Report details racial abuse of Dolphins trainer


Jonathan Martin was far from the only person being harassed in the Dolphins locker room, according to the Wells Report.

In the introduction, the report refers to an assistant trainer who was “repeatedly was targeted with racial slurs and other racially derogatory language.”

The Japanese-born trainer was apparently the subject of repeated abuse from Richie Incognito, John Jerry and Mike Pouncey.

The report says they referred to him as “Jap,” “Chinaman,” a “dirty communist” or a “North Korean,” and would make demands such as “give me some water you f—ing chink.”

There were also lewd remarks relating to massages, and Incognito admitted making the remarks to the trainer.

On Dec. 7, 2012, the anniversary of the invasion of Pearl Harbor, the three players took it to another level.

The report says they “donned traditional Japanese headbands that featured a rising sun emblem (which the Assistant Trainer had given them) and jokingly threatened to harm the Assistant Trainer physically in retaliation for the Pearl Harbor attack.”

The trainer initially avoided many of the questions from investigators, and tried to downplay some of the claims, though the report concluded: “We did not find the Assistant Trainer’s denials believable.”

A lower-level employee not wanting to pursue the claims of abuse is a reasonable reaction for a person in fear of losing a job.

But the report concluded the abuse toward the trainer was “part of a pattern of abusive, unprofessional behavior.”

73 responses to “Report details racial abuse of Dolphins trainer

  1. I really just dont understand the big issue here. I mean these dudes are full grown men. That is simply how guys talk to one another. Maybe its just me but I just dont think name calling should be an issue.

  2. Class act guys! I do believe these guys thought they were joking around but they didn’t know when to stop. Looks like some more suspensions will be coming soon.

  3. A lower-level employee not wanting to pursue the claims of abuse is a reasonable reaction for a person in fear of losing a job.

    It would also be the reasonable reaction of a person with thick skin who wasn’t offended by the banter to the point where HE WAS THE ONE WHO GAVE THEM THE HEADBANDS.

  4. But But but Martin is soft………

    You guys siding with Richie and company are pathetic. Dude’s a tool.

    “But’ it’s football, toughen up. This type of behavior has been happening in locker rooms for decades”

    It’s called change and evolution, this isn’t caveman times.

    Hope on board for the journey, it’s 2014 fellas

  5. OK, the Pearl Harbor thing is funny, plain and simple. I played football at a high level & I can promise you this type of thing goes on all the time. If you can’t handle it, take up soccer. (ahem, Jonathan Martin)

  6. If you don’t understand the issue that says more about you then it does about anything else. This is completely unacceptable behavior in the workplace. Just because your job happens to be football doesn’t give you license to behave in this manner. I hope the NFL gets rid of all of them.

  7. Alright, THERE you go. Actual abuse, and someone scared for their job. None of this junk about Martin being bullied when he was doing the same stuff back to Richie, and continued to talk to him afterward.

    THIS is what actual bullying/harassment looks like.

  8. While Incognito asserted that Martin fabricated his harassment claims, Incognito, Wells and Pouncey’s treatment of the assistant trainer and the unnamed offensive lineman may be the most damning aspects of this report. There simply is no explanation for this type of conduct. Also, I have a feeling that the Dolphins’ offensive line coach Jim Turner will be looking for a new job in the next 24 hours. There is no way he can still have a job after this.

  9. Mr. Myagi would have taken all three of them out and then taught them the proper respect by making them paint his house and wax his numerous cars.

  10. If these clowns were in a regular job they’d have been fired in a New York minute. Even McDonald’s wouldn’t stand for that kind of crap.

    No matter if you think you are friends with someone, you can’t use that type of language in the workplace. If you are on your own time with your friends that’s one thing, but HR at any employer would not accept the language that these clowns used.

    They aren’t in elemental or high school anymore, at some point they have to grow up and act like adults and professionals.

    They’re lucky they play in the NFL. Because if this is how they act, they wouldn’t have been able to hold down ANY other job, even as a burger flipper or fry guy.

  11. Go to work and say that to someone, and see what happens. I bet your employer would think it’s a big deal.

  12. I think it’s easy to see that Incognito isn’t the kind of guy who could make it in a “real world’ work environment. He wouldn’t last in any office a month. He uses the “cover” of being a football player to express his true nature. He’s really quite a horrible human being. Playing football gives him the opportunity be who he really is without having to pay the consequences that a “civilized society” would impose on him. What in the world is this guy going to do when he no longer plays football?

  13. There was no malice behind what was said. Was it offensive? Yes. Is Incognito an ignorant fool? Yes.

    But at anytime one of these guys could have spoken up and said “Hey I’m all for joking but that was too far”.

    Incognito is a bully. But Martin and the trainer can’t even stand up for themselves. They aren’t adults.

  14. This is crazy stuff. I mean I’d never talk like that to another person. Yeah guys like to clown around with each other, if you are legitimate friends, it doesn’t have an effect. However, a trainer, (who I’m assuming doesn’t go out with the players for beers after practice and games) shouldn’t have to be subjected to that immature, nonsensical banter. I’ve played a lot of sports growing up and I have never heard people talk that way to each other in the locker rooms or on the playing confines. Just a bunch of over-supplemented, idiotic, belligerent boy-men trying to cement their alpha status’. Disgusting….

  15. This is different from the Martin situation. Some amount of razzing/hazing/whatever you call it is expected between players. But between a player and a trainer? That is NOT how men usually talk to each other.

    Of course, maybe the trainer was OK with it and was giving it back just as good. For Incognito’s sake I hope so.

  16. Much ado about nothing. We have players playing in the NFL that have taken human life. And nobody EVER complained about that. NFL players weren’t hired to sing in the local choir. From my perspective they were ALL acting immature but committed no crime. The NFL likes to try and CREATE news. Even bad news for some reason (Saints pseudo bounty scandal). I hope the Saints sign Incognito. We need his nastiness on our O line to blow holes for Ingram and protect Brees. It is what it is. If ya don’t like the behavior of NFL players then don’t watch or follow it. It’s just that simple. That’s why they have a channel knob on TV sets. Geaux Saints!

  17. It is not just name calling. It was not just boys will be boys. It was not just “hey that is how locker rooms are.”

    These were men who CHOSE to use vile, filthy, racial language when speaking to people on a regular basis.

    These were people who joked about gang raping the sister of one of the players. WHat did that sister do to deserve to be talked about in that way? Her brother signed up to play in the NFL and hear that crap in the locker room, she did not sign up to be a part of it.

  18. These Pouncey brothers seem like real gutter trash. From the “Free Hernandez” hats to ethnic slurs. I wonder how much Mike would like being called the n word. It’s a real shame being trashy and stupid aren’t painful.

  19. These guys are PROFESSIONALS!

    I don’t care what the profession, this is not how you should act in this modern age when your behavior also reflects on your employer (and by association its value). For many of you to make excuses because they are employed as football players is rather pathetic. Look at them first and foremost as professionals and only an idiot loser would defend them.

  20. I think this now goes beyond the “football culture” that many have claimed. Inognito teasing a teammate about race or anything else may be acceptable in locker rooms – but an assistant trainer who (as stated above) would feel no recourse is way over the line.

  21. Really….dude was just trying to do his job and has to put up with a guy like Incognito. It’s just like that jerk CEO, or jerk top sales guy, or jerk boss you have to deal with to make your ends meet. Lame.

  22. I’m sorry, but real men don’t treat other people that way. That’s the behavior of little boys. Real men respect each other. To those saying that military is like this as well, that’s BS. At least not when I was serving as an infantryman. Blatant racism isn’t funny, it isn’t a joke, and it isn’t acceptable anywhere. Those people defending this type of behavior need to grow up and get a grip. Period.

  23. Again, if you take this name calling and place it in the traditional workforce of course this is unacceptable. But as many know football is not the common workplace. The visual of them darning headbands is somewhat funny though. Reads to me they were a bunch of jokesters. The moral of the story to me is if you do not have thick skin you cannot be apart of the Fins locker room. As an ex-collegiant athlete there were jokes about others teammates all the time and the ones who did not handle it well got teased more.

  24. Looks like my chances of starting on the Dolphins offensive line next year just improved dramatically!

    I assume Jim Turner is getting fired today, so I’ll wait for someone else to call…..

  25. All I hope is that Incognito ends up out of the league. Unfortunately, I realize that only Roger Goodel can make that happen. Some team would overlook the warts and give him a job as a backup, at the least. Sad.

  26. They already hired Turner’s replacement a few weeks ago. They were waiting for the report to fire him. He will be gone next week.

  27. The people saying “no big deal” need to get a clue. Unacceptable even in an NFL locker room, which is the code being used for “you can do anything in the locker room, bro.” Ah, no you can’t.

    Some people go over the line, and the dDolphins seems to have a wealth of those personalities accumulated.

    It’s no wonder why the Dolphins have only made the playoffs twice in nearly 20 years now. Clearly, nonsense like this is too busy occupying everyone’s time.

  28. Shocking some of you support Incognito on this front. Here are three 300 plus pound guys that are millionaires and have been pampered all of their lives just because they play football. They routinely go after a guy that’s likely 150, earns a 1/20 of what they do, and has no voice. If he says anything he’s out of the league.

    Between football players is one thing, but this is very different.

  29. I think this is further evidence of what a lot of people have always suspected about the NFL: that the locker room is a lewd and inappropriate place filled with grown men, most of whom have never mentally matured past the age of 16. The thing is, they’ve all been so good at football their whole lives that nobody has ever required emotional maturity from them.

  30. If all of you that are shocked by this type of language and behavior think it is only being done by the Miami Dolphins in the NFL by these players only, I got news for you.

    This is how players are in high school, college, and all across the NFL.

    Did I just drop a bomb on you? This is how football players are. This is just stuff that happens.

    What do you think they mean when they say, “That’s something we’d rather deal with in house.”

    It means that the players will take care of the situation one way or another in the locker room or on the practice field.

    Sorry if you thought the NFL was Utopia.

  31. The guys who play for the Dolphins are so dense, it isn’t even funny. It’s not funny to joke about this stuff, ever. What if an African American secretary, or some other person in a support role walks by and hears the nonsense they were saying? It would be an easy slam dunk case against the team for a pile of money.

    We can’t control what people think in the work place, but we can control what they say. The problem with the Dolphins is they thought it was OK to say anything they wanted and there would be no problems. It’s time for the coaches and players to grow up a lot and bring this type of behavior to an end.

  32. I think I need to post a follow up to my original post. I never excuse racism. I could care less if Incognito ever works in the NFL again. I agree that none of this would be acceptable in any other work place and this incident will probably move the NFL (slowly) towards being like other work places.

    I was simply pointing out that assistant trainer trying to downplay the claims didn’t necessarily mean that he feared for his job. I simply pointed out that the fact that he gave them the head bands that they wore to supposedly mock them is a possible indication that, right or wrong, he didn’t think what they were saying was a big deal.

    As strange as it may sound, people have the right to NOT be offended when people say offensive things to them.

    That’s all I was trying to say.

  33. These guys are messed up and need professional help. And I say that sincerely – they are troubled. Whether they were bullied themselves at some point, came from a bad home situation, or were too enabled by other players or staff people along the way, they’ve arrived at a place where they have serious problems and are hurting others.

    I’m disgusted by what I’ve heard about these guys, but everyone would be better off if they get some help, change their ways, and hopefully keep working in a way that helps them and helps others too.

    Things like this develop specifically because no one stops everything and forces someone to take a hard look. Here’s hoping these guys get the help they need and no one else has to suffer as some already have.

  34. Ah there’s the Richie Incognito that I hate none of this Jonathan Martin bs. This is what real harassment looks like and if this is true Incognito just screwed himself out of the NFL.

  35. Real men stand up for each other and respect each other. Little boys tell racial slurs and make disgusting remarks about other people. And saying the Pearl Harbor thing was funny?! That is absolutely disgusting and you guys need to grow up. I don’t know what kind of world you’re living in, but it’s time to get with it and realize your actions and words hurt people. It makes me physically ill to see so many people okay with this type of behavior. I hope discipline is harsh and shows this will NOT be tolerated, especially in a professional setting. It’s a priviledge, not a right to play in the NFL. Take it away if they insist on acting like middle schoolers.

  36. Regarding the trainer: I am AMAZED at the posters siding with or giving a pass to the GOONS thumping this man. The structure of the relationship is CLEARLY not fair or eye-to-eye, which, at LEAST can be said about player-on-player situations and “rank.” The rats are famous, rich, powerful, world-class football players, the Asian man, an ASSISTANT trainer. There is an inherent caste system, pecking-order imbalance and unfairness to this set-up. The bullies, in a real sense, particularly in THIS locker room, “out-rank” this man, NOT unlike a supervisor/boss out-ranks an employee. In addition to having more clout/prestige, the players are HUGE and POWERFUL men. Just what are the avenues open to the trainer: A) Confront them verbally, B) Threaten them physically, C) Report them to the coaches, the SAME coaches who are ALLOWING the atmosphere of mistreatment in the first place, D) Quit a job he, like the rest of us truly needs. I am certain all the fair and brave posters supporting the punks would have done one or more of the above were they in the same situation. Anyone who can’t or WON’T see the unfairness of the dynamics of this situation should consider their perspectives regarding work-place behavior, to say NOTHING of treating others civilly. What exactly, I wonder would THEY do to, as they more than likely would put it, “man up” in this locker room?

  37. In most organizations there is an Human Resources Department and I’m sure that holds true in the case of the Dolphins. There is a responsibility in situations such as this for someone to bring what’s going on to the attention of HR. It is not OK to assume that management must know (and tolerate) what’s going on and therefore if nothing happens, management must condone it. Once someone has brought the matter to the attention of HR it is the HR Department’s responsibility to take action to stop the offensive behaviour. If they do not, they open themselves up to huge legal liabaility. And if someone were to lose their job as a result of reporting the activity the liability gets much worse because the concept of retaliation enters into the equation.
    Apparently, no one in this organization was sufficiently offended by what was going on to make that report.

  38. I played football and was in the military and seen all the so called friendly banter between guys. But this racial slurs is way over the line. Feel bad for the trainer, just wanted to do his job. Probably a small man they cant stand up to these huge dudes. Imagine if it was a black trainer, and they said ” bring me some water you f—–g N—-r.” Not acceptable this behavior in the work place.

  39. Making a publicity signing of Tim Tebow doesn’t look so bad now huh?

    On behalf of NY Jets fans, congratulations Miami – you are a true “circus”.

  40. If I’m a dolphin season ticket holder I would seriously consider cancelling my season tickets until they do some spring cleaning in that organization. I mean my hard earned dollars are going to these morons, coaches that turn a blind eye to obvious racial abuse that wouldn’t be tolerated in the lowest of work places. Seriously I hope they go 0-16 next season and they get blown out every week. You have to think that if you go out wearing Dolphin gear that’s what it represents right now.

  41. So two of the three “racists” are black? I bet THAT doesn’t get reported much by the media.

  42. As a Dolphin fan I am totally disgusted with this.

    C-mon guys are you 12? you seriously don’t know better by now?

    You are supposed to be pros yet you treat a fellow employee like a piece of trash because of his race?

    Weak, disappointing and disgusting.

  43. If I hear one more person talking about the “locker room” when they were in high school……

  44. It is hard to believe that this type of behavior is ok with you.
    What is wrong with you? There is no excuse for using this type of language on another individual. Hey Mach men, grow up

  45. I can’t believe the other players on the team let these guys just tee off on the trainer. They know that he can’t stick up for himself against guys with 6 figure contracts, one of the team leaders should have have stuck up for him and told them to stop (at the very least). So, it’s obvious that the Dolphins don’t have any team leaders that are decent human beings. No wonder no one wants to work for them, that place is a cesspool, time to blow it up.

  46. to me this is worse than anything they did to Martin. this poor guy is a low level employee scared for his job, and they took advantage of that to hurl the worst possible racial abuse

    Cog should be banned, the other two fined/suspended.

    Ross should be…well, selling the team would be a nice start

  47. You’re all pansies. I find this stuff funny. Would rather work with a bunch of guys with egos who have a good time giving each other crap and have fun than working with a bunch of stiffs with sticks up their you know whats who constantly complain of their “feelings” hurt.

    Grow a pair you “everyone deserves an award even the last placed team” society.

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