

    Why do you think Seattle blew out teams preseason, ESPECIALLY when it came to reserves playing reserves?

    Seattle is far and away the deepest team in the league. Against NO in the PO they started a rookie at left guard who had not played the position before in a game. Injury move? Nope. They just said he was better.

    Super bowl MVP? Backup linebacker who was on the practice squad two years ago.

    Starting right DB, Maxwell? Started the season 3rd string.

    Sorry folks. I understand your desperation hoping it’s drugs or cheating or… with the hope it will suddenly go away but not going to happen.

  108. I believe the Seahawks DBs grab and hold more than most other team’s DBs based on games I’ve watched. However, it’s a problem throughout the NFL and I can’t understand why the officiating crews don’t call more holding by DBs. If it’s an infraction in the first quarter it should still be so in the fourth quarter. The comment from play by play announcers that the officials are “letting them play” near the end of a game implies they condone cheating by the DBs late in the game, but not prior the last quarter. Strange.

  109. What Graham says is true… the Seahawks try to get away with as much holding and PI as they can. Which is why they are the most penalized team in football.

    It’s also apparently smart football at their level of play, because what they give up in penalties, they more than make up for in overall defense. It might not work for everyone, but when a team is as strong defensively as the Seahawks are, it’s a great strategy.

  110. This article, grahams comments and a lot of the posts in here stink of sour grapes, which is about as low as you can get. The Hawks dont cheat when they play, they are just better at playing so get used to it! Exhibit A in my arguement is Shermans most famous play against Crabtree. You can see that he never touched the guy but still blocked the ball!

  111. Sure the Seahawks grab and hold… they grabbed and now hold the Lombardi trophy after the 43-8 victory in Super Bowl XLVIII, against an offense that was statistically the best ever.

  112. I am glad to see that some of you understand that having a deep, talented and long secondary makes for some great play. Great deep in the game, and deep in the season. They’re not all juiced up! I’m certain Maxwell and Lane getting picked at the bottom of the draft has everything has everything to do with P&J knowing the importance of a solid secondary to combat a pass happy league. Seahawks fans can appreciate this after having the absolute worse secondary not too long ago. We all remember Kelly Jennings getting beaten like a red-headed stepchild week in and week out. It was brutal!! Anybody who says they aren’t one of the best defenses, well that’s just adorable! The are long, they tackle well, and they are going to be relatively untouched this off-season. PED talk makes me laugh. Temper your anger haters, it’s going to be a fun 2014 for the Hawks. Go Hawks, Go 12th Man!!

  113. I have no dog in this fight, I am a Ravens fan, so I couldn’t care less about Graham or the Seahawks.

    But this argument that it isn’t cheating if you don’t get caught is just stupid.

    If you do something against the rules, you are cheating. Whether you get caught or not.

    If you went out and killed somebody in cold blood, but nobody caught you…I guess that wasn’t manslaughter, right? Nobody caught you….so I guess you never did it.

    As far as calling penalties and such, I agree. The NFL officiating has gotten absolutely atrocious over the years and the NFL really needs to do something about this. The leaders need to sit down, say with 100% certainty to the officials what is a penalty, make them enforce those rules, and hold them accountable when they do not. There is so much talent on the field and so much at stake that it is ridiculous that some zebra who flunked out of the Lingerie Football League can determine the outcome of a game.

    The players will continue to test the boundaries to see what they can and can’t get away with. They’ll take every inch you give them. Start calling them on things enough and eventually they will stop….unless they are the Raiders. Just kidding.

  114. What this league needs is TE’s that play like TE’s. Instead we get these bone-thin whiners that think they should be allowed to freely roam the field and then get designated as a WR when they’re hit with the franchise tag.

    I’d take two or three Zach Millers over Graham’s any day of the week. Miller’s a guy that can pick up the blitz, block for the running game, AND be a thread catching the ball. He takes pride in playing the game old-school and leveling DB’s in his way.

  115. All DB’s hold its just Seattle has guys that are big and Physical to be able to stay with the Wr’s when all Wr’s push off and hand fight Seattle can just match that with size and Physicality!

  116. Seahawks ARE the best team in the NFL!!!

    They don’t need to cheat…get over it! I’m happy for Avril and hope Burleson goes to Seattle, too.

    Man up, grow a pair and hope your own team gets better…then maybe you can compete with a class act, like Seattle.

    Go Lions!

  117. The Seahawks and their fans ave been complaining nonstop about the officiating in SB 40 since it happened, and now they want to lecture everyone else about “whining” and “sour grapes” after a loss? Give me a break.

  118. This is bad news for Percy Harvin, because once the Seahawks opponents decide the only way they can win is to match Seattle both on the PIs and leveling receivers, Percy will be the first guy who doesn’t get up.

  119. Something tells me the Seattle fans will be REALLY REALLY loud when they start getting called for the PI’s next year. This is not the generation of dynasties. Seahawks still have a long way to go before they can even think about repeating. Now you’re marked. And when You’re marked, people play harder. Its fact. Almost all SB winners come down to earth a little bit the following year. I expect the Seahawks to do the same

  120. Just because Graham is a soft player and was totally man handled by the Seahawks….? So what was his excuse for 2 no show appearances this year vs the Seahawks? Oh holding and grabbing.. I thought he is a big, strong TE/WR? What a whiner….The Legion Of Boom is the best in the game right now and you got shut down, EOS.

  121. What’s the excuse next year? Saints defense will be bulldozed. They lost their best corner, and several linebackers. Their only chance will be to stay in a shootout every game. Graham+Brees= 27% of the cap, lol


    Yeah, just like it was predicted that our defense would SUCK in 2013 and we finished the season with a Top #5 offense AND DEFENSE.

    We didn’t lose our best corner or he would still be with us. And we offloaded some older linebackers that no longer fit with what we’re trying to do.

    The Hawks wrap themselves all over other teams like a cheap suit. Their coach was a cheater at USC and brought his no holds barred, just break the rules boys to the NFL. Hopefully the refs will start paying more attention.

    There is a reason that the Hawks held the record for the MOST players in the NFL suspended for PEDs and were #1 in the most penalized yards for rules infractions.

    That’s okay, we won’t have to worry about them being in the SB next year…the other teams have figured out their game and will make sure they don’t make it!


  122. Geaux Saints? You were’nt even the 5th best in the conference. Why do believe they are going that much better. And you know you would sing a different tune were they on your team. Such a whiner, you sound like a little yatch!

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