Wells report doesn’t portray OL coach Jim Turner in a positive light

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The main headline of investigator Ted Wells’ report on what went on with tackle Jonathan Martin and his Dolphins teammates this season is that Wells believes offensive linemen Richie Incognito, Mike Pouncey and John Jerry “engaged in a pattern of harassment” toward Martin, another unnamed offensive lineman and an assistant trainer.

As the report unfolds, the way that harassment occurred is documented and the name of offensive line coach Jim Turner continually finds its way into the mix. Text messages from Turner, who was commended for counseling Martin during a previous 2013 bout with anxiety and depression, to Martin urging him to exonerate Incognito in the days following Martin’s departure from the Dolphins and hospitalization are included in the report, which Wells deems to be in good faith but inappropriate.

There’s no good faith mention involved in an allegation by Incognito that Turner was “in on” teasing of offensive lineman Nate Garner or that he gave the unnamed offensive lineman a male blow-up sex doll as a Christmas gift. That player was teased often about being gay by his teammates, although he wasn’t believed to be gay by any of them, and was given the male doll when when other members of the offensive line were given female models. Turner said he couldn’t recall that during an interview with Wells, but several other witnesses recounted the story.

There’s a pattern of that as Turner denied knowledge of other incidents, including witnessing harassment of Martin, that other witnesses had no trouble remembering. Turner allegedly went on to tell coach Joe Philbin that he was not aware of any abusive treatment toward Martin or use of “vulgar names” in the wake of Martin’s departure from the team.

Turner remains on the Dolphins staff, although there could be league discipline or other action from the team resulting from the report. Miami hired former Texans offensive line coach John Benton as an assistant offensive line coach this offseason.

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21 responses to “Wells report doesn’t portray OL coach Jim Turner in a positive light

  1. The report also mentions that Martin’s dad had a talk with Philbin, and he said he would get Martin all the support he needs.

    That sound you hear is Philbin packing up his office, and handing in his keycard

  2. I would be suprised to see Philbin get fired now. Turner would be more likely… certainly easier to replace at this point in the year.

    Makes you wonder who is running the asylum. If this was a college program, we would be hearing all kinds of “lack of institutional control” potential sanctions being discussed.

  3. It’s one glorious moment for Stephen Ross and his Dolphins after another.

    The pride must be overwhelming!

  4. Time to fire everyone in the NFL then….

    This isn’t a Miami Dolphins thing. This isn’t just an NFL thing. This happens in college and in high schools everywhere.

    I am sure everyone will come out and say the PC thing that, “We don’t condone that type of activity…”

    Sure, you may not condone it, but it happens, and you won’t exactly discourage it. You won’t penalize people for it, or get rid of the offending players because you would then have almost nobody playing or coaching in the NFL.

    Coaches are in on this too. If they think you aren’t playing tough enough, or if you blow a play, you’ll get an earful of stuff ranging from how their grandma hits harder than you, how you are essentially a kitten, and other various not so nice things.

    You can cry and walk away. You can tell the higher ups and then walk around with your head on a swivel because everyone is going to know who said what in the locker room. Or you can do better and shut everyone up.

    That’s football. Sorry if you didn’t know that.

  5. I suspect this type of behavior is NORMAL in an NFL locker room. That said it used to be OK to a)cause certain people to ride in the back of the busas well. b) have whites only drinking fountains, C) women not be able to vote.

    Just because it is NORMAL does not make it flipping right.

    They all should be fired. And good lord help the guy from Missouri if he gets drafted by Miami.

  6. Ireland is gone. Sherman is gone. Martin is gone. Incognito is gone. Pouncey is still sweating an indictment in the Hernandez case. Jerry is a back up at best. Turner has no clue and can’t build an offensive line. Fire Turner immediately and fine both Jerry and Pouncey for their parts in this.

    Nate Garner is a generalist O-line swing player; just not good enough to start. Garner is a victim here in a way. Ignore hime for now.

    Philbin is a pathetic leader hiding behind stooges. Ross needs let Philbin pay the soon to be levied NFL fine on behalf of the Dolphins. Did you hear about the Japanese trainer who was routinely insulted by these characters?

  7. Philbin showed loayalty to a fault with Turner not firing him after the debacle that was the O-Line last year, this will give Ross the smoking gun he needs to convince Philbin to fire him or else. ( Philbin has sole authority for his coaching staffs hire/fire). My gut tells me the hiring of Benton was a just in case move.

  8. That is how richie incognito follows the code of locker room silence…. he tells everyone about Jonathan Martin’s mention of suicide and Jim Turner’s bad behavior.

  9. This is really a reflection on the coaches and the atmosphere they permit in the locker room. No one says that they need to mold choirboys- but professional leaders need to know what is OK for normal kidding and what is unacceptable, period.

    You are paying guys big money to play. Not to do this kind of stuff.

  10. In an ordinary company, Turner would be responsible for the behavior of the O-linemen because of his position. Not in the NFL, or other leagues. Turner is paid less & is easier to replace than than some if not all of the starters. The real blame for this goes back to the owners. They allow & some undoubtedly like the idea that the players are “tough guys” that live by different rules than the rest of society. In the real world, they would be known as bullies & bigots who won’t grow up. Goodell is paid by the owners to play the role of daddy the disciplinarian if a player is so unlucky as to get caught acting in public like he does behind closed doors.

  11. This was probably the biggest question I had so far in the Dolphins off-season. The OL was pathetic even at “full strength” the last couple years. Why keep this guy and fire Sherman? ALL of the offensive coaches if not the entire staff should have been let go.

  12. Everyone wants the coaches all fired. Isn’t it clear very few wish to come to Miami?

    Until they turn the program around that’ll remain the case.

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