NFL defends, explains Goodell’s $44 million compensation

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Commissioner Roger Goodell made $44.2 million last year.  But he didn’t actually make $44.2 million.

In actuality, he earned $35.1 million in salary, bonus, and pension compensation for the one-year period (ending March 31, 2013) covered by the Form 1099, filed by all tax-exempt organizations.  The compensation also includes a $5 million incentive payment and a $4.1 million pension payment from the year of the work stoppage, which was paid in 2012.

In other words, Goodell’s compensation of nearly $30 million in the fiscal year ending March 31, 2012 was $9.1 million too light. It should have been nearly $39 million that year, with only $35.1 million earned the following 12 months.

Which means he actually made roughly $4 million less from one year to the next.

Apart from the explanation, which once the numbers get above $10 million don’t really matter to 99.99999 percent of us, the league has defended Goodell’s high wages via a stream of quotes from owners serving on the Compensation Commitee

“Commissioner Goodell’s compensation reflects the value of his leadership and the success of the NFL at the highest levels,” Falcons owner Arthur Blank said. “His significant accomplishments continue to strengthen our game, our business and our leading position in the sports industry.”

“I have had the privilege of working with Roger Goodell closely over the past eight years,” Patriots owner Robert Kraft said. “He provided great leadership and vision in helping navigate through a major labor negotiation and extending our TV contracts, which in fact have created a decade of stability that is unheard of in today’s sports and entertainment environment. I feel that as Commissioner he runs the business as if he were an owner-operator. I consider him to be one of the most outstanding managers in the country. We are lucky to have him at the helm.”

Added Panthers owner Jerry Richardson: “The National Football League continues to be the leader in all professional sports and Roger Goodell has provided excellent direction in keeping the NFL in its preeminent position. His long tenured service with the League provides a skill set that is unique and essential in overseeing our sport.”

Ultimately, anyone is worth precisely what someone else will pay them.  Goodell is worth $44.2 million (or $35.1 million) because that’s what the 32 teams are willing to pay him to preside over the sport.

Considering the billions that are being generated on his watch, it’s hard to fault them for it.

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  1. You clowns complaining about the league’s tax exempt status should try to understand what you’re talking about before whining.

    The NFL itself is, indeed, not for profit. It’s an association that administers a sports league and enters into agreements ON BEHALF OF ITS MEMBER CLUBS, who own 100% of the profits and thus pay taxes on their individual share of the income.

    Taxing the league too would tax the income twice. And regardless of how grotesque you think the profits and prices of in-stadium beers are, that wouldn’t be fair.

  2. OK. Now I feel better. Actually I would feel a lot better if he lines up at wideout and comes across the middle on a ball thrown a little bit behind him.

  3. Kind of hard to take the NFL seriously when they say they have to lay off staff in their front offices.

    And I find plenty of fault with paying Goodell $44M. There’s no need to demand taxpayer-funded stadiums when the CEO is getting paid more money than god.

  4. How come Roger still has a pension? Didn’t they strong arm the refs to move to 401(k)’s? I think they also took the pension from office worker’s of teams, some who have been there 20 years.

    Before you get on the kick, that a lot of business are moving awat from pensions to 401(k), these are decisions make to cut costs to stay in business; not for a league that makes BILLIONS of dollars a year.

    Roger needs to give up his pension for a 4% match of his 401k/

  5. Que the clueless millionaire athletes who will complain that Goodell makes too much money and has never stepped on the football field.

    That is how businesses are run. The guys running the entire show can (and should) make more money than the employees. At my job, the CEO makes waaaay more than I do, while never actually working as a ground level employee. The alternative would be that I should make the same/ or more than him, but then I’d be a moron if Inreally though that.

  6. Nice. For me, $16K will get me completely out of debt, and it will take me awhile to make that much. Sigh. Shoulda been a commish, like Mom wanted.

  7. “Well you see, we print money. So it’s not a huge deal when we hand it out like this.”

    Also … your team needs a new stadium. Mind paying for most of it?

  8. 44 Million and he still can’t figure out a way to let viewers in the USA watch the game we want on our computers or smart TVs via the internet without a middleman, even if we want to pay him to let us. Yea, he’s been brilliant all right.

  9. The dude is a lawyer…who injects himself into the game any chance he gets…says that girls soccer leads to more concussions than football…”changes” the game just for the sake of change…is GROSSLY overpaid….

    and this will all end up years from now when the pompous 1% ers vote him into the HOF…


  10. yeah, let’s consult a bunch of billionaires for context & perspective.. Bob Kraft has 35 million bucks tucked into his sock.. you know, in case he sees a helicopter he wants or something

  11. As someone who recently was laid off and is looking for work, my thoughts and hopes are with Roger Goodell and his family that they can still put food on their table during these hard times.

  12. Why is the NFL tax exempt anyways? Not that I think the gov’t needs any more money. Whatever they do collect will just be an excuse to spend twice as much on something we don’t need anyways.

    But I’m no fan of the gov’t using the tax code to shower favored status on one group over another, either. Exempt all pro sports leagues or none.

  13. These people are all nuts. I disagree that somebody is worth what somebody will pay them. I only look through the lens of comparing that option to the next best option, and in that pairing it looks to me like he’s not worth this amount because those that have empowered him to be able to receive that amount are ignorant as to what the better option truly looks like and they are confused on the distinction between actual worth and lazy apparent worth. It’s just like anything in life, if you think you need or want something and you have made a mistake at not shopping that something out and just accept what the price is and for whatever reason choose to accept that price, well that’s not being honest with yourself given all potentially available information. So you can call it a price you think is fair, but that’s only through selective denial and not actually representative of the truth.

    For example, if a wealthy person were to purchase a $1 bottle of water at the same time you were, but they told the clerk here’s $10 cause that’s what it is worth to me, well that doesn’t mean it is worth $10 to that person, they could have paid $1 all the same and there is no logic to paying the extra. For that person to then claim it was worth the money when the $1 option was available and nothing new of value is created by paying more is nothing more than asinine accounting analysis.

    There was an even a $10 option for a case and you get a whole lot more water. You can’t logically defend the $10 for one bottle from either angle! Meaning Goodell should have been paid far less, or they should have given this large amount to somebody who would have created a far greater value.

  14. “With only 35.1 earned the next 12 months”… Two words that are funny in that statement……only and earned

  15. The NFL has never been more profitable. And that’s what the owners want. Period. He’s worth it then. People here will hate him, but you’ll also watch every second of every game. So, you actually love what Goodell is doing. You just can’t admit it.

  16. they could get a trained monkey to be the commissioner, and would still have the most profitable years the NFL has ever seen.

  17. 44 Million is what is paid to someone who this business couldn’t survive without. The NFL will be fine when they finally move on form Goodell. Paying him ONLY a couple million would be adequate for him to try to survive on.

    It’s all nuts.

  18. He’s worth $44 million because the people signing his paycheck are willing to give him $44 million.

    If instead of $44 million, he was earning $1 million, the NFL still wouldn’t lower ticker prices or reduce jersey prices. The NFL makes a ridiculous amount of money, so much that Goodell’s salary doesn’t affect their bottom line either way.

  19. As an added bonus, the NFL doesn’t pay a dime in income taxes because they’re supposedly “non-profit”. I’m sure Goodell’s salary is significantly less than what the NFL would pay in taxes without this corporate welfare benefit.

  20. I wish I could have been the guy who said “non-profit” first.

    “Non-profit” comment for the win.

  21. funny how one man needs 30 million a year to live…. oh right… he doesn’t…. corporate greed at it’s finest ladies and gentleman. Even if Goodell underperformed (which a lot of us think he has) he would still get paid. It’s disgusting to even try and justify that type of salary but of course the mega millionaires can and will with ease. Owners: Robert Kraft, Arthur Blanks and Jerry Richardson. When you own the home depot, Kraft foods and Hardee’s justifying millions a year for Goodell is an easy thing to do.

  22. Based on income generated and increases realized by all associated with the NFL, he is getting underpaid…….

  23. A tax free corporation that pays it’s Commissioner (front man) 44 million a YEAR. I really don’t know what to say.

  24. Sounds about right… he makes decisions that move and shake the NFL’s existence. No player or owner can claim that responsibility.

  25. Does anyone wonder to whom Goodell owes his allegiance? No individual owner owns Goodell but they all do as a whole.

    My research indicates that the NFL Compensation Committee is made up of Arthur Blank, Robert Kraft and Jerry Richardson. Way to go Bob.

  26. In what other profession is Goodell in that high of demand? Is Coca-Cola willing to pay him $30 million? Is the NBA gonna steal him away by paying him $50 million? If the owner’s said here is $20 million take it or leave it – what would Goodell do? He is overpaid b/c they are just swimming in cash. Also, would you rather help the guys that pay you (owners) or the players?

  27. He earned maybe 1 mil at best, the rest is greed. Thanks to our corrupt systems a small population can live like kings while they bleed the rest of society.

    Thanks for rubbing it in.

  28. End the NFL’s Charity Tax Break.

    I was shocked to learn that the last time the NFL paid taxes was 1966, when lobbyists convinced Congress to pass an obscure provision that expanded the definition of 501(c)6 not-for-profit organizations in the Internal Revenue Code to include “professional football leagues.” The 1966 law gave the NFL a way to skirt taxes, while also granting it an uncommon antitrust exemption allowing it to create a monopoly to negotiate TV rights at the same time!

    Since then, the NFL has shelled out big money to keep its sweetheart deal. According to the Center for Responsive Politics, the NFL has spent $2 million in campaign contributions since 1992 and spent $12.7 million on lobbying efforts since 1998, knowing that its fair share of taxes would be many millions more.

  29. I’m speechless……you get paid $44 million for do what………………..water down the quality of play? Larry,Curly and Moe could be running the NFL and they still would make billions. He’s probably the MAIN reason the NFL ONLY made $10 billion last season. If someone else was commish they probaly would have made $20 billion.

  30. Not hard to figure who he represents in issue between owners and players, not that anyone doubted that before this, but 44 Million makes it REALLY clear.

  31. dirtmcgirt24 says: Feb 14, 2014 4:32 PM

    You clowns complaining about the league’s tax exempt status should try to understand what you’re talking about before whining.

    The NFL itself is, indeed, not for profit…..

    That’s just silly semantics. The NFL generates huge profits via their TV deal, alone. Last I checked NFL Properties was not selling merchandise at cost. And then there are the marketing deals.

    Roger Goodell sure is profiting nicely. I bet there are plenty of other NFL muckity mucks that are living quite comfortably too. I’m sure there is plenty of excess in the NFL’s operational budget.

    Whatever is left over is distributed to member teams. And that contributes to the profitability of those teams.

  32. In many cases, if a company finds its corporate profits are far exceeding the expenses, it finds a quick, easy way to up the expenses to avoid paying taxes on the excess profits. The easiest way to do this? Give the CEO a bigger paycheck.

  33. You clowns complaining about the league’s tax exempt status should try to understand what you’re talking about before whining.

    The NFL itself is, indeed, not for profit. It’s an association that administers a sports league and enters into agreements ON BEHALF OF ITS MEMBER CLUBS, who own 100% of the profits and thus pay taxes on their individual share of the income.

    Taxing the league too would tax the income twice. And regardless of how grotesque you think the profits and prices of in-stadium beers are, that wouldn’t be fair.

    well said but this would be considered a management team and would be taxed based on the money they make. I”m sure the individual workers get taxed up the arse. but they can be considered a non profit charitable organisation, since they have many Public Service. PS announcements such as “Play 60”, and so on.

    Because of all their “charitable works” (witch is really an add for the NFL) they can solidify their tax exempt status.

    and if anyone questions it, their thousand dollars an hour lawyers can make everything go away.

  34. In many cases, if a company finds its corporate profits are far exceeding the expenses, it finds a quick, easy way to up the expenses to avoid paying taxes on the excess profits. The easiest way to do this? Give the CEO a bigger paycheck.

    What taxes…?

  35. The owners qoutes shed a lot of light on just how out of touch they are with the fan base.
    They are pleased with the money theyve made. (understandable, it is a non profit after all)
    Which IMO is due more to the brand then Goodell’s dismantle.

  36. To the person who posted it’s not fair for Goodell to be taxed twice….why not?

    Many people are taxed twice, once when you get your paycheck, and, depending on your income level, taxed again when you receive social security retirement benefits.

    Think he’s worrying about that?

    35 OR 44 mil per year is obscene.

  37. Wow! Not bad for a guy that never played College Football and obviously not Pro Football. Also, if you think he has a pedigree education from an Ivy League… guess again. No, this dude ruining the NFL is the Son of a US Senator. Three cheers for Nepotism!

  38. Wow! Not bad for a guy that never played College Football and obviously not Pro Football. Also, if you think he has a pedigree education from an Ivy League… guess again. No, this dude ruining the NFL is the Son of a US Senator. Three cheers for Nepotism!

  39. And after they pay Roger, the coaches, executives, players, and referees, the Owners still make 9 billion (That’s 9 hundred thousand million dollars) a year we know about, but the cap has gone down a few million after signing this new CBA a few years ago.

  40. I don’t understand why someone would actually give a flip about what the guy makes. I don’t care. Why do I not care? Because I know with 100% certainty that if Goodell were making 44 million or 440k, it isn’t going to change anything for anyone else. Cumulative attendance at all NFL games is somewhere in the 25 million range. Oh, gosh, if Goodell worked for free, they could have only charge $188 dollars for the nosebleed seat at Jerryworld rather than the $190.

  41. What? This guy makes more than twice what Peyton Manning makes, and has no risk of injury, and his career can span decades? Makes buying tickets and watching on TV a lot less desirable….

  42. Funny how people call an athlete who destroys his body to entertain us selfish when holds out for a few more million dollars for his measly 3-6 year career.

    But, this guy rakes in $44million per year, for the next 30 years and he gets a pat on the back.

    The fans, and the players make the NFL the greatest sport on earth, not Goodell.

    I’m all for capitalism….I just want it for everyone. The players and the stuffed suits. Next time you hate on a player, ask yourself if Goodell earned his $44M.

  43. Wow. Nothing against Goodell but there isn’t a job on the planet where one person deserves 44 million dollars for doing a job. None. Not even the President (doing a great job or bad). This isn’t him lucking out on an investment, or profiting off an invention. This is a salary. It’s free market capitalism and if they are willing to pay that much, good for him… But, Damn! That’s a lot of monry

  44. When is enough. ..enough. Think of all the homeless people he could shelter and feed with all that money. Let alone get our veterans of war much needed medical needs and jobs. People wonder why this country isn’t what it once was. Rich get richer and the poorer get poorer…If you’re down with that I got two words for ya. ….suck it.

  45. Considering what the NFL is worth, it’s a very small percentage from what other CEO’s of fortune 500 companies make. He has his faults and not everybody agrees with his decisions sometimes but it’s the biggest sport in America.

  46. I like this quote “Based on income generated and increases realized by all associated with the NFL, he is getting underpaid” <~ logic like this is the reason most companies go belly up. Obviously the NFL won't tank but in general a CEO, COO, CFO, etc should make $250,000 a year. Imagine if these CEO's each made a quarter of a million a year and put the rest of that cash back into the company for future growth and employee morale (raises, profit sharing, etc). But instead most CEO's want more money then they could ever possibly spend and act selfish… But why care about the company and it's workers when you can just be selfish and greedy and keep most of the money for you.

  47. What do I care how much money he makes? If the owners of the teams in the league think he creates more than that much value for the league, that’s their business.

  48. The worst part about this story is Goodell’s salary is heavily subsidized by taxpayer money. Somehow the NFL was granted nonprofit status as a 501 c6 organization. This allows them to avoid a huge tax bill that must be picked up by the rest of us. Add that to the billions of dollars in taxpayer money that goes towards the financing of stadiums.

    Goodell is the ultimate welfare queen.

  49. My theory is the breakdown is base salary = $1M plus he gets 50% of any fine levied against players, which explains all the fines for socks too low, shirts un-tucked, etc., that the grumpy old owners want enforced.

  50. He’s pretty overpaid. The teams are worth around a billion dollars each. A 4% return on assets isn’t terrible. So a team might make 40 million in profit for the owner each year. Goodell would be making as much without having to put up the billion dollars. Or look at how he compares with other corporate titans. He’s making more than Jamie Dimon of JP Morgan Chase. JPM has a huge balance sheet of trillions of dollars to manage.

    Goodell isn’t even really a CEO, he’s an employee of the owners. Not many companies worth 32 billion would pay the CEO that much.

  51. Actually when you consider the ratio of his salary compared to a player, its not that out of line compared to what the CEO of Walmart makes compared to a checkout clerk.

    The part that I find nauseating is how the NFL waves the American flag and parades US military personnel in front of the cameras at every turn. It’s so phony but great marketing to the mindless viewers that get a warm fuzzy every time they show it.

    It’s also insane to blackout fans from watching football when the league is making money by the Brinks truckload or make fans pay full price for preseason games. I could go on and on…. Then they want to ruin our game by moving teams overseas. Yeah, I want to have my team flying to Berlin for a game. As they say, “Greed is Good”

  52. I liked football more before Goodell, I still watch it now but it is pretty much for my fantasy teams, not the quality of play. I still like the Packers, my home state team, but feel the game is becoming more like Pro Wrestling every year. It seems more gimmicky now, like they are doing everything they can to get my dollars rather than everything they can to maintain the integrity of the game.

  53. I have held season tickets in three cities, been to a Super Bowl, had player favorites, rooted for one team many, many years. I am inclined to agree with a lot written about RG’s salary. I have also had a lot of negative reaction to a lot that goes on in today’s NFL. It finally reached the place where I took drastic action. Now, I do not have to tolerate 3 or 4 minutes of commercials that supply the cash, among other efforts. I don’t have to get exercised if a team is blacked out. And, I didn’t have to watch the center snap the ball over Peyton on the first play of the SB. Why? After 60 plus years of being a big fan, I have just stopped watching the NFL! Honest. Try it, you might like it.

  54. The explanation means will not change my opinion of Goodell or his NFL office bigots who dealt fines in such an uneven way in the past.

    We all watch the game in spite of the NFL office in New York. If those Goodell and his sidekicks think any of us care they exist they are deceived.

    They almost made me stop following football. But I follow because of the game itself, the coaches, and the players.

  55. Oh how I wish we never had to hear of Goodell again.

    This information coming out before the NFL draft will possibly get RG the biggest booing at the NFL draft ever.

    My favourite part of the NFL draft is hearing Goodell get booed. It is wonderful and priceless.

  56. What a joke! Grotesquely overpaid, where is Obama talking about corporate greed or closing the gap between rich and poor? Where is the occupy NFL goons?

  57. He’s worth every penny.

    And to the guy who said you’d do it for 100k.

    You might do that once, then find out you wouldn’t do it for less than a million bucks.

    Personally, I wouldn’t do it for less than 10 million. If you think I’m joking, just try me.

  58. I’ve heard commentators on ESPN say that’s about what other CEOs make but that’s a lie. Most CEOs take home a few million and the rest is stock options which they aren’t allowed to turn into cash. It’s an investment in the company they run.

    As far as I can see this is wholly cash. The NFL has no stock.


  59. So basically take the league’s top paid QB, multiply that by 2x and you get a Goodell.

    That seems a bit off given that there are about 10 guys in the world at the level, where there are likely hundreds that could be commish of the NFL.

    You have to wonder how many “incentives” are making him push for expanded playoffs, expanded season, etc. He probably gets a 10M bonus if he can shove an 18 game season on the players.

  60. The NFL was profitable WAAAAAY before goodell got there so those of you who think he’s the mastermind behind this can sit back down. Secondly those that came to his defense are BILLionnaires. It won’t be in the next couple years but soon enough the greed of this company will rot itself from the inside. The game day atmosphere is drastically losing ground to a big screen tv, cheaper food/beer at home and a LayZboy.

  61. I know this isn’t what people want to hear, but NFL is making billions and billions and whether warranted or not on a dollar for dollar basis, the NFL Commissioner, whether good or bad, is entitled to a piece.

  62. Goodell’s outrageous pay is a shining example of the utter greed at the heart of American capitalism. The American system at its utter worst. Goodell, who is basically a PR shill for the owners and who basically spends his time scheming to boost owner revenues, is paid like a king–and he doesn’t really manage the league since all the franchises manage themselves. While Goodell rakes in scandalous sums, the owners squeeze the players who are out there banging their heads and risking their health and making plays–many for salaries WAY under $1 million or even $500K a year. There are a TON of good NFL players–starters, some established veterans–making peanuts, guys who will have physical problems later in life. Meanwhile, this suit is backing up a Brinks truck to his bank. Typical. What: a $3 million salary isn’t enough? $5 million? Even $10 M. Absurd.

  63. Makes to much money blah blah blah ruining the game blah blah blah…ya’ll will make the same gripes with the next guy and the one after that…same in the NBA or MLB…”the man” makes too much money..
    Robert Downey Jr got $50 million to basically play himself in “The Avengers”. More power to him. It’s all a matter of perspective.

  64. All this story proves is that there are a lot of naive, whiny babies that comment on this site. But after reading comments on other stories…this is nothing new.

    He runs a multi-billion dollar entertainment business. Not multi-billions in profit…but in business. There is a big difference. But again, I’m not sure people truly understand. I mean, we still have people crying about the non-profit status of the league and not grasping the teams not being non-profit. Wow…no wonder you all are upset, you don’t have enough perspective to understand what this actually means.

  65. dang man, I am the commish in my fantasy league and not one owner gives me a dime. In fact I shell out the doe to pay for the sweatshirt that says “League Champ”

  66. Yes, the league totally and completely is so runaway popular and profitable because of one man, Roger Goodell.

    Take him away and you’d have… a runaway popular and profitable entertainment business.

  67. “Commissioner Goodell’s compensation reflects the fact that he is a total flunkie to the NFL owners,” Falcons owner Arthur Blank said. “His continual weaselly lies and prevarications help us cover us the fact that we are bilking the public out of billions of dollars, treating the bulk of our employees like they’re barely human beings and in generally being scummy corrupt old white men who rejoice in not having to give two wet farts about the average fan.”



  68. dirtmcgirt24:


    Plus, go and buy a set of tires…You pay federal excise tax…and then the tax you with sales tax…ADDED to the Fed Tax…Totally Illegal…Fed Gov’t says you cannot add a tax on or to a tax.

  69. Hey Mr. Florio, check out my post/comment from the original story on this website re: 44M. I thank you for validating my thoughts in a much more succinct fashion. Love your work. Cheers.

  70. Really doesn’t matter WHAT you do for a living, anything near $30-40 million a year is obscene.

    This world has a ton of problems, and selfish money-hugging people are a major source of them.

    Do something useful with that money, please!

  71. Here’s a perspective: my bet is if you added up the lifetime earnings of the 113 people who have posted here to date, it wouldn’t be anywhere near $44 million dollars. Look at the earnings of most of the top CEO’s compared to the rate of pay of average workers.
    It tells me that the NFL has so much money they don’t know what to do with it.

    I have maintained for years that the very thing the NFL needs is a competing league. Free enterprise is the American way, yet so many people like the big monopoly and keep feeding it their hard-earned cash. If a competing league generated enough interest, obscene salaries such as RG’s would not be the norm.

  72. I think Goodell is getting too much credit for the growth of football. Football has been growing for many decades — it has continued to mushroom since the 1958 “Greatest Game of All Time” NFL Championship Game (BAL v. NYG). That is when the TV candle was lit.

    Football grows because it is an exceptionally appealing game in and of itself to an enormous percentage of people, with or without Goodell.

    Thing is, when it comes to the NFL – the American male market has been tapped for a long while. So the NFL is working other markets, (e.g., American females, Asians, Europe, Mexico, even flirting with some Canadian elements).

    For example, the NFL now celebrates one and only one kind of cancer — the one that is designed purely to penetrate the female market (i.e., October – the WHOLE month – is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, so the conspicuous pink color is seen everywhere … for a month). Is that a genius idea? Or is it a manipulative tool that everyone with any common sense can see through? Apparently, it must be the former — Goodell’s $44.2M compensation says so.

    Another example of growing the pie: playing games in foreign lands, hyping and hard-selling the game in Asia, Europe, Canada and Mexico. Is that a genius idea? Or is it simply taking one of very few only alternatives possible to grow the pie?

    If the American male market is essentially fully tapped, try either (1) Americans that are not males OR (2) try males that are not American. I guess understanding that simple truism is worth a Brinks Truck full of money. At least the NFL seems to think so.

    Goodell constantly levies heavy-handed fines and/or suspends players insisting that the reason is that he (Goodell) is overwhelmingly concerned about player safety and welfare. I wonder how much of the $70,000,000.00+ Goodell has made in the last two years involved any kind of charitable donation to the players in true need. The guess is not much.

  73. He is getting his money out of th league before it loses the fan base and ends up as popular as soccer.

  74. Almost a million a week to be the board of owners puppet and magnet for the venom of upset fans and media who often get confused and blame him for changes that ownership is paying him to make in their interest. But Roger is a middle aged wasp not a poor ghetto or trailer park kid so his salary is okay to conservative fans.

  75. Goodell is a two faced liar. He claims player safety to the point it’s ruining the game, too much discretion in the refs hands. What is a defenseless receiver, it changes not only every week, but every play?…Apparently guys get penalties for hitting too hard. In the same breath, he wants to increase regular season games (more hits for starters), increase Thursday games (less rest for players to recover from the previous week), and increase playoff games. Aside from his obvious hypocrisy regarding player safety, he’s pushing for more overseas games and taking games away from the people who actually care about their teams and this league. Regarding playoff games, what makes the regular season much better than the other leagues is only 25% of teams make the playoffs, not 50%. It’s disappointing he only cares about the bottom line and not the brand. He’s ruining the NFL. If Goodell had a conscience, he’s be ashamed of himself.

  76. Are you kidding me! $40+ million a year as head of the NFL . I bet there are highly skilled execs who would take this NFL job for a dollar a year. The team owners need a reality check!

  77. Them that got the gold, makes the rules.

    That’s the American GREED system. Anything else is called socialism, by the red neck republicans.

  78. “Considering the billions that are being generated on his watch, it’s hard to fault them for it.”

    Millions out of work, CEO comp out of control, wealth gap through the roof, but this is OK?

    Yet the Redskins name is an issue despite vast majority wanting it?

    Like so many others…. Get your Priorities Straight MF. This IS the big deal and its obnoxious.

    Yes of course they can do what they want… like naming a team… but this is an insult to all hard working people

  79. It’s all very simple you see, The Cleveland Browns have their version of the 3 Stooges and the NFL has theirs….I give you Blank, Kraft, and Richardson

  80. “44 million reasons why he’ll never defend changing the Redskins name..”

    Only if the 31 other owners dont think otherwise. Snyder makes up a fairly small fraction of that 44.

  81. Goodell is a good liberal who supports gay rights and political correctness, so its okay for him to make all that money.

    If however he was openly supportive of traditional marriage and keeping the Redskins name in place, then certain media outlets (who shall remain nameless) would be blasting him as a greedy evil conservative money-grubber.

    It’s okay for liberals to be wealthy.

  82. First off,What the NFL makes is nobody’s business.Secondly, Goodell is overpaid and is a clown who is wrecking the game of football.He had his behind handed to him in the Bounty gate scandal because he didn’t think the players would fight back and showed a clear bias to NE when he destroyed the evidence(criminal).Tagliabue made him look like the spineless jerk that he is.Although I do think the salaries of the players were astronomical I feel the last Agreement between the NFLPA and the owners was so slanted that free agents got the short end of the stick as you will note the player movement from team to has dropped considerably.

  83. By the way,I would think that for what that bozo is making we would get a better product.One scandal after another since this clown became commissioner.Roger Goodell,the worst commissioner in all sports.

  84. So why was there a lockout again in 2011? Oh yeah because players and rookies made too much money. Godforbid a rookie get paid or a veteran player make a few extra bucks. Forget a Rookie Wage Scale how about a League Front office wage scale! But oh wait, pay Goodell $44 mill or $35 mill or whatever he makes….sure no problem with that.

    Nice logic!

    We are what, 8 or 9 years away from NFL Armageddon!! The players will be out for blood

  85. Goodell make $44 million! The horror!

    Seriously, why are people freaking out over this? Plenty of CEOs make much more than this, and their businesses aren’t anywhere near as popular or successful. Goodells. Wage is a drop in the bucket compared to all the money generated by the nfl.

  86. I have one response to the NFL trying to explain why they pay this guy so much money. “Joke”.
    He can thank Bud Selig for being the worst Commissioner in the history of Major League Baseball, because Selig was so inept, it took the spotlight off Goodell.
    Let’s face the facts. Goodell only cares about one thing — lining the owners’ pockets, and therefore lining his own. He doesn’t give a damn about the players (or he wouldn’t have pushed an 18 game schedule), and we all know he couldn’t care less about the fans (putting games in Europe is the stupidest thing of all).
    The NFL is the one sport which sells itself. No matter how they try to screw up the game, the fans love it so much they just keep coming. But if guys like Goodell keep messing with it, their luck might just run out. If they don’t believe it could happen, just look at Major League Baseball. It used to be our “National Pastime”. Now, kids think it’s boring and don’t even want to watch it. Or rather they can’t watch it because the games are on tv so late, becuase the Bozos in charge only care about the tv money and couldn’t care less about the fans — just like Goodell.

  87. To those few who tell us that CEO and leaders should make more than the maintenance guys, yea, we get that. The point is not that you make more, it is how much more. By your reasoning the league could pay this shill $200 million annually and you’d be OK with it–because, well, because he’s the commissioner. It is a matter of balance and moderation–a word alien to American board members. European and Asian CEOs make a lot of money–but FAR less than U.S. executives. The greed factor–and the cronyism that enables it–is out of control in America. Fat cats taking good care of their fellow fat cats. This is exactly what we saw with the former head of the NY Stock Exchange. Rather quietly the NYSE board gave him an astronomical amount of money–and the NYSE, like the NFL, doesn’t exactly require a management genius to keep it going well.

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