Johnny Manziel wants to ease away from Johnny Football persona

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Long before he was a possibility to be the first overall pick in the NFL Draft, Johnny Manziel was a celebrity.

But now that he’s closer than ever, there are only two people he’s looking to rub elbows with.

“Bob McNair and Bill O’Brien,” Manziel said to Charean Williams of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, naming the Texans owner and head coach. “Those are the two guys I really want to meet.”

For those two guys to take a chance on Johnny Manziel, they’ll have to trust Johnny Football on and off the field.

And Manziel knows that’s going to take time, but said he thinks some of his college escapades were simply part of growing up.

“I was a kid who made some goofball decisions,” Manziel said. “That’s been part of my journey. Maybe it’s part of the whole Johnny Football deal that I’m trying to get away from. I feel like if I don’t put myself in any of those situations, then I can’t get blamed for it. If I’m not in the neighborhood, and I’m in the house, nothing can be said about me. . . .

“I want to own up to that. I don’t want to hear that, ‘Oh, anybody in his situation would have been doing the same thing.’ I’m 100 percent responsible for my actions. I made those goofball decisions knowingly. I got the consequences that come for it. Just like you make any decision in life, you have your pros and your cons for what’s going to happen. I live with that. I’ve tried to move on from it and tried distance myself as best as possible.”

That’s easy to say, especially right now when it’s the thing that has to be said by a responsible person.

Whether it’s as easy to live remains to be seen, and remains the decision the Texans will be weighing over the next few months.