Roger Goodell makes $44.2 million in last fiscal year


The NFL continues making money at ridiculous rates, so it stands to reason they’d spread it around.

According to Daniel Kaplan of Sports Business Daily, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell made $44.2 million in the 12-month span that ended March 31, 2013.

That includes $9.1 million in deferred pension and bonus earned the previous year.

This time a year ago, Goodell’s compensation nearing $30 million caused much grumbling, since he hadn’t made more than $11.5 million in a season before the lockout.

Of course, since then, the league keeps signing new labor deals and television deals that clearly favor the business, and his bosses clearly appreciate it.

Owners Arthur Blank, Robert Kraft and Jerry Richardson wrote in a letter to their fellow owners that is scheduled to be emailed this afternoon, which reads: “Goodell’s compensation reflects our pay-for-performance philosophy and is appropriate given the fact that the NFL under his consistently strong leadership continues to grow.”

And so does Goodell’s wallet.

84 responses to “Roger Goodell makes $44.2 million in last fiscal year

  1. Why does the NFL need a tax exemption again? The NFL needs to start paying taxes if they are going to start tossing that kind of cash at suits. And they dare ask for stadium public financing. Shame.

  2. There isn’t a CEO on earth (not just Goodell) who is smart enough to be worth that kind of money. If I am an owner I say take a serious pay cut or take a hike.

  3. He is the leader of a multi BILLION dollar business.

    It is a model that is 100x better than the NBA and MLB models due to the similar pay for performance contracts given to players.

    This is America, and we pay for results. He has HUGE results… the man……and THEY (the owners) did.

    There are CEO’s that do make more than 44mil, but 44mil, is NOT shabby!

  4. He’s the leader of a great business but all these corporate salaries are getting out of hand. Of course he’s worth it, they’re all great at justifying their pay.

  5. Pay for performance; unless you’re in your first 3 years in the league(Wilson), a veteran that has a unfavorable cap number(too many to list), already has a contract that is too favorable to the team to give you a new deal(Pot Roast), or if you’re another player on a team that needs to sign their QB to a god awful contract(Flacco/Boldin).

    Did I get the NFL’s philosophy right?

  6. So…he’s twice as good at being a commissioner than Peyton Manning is at being a QB. lol

  7. Instead of complaining about the money someone else makes, how about getting off internet chatrooms and doing something with your life.

    He’s the leader of a financial juggernaut that has grown leaps and bounds since he’s been a decision-maker, even prior to his commish appointment. He’s paid accordingly. Whether you think he’s doing a good job or not is irrelevant. Numbers don’t lie.

  8. Like it or not almost all CEOs get a cut of the profit, the more you make the company the higher your pay. Pay for performance philosophy. This is nothing new, and the NFL is making Billions under Goodells watch.

  9. So, if the league just grew enough he’d eventually be worth $100 million a year? $200 million? Is there no ceiling at all? Anybody still have questions about why players get greedy when the greediest ones of all own teams and run the league?

    Greed is going to destroy the NFL…unless Goodell’s crazy ideas do so first.

  10. The owners often pay extraordinary sums for players who don’t pan out. They paid millions for players like Matt Flynn and Kevin Kolb. Joe Flacco gets a preposterous sum and can hardly play at even a mediocre level. Why would we think they would pay a smaller sum to someone who has had a huge role in turning the NFL into a multi-billion dollar business?

    Is his salary ridiculous? Of course, it is. Does he deserve it? Nobody deserves $44 million a year. But the NFL is Alice in Wonderland time where if a Super Bowl-winning QB like Russell Wilson gets $600,000 a year, we think it’s preposterous at how “little” he makes.

  11. Good for him. He earned a college degree, worked his way from being an intern all the way to the NFL Commisioner. I complain about stupid rule changes and other gripes just like anyone else, but I’m not mad that the head of the most successful sports entertainment enterprise in the world is paid like Steve Jobs. He’s earned it and he still makes half of what Lady Gaga made last year for dressing in pork costumes and recording bad music.

  12. He must get paid per proposed rule change. I can imagine it now … Goodell suggests that the shotgun snap gets outlawed because it “isn’t exciting to our fans.” Ka-Ching!

  13. I wonder how that makes DeMaurice Smith feel?

    Try … irrelevant.

    Roger will walk about with $500M+ when he’s done ruining the game.

  14. This makes me sick.
    Getting rewarded for ruining and watering down the game I love…..

    Why do you put millions a year AGAISNT sports betting becoming LEGAL, Rodger???

    Is it because you DON’T want regulators and investigators for the RIGGED games you fix??????

    Same thing going on in Europe. How many fixed Soccer games have been uncovered since legal sports betting??? Google it. And google what professional sport donates money to advocate against sports gambling, claiming it is immoral…FOOTBALL.

    Yet, the NFL’s biggest sponsors are beer companies and the NFL has players kill people like Josh Brent who was drunk and killed someone driving. Makes sense NFL….

  15. He should be the highest paid player in the league. He’s risking a concussion every time he steps on the field and everyone wants to wear his jersey…oh wait.

  16. Money well spent……….no wait, it wasn’t.

    What does he do exactly ? He has teams of lawyers/accountants negotiating every contract. He has teams of lawyers who largely negoitate with the union. He has PR/Marketing teams who do most of the publicity.

    44.2M for a few press conferences, shaking some hands at the draft, presenting a trophy at the Super Bowl, and occassionally meteing out punishment for various issues? Great money if you can get it

  17. Next time you go to an NFL game, pay $40 for parking, $12 for a beer, $15 for nachos, and $95 for the cheap seats, you can get comfort that your hard earned money is going to a good place

  18. Man…in light of the bounty scandal you’d think Pay-For-Performance wouldn’t be just thrown out their like that.


  19. He’s made the game better and has improved it in almost every aspect. The league was a country club for players when Tagliabue was running the show. Goodell is a firm but fair commissioner, and players more than ever are being held accountable for their actions ( just ask Justin Blackmon). The game has globalized and become more popular than ever. He’s sustained a 10 year CBA with the NFLPA so another lockout won’t be a real possibility until past 2020. He’s taken on great endeavors for CSR such as the breast cancer campaign, play 60 and certified heads up, he’s done his best to combat the public perception regarding the dangers of the game by tweeking the rules without compromising too much of the excitement. Is he perfect? Of course not. But he always has the integrity of the game on his mind ( ie bounty gate). The fact is that you guys just wanna hate on Goodell, but you’re all just a bunch of ignorant idiots who just want to hate on an educated man, who wears a suit everyday to work, who makes more money than you. Go right ahead, fact is he’s done a great job so far. Far better than Tagliabue, and far better than any commissioner in any other sport. Rather than bash goodell you should look at the game now and compare it to what it was and compare it to the other sports and just be thankful that the worlds greatest game is in the best possible hands.

  20. Yet, the tax-paying, beer drinking, working stiffs get the “honor” of paying higher taxes to build new stadiums with bigger Jumbo screens and more lavious “owner boxes.”

    Then we get to pay thousands for PSL’s just to bid on buying season tickets to sit in the cold and fetch our own $15 beers & $10 hot dogs!

    Meanwhile the billionaire owners pay close to no income tax or capital gains tax or inheritance tax. And the working man is still paying 35% on his 30k job, and now Obamacare!

  21. Total insanity. If that’s what he’s worth then what is somebody better worth? So many people are losing so much money relative to what could have been, and they are paying him gleefully! Egads.

  22. Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russel Wilson made $526k last year. About 1% of Roger Goodell’s salary. Is that even close to being a fair?

  23. $44 million? No wonder the NFL is able to pay him so much when they don’t pay any taxes because they’re “non-profit” organization.

  24. You clowns complaining about the league’s tax exempt status should try to understand what you’re talking about before whining.

    The NFL itself is, indeed, not for profit. It’s an association that administers a sports league and enters into agreements ON BEHALF OF ITS MEMBER CLUBS, who own 100% of the profits and thus pay taxes on their individual share of the income.

    Taxing the league too would tax the income twice. And regardless of how grotesque you think the profits and prices of in-stadium beers are, that wouldn’t be fair.

  25. The NFL, the owners, and Roger Goodell ate changing the NFL the way they want it to be played. When they all knows how NFL football is played, this is a full cantact sport that going to bring on major injuries. How they want to put all eyes on the players, when the NFL, owners, and Roger Goodell knows what they pays these players to do hit hard. So now they taking money from the players for hitting hard sometimes taking other players out of the game, this how Roger Goodell makes his money through fines of players plus salary.

  26. I’d likely be surprised by this had I not just read that Jay-Z has a $5 million watch.. five. million. dollar. watch. ..compared to that, just about anything seems reasonable

  27. Absolute joke! Paying any Commissioner that kind of money is absolutely ridiculous. All this guy is is a puppet for the owners and he could not care less about the fans.
    No wonder he doesn’t understand that fans can’t afford to go to the games anymore with their families.
    He’s a money-hungry grub, and that’s why he wants an 18 game schedule and games played in Europe. He’ll line the owners’ pockets, and they’ll line his.
    I can’t stand phony people, and this guy is as phony as they come.

  28. I am currently out of work but members of congress keep worrying about the Redskins name. Last night I scraped together some pasta, tuna fish and a can of mushroom soup and mixed it all up… pasta gumbo surprise lol. I’m no hater… good for Goodell. As long as he keeps supporting the Redskins I’m ok with his salary.

  29. To all the laissez faire slurpers out there. The league would go under if it weren’t for the players. It wouldn’t skip a beat if Goodell stepped down. So, let’s relax that Goodell created this juggernaut.

  30. I can’t stand this man. And this news makes me absolutely sick to my stomach. He is single-handedly ruining the game I grew up loving and acts like a complete tyrant. His fines are a joke, the rule changes suck and he sits back and pockets $44 mil?? I’m not a violent man but I have a feeling there’d be more than a few silent cheers if someone took out this jerk.

  31. As much as you hate the teams who are your greatest rivalries, it does’ compare to the feelings that some of us fans have for this man.

    I would rather see the NFL team I hate the most win 5 Super Bowl trophies in a year if it meant Roger could be fired immediately.

    I had to choose to continue following and enjoying the NFL because of this man. Almost left it.

  32. Sure we can pay this jackass $44M a year but they keep saying they won’t give money to help the Raiders, Chargers, etc. new stadiums.

    The Raiders and Chargers are both playing in half-century old stadiums while he is living the high life.

  33. Maybe this will help some here rethink all the figures. The concussion amount (675M) which has been rejected for now by the judge, is a paltry 1.05M per 32 teams/20 years. That is miniscule. That is suppossed to cover 4500 men but might top 20,000 over 20 years. Maybe w/ interest etc. It is designed to last 65 years, no future suits by anyone. According to the article in the Chicago Tribune dated 01/14/14 when the judge said she needs more info, they also quoted a law professor from Standford saying he thought it would have been in the billions. I don’t know why no one does the simple math and shows that the teams that comprise a multi-billion entity are only paying out 1.05M per year for 20 years off the backs of the very same “workers” they employ. Another 75M for testing, 10M for research, and of course 112M for lawyers fees equals 872M. They lose 5M somewhere in translation from the originally stated 765M. Furthermore, it is (what word should I use?) rediculous that the cheerleaders only get game stipends, not some sufficient pay, like 25,000/yr. They obviously get other percs but what is the real cash value? Lastly, on the same website we are currently on, I dare you all to look at the Police Blotter at the top and see the litanny of offenses committed by our beloved players over several years. Scroll down quickly with your eyes and see how many times you see DUI on these quick two sentence blurbs. I was astonished to realize how many of these guys I absolutely love to watch have had problems that I would never had known about because I don’t get every paper in the country! To sum up my feelings, this story just sums up the current state of affairs in our world. I’m outraged with no voice but here. He has grown the game at all the bargaining tables and corporate boardrooms, but the game is changing, wussifying in my opinion, and it gets a little less fun to watch every year. Like someone said, no ones worth 44 million, but between all actors, singers, athletes and I guess even Wall Street money wizzes, they’re all in the entertainment business or the business of money. I’m just a truck driver with a calculator. It would help if Goodell didn’t have to be such a ninny most of the time, admittingly he really is the voice box for the owners right? As much as I like my owner for bringing us such great success via his business savvy and money, I also know at what minimal cost he operates comparative to the fortune he is deriving from his patriotic duties. Cheers, where everyone loathes your name.

  34. Goodell is an errand boy and bagman for the owners just like Tagliabu was. The NFL has not had a real commissioner since Pete Rozell. Goodell has been using L.A. as a bargaining chip to force other cities into build new stadiums. Just like Tagliabu. This complete idiot said he would not take his salary if the NFL did not start on time. Well guess what? It didn’t and he still took the money. Now instead of putting football back in the largest market in the country he wants to give a team to London. Just another way to line his own pockets. What a coward. Shame on the sports writers for not exposing his “non-profit” league.

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