Packers o-lineman doesn’t want to be stereotyped by Dolphins

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Two of the common responses to the bullying within the Dolphins locker room have been, “That’s just how locker rooms are,” and “That’s just how offensive linemen act.” One NFL offensive lineman wants to let people know that’s not the case.

Green Bay Packers offensive lineman T.J. Lang took to Twitter after the release of the Ted Wells report to say that the information he learned about the Dolphins’ locker room does not square with what he’s seen in the Packers’ locker room, or with what he’s heard about other NFL locker rooms.

“Please don’t stereotype NFL players for what’s going on with Miami. That type of stuff is not common in other locker rooms,” Lang said.

It may be true that NFL locker rooms aren’t generally the world’s most evolved workplaces, but Lang and other players have every right not to want to be tainted by association with guys like Richie Incognito, John Jerry and Mike Pouncey, who according to the Ted Wells report routinely abused not only Jonathan Martin, but also another Dolphins player and a Dolphins trainer. It shouldn’t be assumed that all NFL players are neanderthals just because Wells’s report concluded that Incognito, Jerry and Pouncey are.

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  1. The Vikings offensive line are all best friends and would never bully each other.

    Adrian Peterson also bought them all snowmobiles and they all ride together in the winter and have a great time.

    Another reason the Vikings are the best franchise in all of sports.

  2. Don’t worry, I already had plenty of information on which to stereotype NFL players.
    Lawrence Taylor, Mike Vick, Ray Lewis, Ben Rothlisberger, Fred Smoot, Randy Moss, Mark Chmura, Chris Cook, Richie incognito, Plaxico Burress…. I could go on for weeks.
    There is no reason to believe that much of the NFL is not, for whatever reason, a distillation of many of society’s less than desirable elements – covering the spectrum from murderers to petty criminals with embarrassingly poor judgement.
    So don’t sweat the Incognito-Martin situation, it changes nothing. Just another element of entertainment from the world’s most entertaining sports league.

  3. Nothing like staying jacked up on roids. There’s a picture of the dolphins team in the dictionary next to the word “dysfunctional”.

  4. Gee I can remember times when if you had a guy who rushed for over 1100 yards in just over 14 games, the offensive line would get some credit for being at least okay. Especially when it lost its presumptive left tackle before the season began along with a promising rookie Center/Guard and had a lot of other injuries along the way.
    But oh well yeah okay the Packers have a horrible OLine. As a matter of fact everyone except #12 is terrible, and he’s a glass man.
    It’s just amazing that somehow they’ve managed to win their division three seasons in a row and won the Super Bowl the season before that. Especially with the greatest franchise ever over there in East Dakota.
    Yep, amazing.

  5. It’s always funny to hear crappy vikings fans chime in on the Packers. Like a poodle barking at a doberman. Call us when your relevant. Manziel nor any qb isn’t going to fall to you, Peterson is reaching the twilight of his career. You over paid for Jennings and now he ain’t even the best wide out on your team and your offensive line gave up 44 sacks and didn’t get as many passing or rushing yards as the packers. Yeah… I’ve a poem for you pft poet.

    The vikings all sucks, that we all know.
    Their teams in a rut, with nothing to show
    They cry and they whine, they b*tch and they moan
    They can’t win again, away or at home
    In this division, they’ll always be fourth
    And bow to the Packers, the kings of the North!

  6. Packers players are progressive bastions of civility. They have last names like Dietrich-Smith, which shows you that they are men who were raised by other men who were like “here, take your mother’s name also, because her uterus is to be respected.”

  7. Once again Viking posters ripping on another teams offensive line when they had perhaps the worst in the NFL last year. We get it guys we’ve seen it before, you continually beat your chest and talk tough. Yet every season you run into hiding or change your username once the inevitable happens and your team fails you.

  8. If a team has a core of high character veterans in the locker room… richie incognitos don’t happen.

  9. Nah. It’s ok that the Vikings fans think that the Packers offensive line is worse than theirs.

    That just means that Eddie Lacy is a much better running back than Adrian Peterson. Similar seasons, and if Adrian’s line is better it would stand to reason that Eddie is the better back.

  10. Don’t worry TJ, We will stereo-type you by your fan base and your pompous QB. We wouldn’t lift you up with the likes Incognito.

  11. Hey, dont pick on Vikings fans. The offseason is their time to crow and boast. It is the only time they ever share the lead in the NFC North. If you were a Vikings fans, you’d also relish any time of year when you’re team was at .500. They’re 0 and 0 now and tied for the lead. Have a little empathy.

  12. I see the usual rabble of Vikings fans have pounced on TJ…typical for such a bunch of slobbering do- nothing’s…

  13. this story (and Viking fan’s response to it) is just another example of how the Packer’s class up this league and those purple chokers just keep dragging it down… GO PACK GO!!!

  14. Vikings fans live in an alternative universe, in which their interest in football peaks from February through August. They emerge from their caves and get chirpy, before crawling back in again as the dark winter of discontent comes crashing down upon them each and every September when the games start.

  15. This goes on in more locker rooms then anybody will admit simply because of the culture. You are paying people millions of dollars per year because they can physically beat another person. These guys aren’t being paid because of their good citizenship, their professional behavior, their high moral standards, their ethics or their intelligence. Do all players fit this description, obviously not but a lot do. They are getting paid to play a game and some simply do not grow up, I know plenty of people like them in the everyday world and they don’t shut up until you at least tell them to or possibly make them. That doesn’t mean you have to beat them up, maybe it means you have to take it to your boss or your bosses boss or higher up the food chain. But to make these guys seem like they are evil because of what happened is being hypocritical. The evidence shows that Martin played the game with them and sent the same vulgar texts and pulled the same pranks and never told anybody in the Dolphins organization he didn’t like it or wanted it to stop. Can it be a lesson learned for the Dolphins, you bet, but every other organization better look in the mirror even the Packers after all that is where the Dolphins head coach probably learned what a NFL locker room is like.

  16. Packers have built a class act organization that is built on tradition filled with character. We are not perfect, but strive to live up to Vince Lombardi’s montra…God, Family and Football.

  17. nfl4days says:
    Feb 14, 2014 3:38 PM
    Exactly. If RI tried this crap in NE, GB, SF, SEA or any other winning organization, he would get a beat down and sent packing.

    Sure because winning organizations like NE only tolerate players that have a murder or two in their history and some coaches who like to illegally tape other teams practices. Seattle only fosters to drug abusers. GB had a qb sending photos of his junk to women who didn’t want it. Can we all get off our high horse and stop pretending these types of things are so outrageous in the NFL and the locker room. Ive read this thing and it still doesn’t change my opinion that Martin should not be in the NFL and handled this situation as an adult extremely poorly. Incognito is an idiot and not someone I would personally hang out with. But I can’t sit here and pretend like the rest of you that the things these people are accused of saying is so incredibly outrageous and we all need to learn a lesson from it. These are grown men playing in the NFL its gone on for years and is still going to long after the smoke has cleared from all of this.

  18. The Packers organization is not without its’ faults, but time and time again they demonstrate what a class organization it is….from upper management, to the players, to the fans.

    The Viking Trolls, the same everyday Usual Suspects, seek every opportunity to say they suck, they’re mediocre, they’re terrible football players, they have no O-line, they lack “knuckles,” etc.

    The Packers OWN THE VIKINGS. Where do their own comments place their team in the pecking order?

    The trolls should be thankful that stupidity isn’t painful.

  19. Societies undesirables will continue to whine and moan about the unprecedented success of the 13 time World Champion Packers, but there is no denying the quality of character in Green Bay.

  20. Wow you guys are funny… Just remember in Green Bay its called good blocking, in the rest of the NFL its called holding.

  21. What’s Jared Allen’s stats against non-allen barbe packer tackles?

    like … a sack and a pass deflection?
    A recall a 1 hip Clifton owning him and Newhouse somehow shutting him out.

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