Jonathan Martin has “taken the necessary steps” to play next season

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Among the many text messages included in Friday’s release of Ted Wells’ report on the Dolphins was a list of pros and cons to playing football that Martin sent to a friend while he “seriously contemplated suicide” in May after enduring what he described as abuse from Richie Incognito and others on the team’s offensive line.

Things obviously didn’t get much better for Martin, who wound up hospitalized briefly to be treated for emotional distress after leaving the Dolphins. All of that hasn’t been enough to make the cons on his list win out, however. His agent Kenny Zuckerman told Ian Rapoport of NFL Network that Martin has dealt with any emotional issues and wants to play in 2014.

“He has taken the necessary steps to get back on the field,” Zuckerman said. “Jon called me on Wednesday, said he ‘can’t wait to play again. I’ll play anywhere for anyone.'”

Where he’ll play is one of the chapters of this story that remains to be written, but a return to the Dolphins may be dicey. Owner Stephen Ross intimated that Martin would not be back in 2014 and Mike Pouncey and John Jerry were both accused of engaging in harassment alongside Incognito in the report, although Jerry and Incognito are both free agents this offseason.

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  1. He’ll succeed in a professional environment. He did a great job protecting Andrew Luck’s blind side at Stanford. He’s welcome in Indy!
    Go Colts!

  2. He’s a former second round pick who is young and will come ultra cheap. Lots of teams need o-line depth

  3. He’s going to have to find a team that wants him.

    “He’ll succeed in a professional environment.”

    Every locker room is like the Dolphins and the fact that he went to the media instead of keeping it in team, if he gets on another team he’ll have a hard time being accepted. Especially with other linemen who are their own little ‘frat’ if you want to call it that.

    I’m just speaking as a football player who has spoken to others who also think the same. The only thing that changes at the ‘professional’ level is the amount of money you make. The stuff you see on tv and events is just perception.

  4. Sounds like he can’t handle the joking around that goes on in locker rooms. Wouldn’t want my guys walking on egg shells around him in fear of getting fined or suspended.

  5. If and I say if the Wells report is 100% true I predict Martin will be a Dolphin in 2014. The dolphins will have to keep him and pray he dosen’t sue them. Like I said if the evidence is true the Dolphins wouldn’t have a leg to stand on in court. With the money the nfl generates Martin could be filthy rich and even his agent and Lawyer can retire.

  6. The LB from Missouri will be much more welcomed in any locker room than Martin will ever be.

  7. Nobody’s going to want him, and sure as hell nobody is going to give the Dolphins anything for him, either.

    He won’t need a job after his mommy sues the NFL for workplace harassment.

    This has been planned and in the works, and if I’m not mistaken, she is an attorney, that–get this–has sued companies for workplace harassment before!

    What are the odds??

  8. Seriously…does anybody know if the Dolphins can be given a compensatory pick or anything like that from the league since he (Martin) basically just quit the team while under contract?

    Isn’t that breach of contract, to just walk off like that??

  9. In a professionally run organization I am sure he will do fine. I’d be happy to see him on the Eagles.

  10. I can see it now…

    NFLPA (and DeMaurice Smith) sue the NFL for discrimination based on some trumped up charge, etc. when nobody signs Martin.

  11. Every DE he faces next season is going to talk to him about running a train on his sister for the entire game. Is he ready for that?

  12. “He’ll succeed in a professional environment”

    By “Professional Environment” Do you mean one in which he isn’t expected to keep even mediocre DE’s off his QB for more than 1.5 seconds?

    If so, then yeah, he’d do fine.

  13. He will get a shot to prove himself with a better run organization. Some desperate, poorly run organization will sign Meathead. Miami has been on a downward spiral for years and they need to clean up their act.

  14. Some stupid team will sign this little cry baby. What a jerk. Cant handle a locker room trash talk. Who would want this idiot as a team mate.

  15. I think the Dolphins should keep Martin. Then, in practice whenever a defensive player blows right past him just tell him how great he’s doing and keep up the good work.

  16. I think Martin will do well on a team with strong coaches. I tend to think his play suffered because of the harassment, and the fact that his O line coach wasn’t doing anything about it.

  17. he doesnt belong in the nfl. if he comes back is he going to try and sue an opponent next for “harassment” when they line up across him and talk crap?

  18. Crazy how many people are defending Richie Incognito … a guy who sexually assaulted a female volunteer at a golf outing (and only got a drop-in-the-bucket fine), and made life unpleasant for coworkers in addition to Jonathan Martin.

    And of course Martin will hear about it on the field next year. But it’s different when it comes from your own teammates every single day.

    I’m guessing most of the guys who read PFT have played at some level. All of you who are saying that the Dolphins locker room culture is normal and typical must have played on losing teams. I didn’t play on a losing team and stuff of this magnitude would never have been tolerated.

    Those of you defending Richie Incognito seem to have forgotten the statistical fact that he was the leader of an offensive line that STUNK. With him as the leader, they were the WORST at defending the QB, by a country mile. Instead of focusing on how to get his unit to perform better, Incognito engaged in divisive shenanigans.

    Martin will be playing somewhere next year. As Dante Stallworth noted, teams who are distracted by this kind of thing are guaranteed to be losers.

    Pouncey needs to be traded/cut. Incognito, Pouncy and Jerry will probably be playing somewhere next year, but they should be on a contract with clauses that keeps them on a very short leash.

    If any of those three were smart, they’d go on the road doing free community service anywhere and everywhere.

  19. There is NO way any team takes this head case on. Players and coaches will all feel as though they have to walk on eggshells around him, and considering his average level of play its just not worth kicking the tires on this one.

    It’s like Terrell Owens. Could he have possibly played a couple more years? Probably. But his play had diminished and at that point it just wasn’t worth the distraction he caused anymore.

    Martin could have asked for a trade or an outright release. Instead he created a media circus around the whole thing. I can’t imagine any team would want to touch this guy with a ten foot pole.

  20. Like it or not the Well’s report agrees Martin was bullied. There is no way the NFL is going to let Martin not play next year because none of the 32 teams want him. If it comes down to it Goodell will tell some team to take Martin, and the same goes for Sam also. The NFL does not want any bad press about being pro bullying or anti gay, period.

  21. ivanpavlov0000 says:

    ,,,,,Crazy how many people are defending Richie Incognito…….


    totally agree, the only people defending Incognito or slamming Martin are immature jerks who think that the NFL business should be like trash talking on the street corner in the 70s

    Incognito had a responsibility ti help build a teem o line.. and he blew out a member with 12 year old bully behavior instead of doing his job and acting like an adult

    end of story

    he should never work in the nfl again… he’s locker room cancer

  22. It’s hard to believe some of you read the report. The facts in the report clearly prove that Martin was harrassed to the point of breaking, and Incognito even fined himself $300 in a fine book they created. The reason: “Breaking JMart” Read the report.

  23. Even forgetting about the elephant in the room, we’re talking about a high-round draft pick who lost his job to a journeyman. (On a pretty bad team, at that.) He isn’t very good. And nobody is going to want all that baggage to get a backup lineman.

  24. I could see someone signing him if he were very talented but he was never any good and is way too mentally weak to succeed unless he comes back angry and determined, which I’m not counting on.

  25. He’ll succeed in a professional environment. He did a great job protecting Andrew Luck’s blind side at Stanford. He’s welcome in Indy!
    Go Colts!———————————————————————————————————–

    And you are what member of the Colts managment team?

  26. The Seahawks will take him. A good back-up tackle (or possibly converted starting guard) would be welcome on the team. And considering the endorsement given to him by Doug Baldwin, I think he’d fit right in with our passionate group of misfits.

    So Jon, come up north, compete like you’ve never competed before, and have fun playing football again.

  27. @ jgg1, a case can be made he didn’t go to Philbin or Ireland to report his situation instead he went to his parents and the press. This does not negate some things did not happen, but the organization did not have ample opportunity to take corrective actions.

    It will be impossible to prove in court, but someone in his camp saw this coming and waited for the balloon to pop in the hopes of getting the outcome you are suggesting. His parents are workplace law attorneys, the Dolphins can hire their equal to present an alternate view.

    If Martin and his camp think they can pick clean the money tree, he will be seen as an adversary, the gloves need to come off unless the owner just pays him off to go away.

    In any event, no one here comes out smelling like roses. No one.

  28. No locker room will have him. You don’t want to have to worry about every word that comes out of your mouth and how it will be used against you later.

  29. “bonniebengal says:
    Feb 14, 2014 6:59 PM
    It’s hard to believe some of you read the report. The facts in the report clearly prove that Martin was harrassed to the point of breaking, and Incognito even fined himself $300 in a fine book they created. The reason: “Breaking JMart” Read the report.”

    Did read the report, also saw the parts that contradicted what Martin has said. I think my favorite part is how Martin would use racist words, but Wells found that he didn’t give “permission” for anyone to use them at him. Which is of course not how language works. You use language against people, it comes back to you.

  30. Pretty sad that Martin was a willing participant until he got benched. The report was always going to make him the victim. ESPN is running cover for Martin by running commentary on its bottom line, something I have never seen before.

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