Kirk Cousins has Lasik surgery on eyes


Over the last couple of weeks, trade chatter involving Redskins quarterback Kirk Cousins has picked up a little bit.

Cousins himself said this week that he’s open to a potential deal out of Washington because he has his eyes on an NFL starting job. Now his view of that goal is clearer. Cousins had Lasik surgery on his eyes this week so that he could stop wearing contacts and hopes that there might be some other benefits to his eyesight in the future.

“If it gets to 20-15, then there’s an obvious improvement,” Cousins said, via John Keim of “In this league the difference between Pro Bowl and getting cut is that small. For me in shotgun, when I go through the cadence my eyes are on the defense but as I’m closer to saying hut my eyes have to stay on the ball. To have my eye on the ball coming at me, I still have to feel a blitz from the left or right to know if you need to throw a hot or if the corner is blitzing off the edge. There’s a lot to process and you have to feel the pass rush. The more you can see out of the corner of your eye – blitzes, pass protection, open receivers – all of it is effective. When you have strong peripheral vision you can take in a lot of information at once.”

We’ll see whether this performance enhancing surgery makes Cousins a more valuable commodity on the trade market. While the Redskins surely enjoy having a capable backup after watching Robert Griffin III miss time in his first two seasons, an eagle-eyed Cousins could net them an offer they can’t refuse this offseason.

13 responses to “Kirk Cousins has Lasik surgery on eyes

  1. I’m really surprised at how the media is pushing a guy who has a career 68.6 QB rating and more INTs than TDs as a ‘hot’ trade commodity. Why would any team give away a high pick plus pay him starting QB money for that?

  2. A guy I work with had that done a few years ago. THe past year or two he’s been wearing glasses that are twice as thick as before.

    Guys, no one should be disassembling your eyeballs regardless of the upside.

  3. Even though I want Jake Locker to be the Titans’ starting QB next season and prove his critics wrong, I’d welcome a Kirk Cousins trade so Locker has healthy competition and a more than capable backup. In fact, at this point, I’d feel more confident in Cousins than RGIII as our backup–and I was an RGIII fan at Baylor!!

  4. Every NFL player should have this procedure done. Just makes too much sense. In a game where plays are decided in mere seconds based on reaction time. This can be an advantage to any player physically and mentally.

    It doesn’t mean that Kirk is going to be a better quarterback but it can’t hurt. At least, He will see his interceptions more clearly. It will be like Hi-Def for a low def QB.

  5. So… Maybe this means his TD to int ratio will improve from 1:2? Don’t get the interest with a QB who throws so many picks and jump balls… Matt Flynn 2.0, only with poorer performance.

  6. Still trying to figure out why there’s any trade buzz about this guy. I mean, he had three starts last season against the Falcons (4-12), Cowboys (8-8), and Giants (7-9), and against three teams who could break .500 and didn’t make the playoffs, he managed a whopping 64.5 passer rating, with 4 TD’s and 5 INT’s. Those aren’t exactly “franchise QB” numbers.

  7. I think the real problem/concern is that while the flap created during Lasik surgery “heals”, it’s still a flap, and can come dislodged during severe trauma….like a car crash, or a 260lb linebacker hitting you at full speed. Stuff like that.

  8. I’m happy he’s doing so.

    However, it’s too bad Mike Shanahan didn’t see a neurosurgeon for surgery and a life coach to get his poorly timed speeches and game plans in better order.

  9. But wait a minute, I thought Cousins was the “true” franchise QB in Washington and RGIII is a glorified Akili Smith? I guess maybe you morons have no clue what you’re talking about.

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