Richie Incognito was known to turn into “The Tornado”

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One of the overarching themes of the Ted Wells report boils down to the difference between the way Dolphins guard Richie Incognito and others behaved toward Jonathan Martin and others and how Incognito perceived those behaviors.

What appears to one person as boorish and irrational and abusive is often explained away as the all-in-good-fun nature of a locker room.

But according to the report, Incognito so often slipped into “a loud, belligerent side of his personality,” that he was nicknamed “The Tornado.”

One of the incidents described included the Tornado beating on Jonathan Martin during an offensive line outing.

Via a series of text messages from Martin to a friend, Martin described a scene in which Incognito “pulled his shirt off & tried to beat my ass.”

Martin said they were “play fighting” at first, but Incognito “body slammed me onto the couch and started punching me in the face it was insane.”

“Then 5 min later it was like nothing even happened and we went to the strip club,” a later message read.

Martin didn’t express anger at Incognito in the next day’s text messages, which he described as trying to “laugh off harassment.”

Incognito did not dispute the account of the facts, “but disagreed strongly about what those facts tell us about his relationship with Martin.”

Incognito described the fight as “friendly roughhousing, consistent with the way members of the offensive line tended to ‘horse around’ from time to time.”

Incognito has made a living in the NFL by tapping into that “Tornado” persona on the field, but apparently the line was blurred when it extended off the field, and that’s when Martin had a problem with it.

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  1. All of these reports and all of these articles are great. What I want to hear though, and the only thing that matters to me as a football fan, is what his teammates say about him in regards to his play on the field and if he’s a good teammate or not. Obviously Martin will say no, but id like to hear what ALL of them have to say. If the majority are in his corner, then Im fine with this guy playing for the team I root for. He may be a jerk, but last I checked he was being charged with a crime.

  2. My goodness….it sounds like Incognito seriously needs to seek help. If he is having such a hard time controlling his emotions, going from one end to the spectrum to the other in minutes, he more than likely has a treatable disorder. He needs mandatory evaluation and therapy afterwards. This is not okay.

  3. Asked my Dolphins buddy about this. He said this is a great day for the Dolphins franchise and that everyone will see how serious they are about having a championship locker room.

  4. Anyone that defends Incognito has clearly never been the target of bullying before (and possibly has been the bully before too). Trust me I have been the target and absolutely hated it. Guys like Incognito get a kick out of what they do and don’t even realize how it’s affecting the target person.

  5. The bottom-line question I have, is what, if ANYTHING will the owner of the ‘Fins do with the HC and staff that was present during this disgraceful time? If he does little, or worse, NOTHING, the only conclusion can be as follows: He either condoned or ignored this behavior/treatment of others. Neither choice is appropriate

  6. so were supposed to be suprised when an olineman who has most likely done some kind of steriods flys off the handle every once in a while outside of football?

    dolphins arent even close to being the biggest joke of a franchise in the nfl. the browns have that locked up for the foreseeable future.

  7. Richie Incognito is always “The Idiot”

    he blew up his unit, wasted millions of dollars and at least 2 seasons and left his team open to millions in lawsuit and criminal charges liability.

    he’s a cancer and anyone who hires him at this point is a bona fide fool

    it’s amazing how GMs and Coaches continue to hire these toxic guys. TO, Vince Young, Haynesworth, Ocho Cinco.. it goes on and on and they never learn their lesson….. wow

  8. I can’t shake the feeling that Wells entered this with the belief that Incognito was a god sized bully and set out to prove it….No one can say Incognito is without blame in this but to say this whole thing is a result of Incognito’s bullying is ridiculous.

  9. This issue isn’t just with the Dolphins. We see a lot of talk about players who don’t know how to turn it off when they are off the field. For some it becomes a major problem in retirement, when the switch has to permanently be in the off position.

  10. The real problem is that we know if Martin complained to anyone and didn’t send emails to document it on an ongoing basis people are going to say Oh he never said anything. That’s why people want you to come talk to them if you have a problem because then they can say you didn’t say a thing. Also when you are on a team you have to have someone who can reign in the bully. A veteran or coach but we know this can be something they both overlook because they are focused on winning.

  11. The more I read the more I am convinced Incognito is a seriously unhinged idiot. I have known guys like this in the military and while a little fooling around is normal, there is always a line you don’t cross and this moron is one of those who never understands that.

  12. This issue isn’t just with the Dolphins. We see a lot of talk about players who don’t know how to turn it off when they are off the field. For some it becomes a major problem in retirement, when the switch has to permanently be in the off position.

    hmm could you perhaps mean someone like warren sapp???

  13. I have to say, I found strip clubs to be incredibly gross and disappointing. why the heck are these guys who have the money to do ANYTHING*, spending so much time at the strip club? its like the OL of the fins spends all their time there. why? what is it that football players want there besides some HPV?

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