NFL will examine Ted Wells report, comment further “as appropriate”

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The release of the Ted Wells report was not accompanied by any sort of announcement or recommendation regarding discipline for those found to have harassed Dolphins tackle Jonathan Martin and others.

For Richie Incognito, John Jerry, and Mike Pouncey, the verdict will come at a date to be determined.

“Our office has received the report of independent counsel Ted Wells, which sets forth the findings of his investigation into the workplace environment at the Miami Dolphins,” the NFL said in a statement released Friday morning.  “Consistent with our commitment at the outset of this matter, the full report has been transmitted to our clubs and has been made public.  We appreciate the work of Ted Wells and his colleagues and the cooperation of the Miami Dolphins organization in the investigation.  After we have had an opportunity to review the report, we will have further comment as appropriate.”

Those comments surely will include whether and to what extent the parties deemed responsible will be penalized.  The players will have rights under the Collective Bargaining Agreement for any punishment, which presumably would be imposed under the Personal Conduct Policy.

So this is hardly the end of the process.  In many ways, it’s just getting started.

17 responses to “NFL will examine Ted Wells report, comment further “as appropriate”

  1. First it’s banning use of language, then no snapping towels at each other in the lockerrrooms,,,they’re gonna say no flirting w/the cheerleaders next, amirite??!?

  2. Fish should probably trade pouncy to the Steelers now. Get him somewhere that has proper leadership needed and he will be a very good player. He’s got talent but needs more direction for his .10 head

  3. So wait, I’m still not clear on one thing. OK, Riche’s a scumbag according to the report, along with a couple other guys….because they made fun of Martin’s mom/sister. So basic 8th grade taunting, that somehow Martin had never encountered before, despite spending his lifetime in locker-rooms.

    Ok, I get that….but how is Martin then not responsible for sending texts to Incognito saying he would kill Riche’s family? I’m baffled by that part; those texts exist, no one denies it, but people are acting like that’s ok…This whole thing reeks of the NFL trying to capitalize on the anti-bullying movement.

    Richie’s not a saint, but Martin seems like just as big a scumbag.

  4. Would anyone want an offensive lineman on the field on the game winning drive of the AFC Title game that previously quit his team because people called him names?

  5. I don’t get it. The text messages Martin sent Richie clearly show the banter was back and forth and that the two were good friends. Martin was then portraying an entirely different person to his parents and ted wells. Will the real Martin please stand up?!?!

  6. I’m curious to see if Wells addresses Martin’s involvement in all the behavior that led to his leaving and the finding that he was harassed. Martin engaged in the same pranks, sent vulgar messages, made racist comments, and threatened Incognito’s family in the same joking manner. Is his accountability voided because he is the “victim” who initially came forward? That makes no sense. It states Martin confided in family members (lawyers) but not the team (other than vague references to an assistant coach)? Why? Wouldn’t that have ended the situation without the national drama? I get Incognito is a meathead jock but Martin is far from blameless. I would hope that is addressed in the report and has yet to be reported by the media. If not, this investigation was driven by an agenda. It shouldn’t be but these things often are. Just report the facts (ALL of them) and let the chips fall where they may.

  7. This is simply the case of a very emotionally weak guy having to deal with not being one of the best players on the team for the first time in his life. Most other youngsters would have taken the ball-busting in stride, gave as good as they got, and kept working to become better players.

    Martin called his mom and dad and quit on the team.

  8. So earlier this week, Incognito finally gets sick of waiting for this report to come out and begins to unload on Twitter. Once everything settles down from that, the report comes in and Incognito isn’t exonerated as he thinks he should be.

    So now the NFL has to decide how to move forward with this information. And once again, Incognito is sitting in limbo. For how long? Well, the NFL says it will address the situation…as appropriate.

    Watch Goodell and Co sit back with their popcorn and wait for Incognito to get all proactive on Twitter again before they decide to clear some of this up. Not only will they find it entertaining but it might just make their job easier if Incognito starts tearing into them publicly.

  9. It won’t be long before the luster of the NFL has run it’s course. People watch to escape the B.S. of everyday life, not have it invade their living rooms with the same crap.

  10. Since Incognito was already suspended for this, can the league tack on extra punishment? I’d think the union would object, file a grievance, and the independent arbiter might prevent league punishment on top of team punishment for the same underlying conduct.

  11. Hard to believe the coaching staff wasn’t a party to all of this. Very classy organization top to bottom in Miami. Ross needs to clean house and start over.

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