Matt Schaub likes Bill O’Brien, but may never play for him

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There aren’t many people expecting quarterback Matt Schaub to stick with the Texans in 2014.

The team has the first overall pick of the draft and consensus wisdom is that they will use it to select a new quarterback to go with new head coach Bill O’Brien. Schaub is also due to make $11 million next season, which is a lot for a player who was injured, ineffective and benched at various points last season. That’s led to predictions that Schaub will be released at some point this offseason.

For now, though, Schaub is a member of the Texans roster and he’s making sure that O’Brien knows that he’s got a fan in Schaub. Schaub said he met with O’Brien briefly after O’Brien arrived from Penn State and was left impressed by the coach.

“Very enthusiastic, and a great coach,” Schaub said, via the team’s website. “Just very intelligent. Knows football. Knows offense and knows the game. Very productive. Very intense about what he does and that’s what we like as players.”

The kind words may not allow Schaub to keep his job or get his $11 million, but it’s good practice for what to say if he does wind up on a new team in the near future.

8 responses to “Matt Schaub likes Bill O’Brien, but may never play for him

  1. There is no reason to believe that any of the top ranked QBs in this draft represent an upgrade over Schaub. That isn’t to say that Schaub is a top flight QB, only that ditching him for any of the major candidates is as much of a gamble as keeping him. If I were the Texas GM, I would seriously consider trading out of the #1 overall and shoring up the other areas that need attention while picking up some serious extra picks. Then draft a QB in the 2nd or 3rd round. Getting rid of Schaub and then picking a bust at #1 would be catastrophic.

  2. He was great until last year. It didn’t look like they stuck with him long enough, they would pull him, then put him back in etc..I think a lot had to do with the coaching, and simply not being patient. I know if the Raiders were smart, they should take him, they won’t use their 5th pick on a QB anyhow, McKenzie will just screw draft up anyhow. He is owed 11 million and Carson was owned 13 million, the Raiders let him go, had to pay 10 million of his contract while he played great for the Cardinals, then McKenzie brought in another Green Bay reject Flynn, paid him 6.5 million up front, for one game, then he was cut. I don’t think the same thing would happen with Schaub, the Texans would be stuck with most of the contract and the Raiders can pay the remained, then get busy, reconstruction on the whole Defensive side of the ball. They have the money to fix the mess, unfortunately not the brain power. They need to confer with Madden, Gruden etc..outside experience, but people that know real talent, not Dollar Tree specials.

  3. Nobody knows Matt Schaub like the AFC South. If the Titans, Colts, or Jags can get their hands on him, they know they’ll instantly have the best back-up QB in the NFL. In fact, in Jacksonville, he’d be the best QB they’ve had since Mark Brunell.

  4. I miss the days when the expectation wasn’t that every QB taken early had to start from day 1. I like all of the top 3 QBs available this year, I’ll bet a couple end up really good at some point, but they all look like they could use some NFL coaching. Schaub would still make a decent bridge to a future QB and even give the Texans more flexibility to wait until the 2nd to take one in the draft.

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