Michael Sam’s father says he was “terribly misquoted”


Among the many responses to Missouri defensive end Michael Sam’s announcement that he’s gay came from Sam’s father, who the New York Times quoted as saying that he’s “a man-and-a-woman type of guy” and expressing reservations about his grandkids being raised “in that kind of environment.”

Michael Sam Sr. is now backing away from those comments. Sam Sr. spoke to the Galveston County Daily News and said that he was “terribly misquoted” in the initial article, saying that he never brought up anything about his grandkids and that a quote about Deacon Jones rolling over in his grave was taken out of context. Sam Sr. says he meant Jones was rolling over in his grave because his son “was going to be a star in the NFL.”

“My son did the right thing, and I am not against him at all,” Sam Sr. said. “He has made a great statement in coming out, and that he should be able to play in the NFL. I love him unconditionally. … Once he gets on the field and hits [someone] once, they won’t think he’s gay.”

The Times responded to Sam Sr.’s claims about being misquoted and said that they quoted Sam Sr. “accurately and fairly” in their article.

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  1. Tebow was blackballed by the league for his “media circus” surrounding the fact he is by all accounts an upstanding Christian and pretty decent human being. So I take it what Mr. Sam has is a “good” media circus?

  2. The man shouldn’t have to sort through complex emotions in the public eye. Let him and his son work on their relationship together.

  3. Who cares? I happen to be in the camp that was cool with this but God Bless America if he doesn’t have a right to be uncomfortable with it.

    Instead of attacking people with a different point of view why don’t both sides sit down and try and understand eachother.

    Acceptance isn’t automatic despite some people (on both sides) think.

  4. “Once he gets on the field and hits [someone] once, they won’t think he’s gay.”

    Again, this quote alone shows how Michael Sam Sr. really feels that being gay is to be inferior- you have to make people think something you’re not just by hitting hard? Why can’t he just be a gay man that hits hard?

    20 years from now, people are going to look back and shake their heads in disbelief how we spent so much time talking about the first openly gay man to play a game on Sundays.

  5. Over/Under on amount of Michael Sam stories today is 5 and I am taking the over. so tired of hearing about this clown.

  6. seems like he sobered up, someone read to him what he said, and he realized even the minimum nfl contract for a year is more than he’ll make in a lifetime.

  7. As brave as everyone claims Sam, Jr was for coming out to his teammates during a team meeting, and going on air and telling the world of his sexual preference, Sam, Jr, simply sent Sam Sr., a recent text with three words telling his father that he’s gay. As poorly as Jr. handled this situation with his father, I think we should give Sr. A bit more slack with how he responded to it.

  8. Usually people are not misquoted, they just realize that what they said doesn’t look so good. They should just say that on further thought they realized they feel differently. There’s no shame in changing your mind.

    Of course, most of the time they just not say anything in the first place when someone sticks a microphone in their face. And especially not say anything about their own family. There’s no law that requires anyone to publicly share family issues.

  9. Looking at his highlights, and how he moves, and how he tackles, and how after EVERY tackle the way he celebrates, Michael Sam looks a lot like……….Ray Lewis.

  10. I love the idea that the whole reason Tebow was “blackballed” is because his christian values brought a media circus….he’s famous for much more than his beliefs. It’s the first thing brought up because it’s always the first thing he brings up. Look at his #’s in his time as a starting QB. It’s staggeringly bad. He deserves nothing handed to him, he’s not a starting QB and the experiment is over. I’d bet he’d have about 15-20 offers if he agreed to be a full back/h back type player for a team.

    The Persecuted Christian argument needs to stop. Players thank god relentlessly and the first thing that every team he’s ever been on say are his best qualities are his leadership and that he’s a great teammate.

  11. Odd that Deacon Jones was even in the conversation. Especially since he had a gay teammate. Deacon’s last season was 1974, with the Redskins, and Jerry Smith was still on the team.

  12. Teams would be falling over each other to get Tebow if you could say he’s a great leader, great teammate AND great QB even if he was running down the field crossing himself into the endzone every 5 minutes.

  13. He said it, he ment what he said. Now he is trying to cover his tracks.

    Own it Daddy, you do not have to like your son’s life style. Does not mean you do not love him.

  14. Should have stayed in the closet. Just cost himself millions. Nobody really cares whether he decided to be gay or not.

  15. He’s not a very good football player and yes I have watched 5 games. He doesn’t play every down and is taken out at critical times. There are far better defenders on his team

  16. LOL @ Tim Tebow being “blackballed”.

    Most QBs with his extremely limited skill set would have been lucky to get one shot in the NFL. Tebow got 3.

    Stop it already.

  17. Why didnt he just say I was blindsided and upset at the time but after some thought I’m proud of my son instead of blaming the media. That’s so lame.

  18. Trying not to get locked out of that $$$ I suppose. Or the media really did just take liberties with whatever he said, wouldn’t be surprised by either and I guess don’t really care.

  19. It’s funny that he says he was misquoted but kind of doubles down on what he thinks of gay people by saying that once his son hits someone “they won’t think he’s gay”.

    Um, why would that be, Mr. Sam? Because only straight people can be tough?

  20. As someone who has been interviewed and has known many people who have been interviewed, I can tell you that direct quotes very frequently do not reflect what was actually said in the interview. The reporter either doesn’t understand or has an agenda, most likely the latter.

  21. By the way, if you said what was printed but didn’t mean it the way it sounded, you weren’t “misquoted”. Saying you were “misquoted” implies malice or intentional distortion by the reporter.

    Say you were “misunderstood” and then clarify your remarks, so it’s clear that it was you who misspoke and not the reporter twisting your words.

  22. who cares….the dude brings it on the football field, he looks basically unblockable. his mizzou teammates certainly don’t have a problem with him. only question is how he measures up against the higher level of talent at the next level.

  23. He realized what a jerk he sounded like and or his wife ex-wife or some sensible woman in his life told him to go back and say something else I’m glad he was ashamed of what he said in the first place it’s going to take him some time but he’ll deal with it. And the first person he hits hard won’t care if he’s gay or not and it won’t matter the two are not mutually exclusive

  24. Sam Sr was just expressing his emotions without thinking. I have 3 sons that I love dearly! I would prefer them to be with a women! But if either one of them was to come to me and say Dad I’m gay, I would grab them and hug them and tell them I Love them. Sam Jr. should have spoke with his family before releasing this story so his father could have had time to let this sink in.

  25. “Misquoted”, the typical response of someone who realized that what they said was wrong.

    So did he or did he not take his sons to Mexico so they can lose their virginity? Was that a misquote, too?

    He seems to be very far from a good father.

  26. Get off the old guy, he’s dealing with a lot. Heck that crack was really funny: “Once he gets on the field and hits [someone] once, they won’t think he’s gay.” Quit pretending to be psychiatrists and saying he is a bad father because he said that. Some of the high and mighty on this site need to check themselves.

    Anyone with a microphone ask me a question and I’ll say “That’s a good question” and keep going. It’s the only safe way these days.

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