Agent confirms Manziel won’t throw at Combine or Aggies Pro Day


Yes, Johnny Football will throw footballs (and presumably do other stuff) for scouts before the draft.  No, he won’t be doing any of it at the Scouting Combine or the Texas A&M Pro Day.

Agent Erik Burkhardt said last night on Twitter that Manziel will throw for scouts at his own personal Pro Day workout on March 27, and then privately for teams.

The declaration has prompted some of the same-old criticism that applies to quarterbacks who choose not to throw to a revolving-door of receivers they don’t know at the Scouting Combine.  And while it’s true that quarterbacks who choose to work out at the Combine rarely see their draft stock fall, top-end quarterbacks who have passed on passing there also never see that work against them, either.

That said, some players over the years have suffered injuries at the Combine.  While quarterback drills don’t involve sprinting and cutting and potential accidental contact, there’s still an incremental chance that Manziel would emerge from the event with some sort of injury that could affect his draft standing.

The bigger eyebrow raise comes from the decision to skip the Aggies’ Pro Day workout, since that’s where the quarterback throws to receivers with whom he’s familiar.

Three of those familiar receivers, we’ll told, will be running the routes and catching the passes on Manziel’s on-campus March 27, and during all private workouts.  So while fewer scouts will be taking in the full A&M Pro Day on March 5, three Aggies will be getting extended scrutiny via the various Manziel workouts.

32 responses to “Agent confirms Manziel won’t throw at Combine or Aggies Pro Day

  1. he won’t throw at the combine or the aggies day, and he wants to be picked #1 overall?! yeah, good luck with that buddy. I’m not throwing at the combine or my pro day (backyard) either.

  2. Don’t these player realize throwing at the combine is the best way to showcase your skills.. lets say a player only does his pro day and some team wants him to fall to them.. They will purposely put out bad press in hopes that players slip.. which hurts the player.. showcase your skills in front of everyone and if you have a bad day you can make up for it at your pro day.

  3. He’s throwing privately for team and at his pro day. Why does he need to throw at the combine to appease the loser fans who are complaining about it?

    Get a life, jealous haters.


  4. @therealraider

    You are delusional. Manziel doesn’t need to throw at the combine or pro day. He’ll be throwing in private workouts.

    People act as if the combine and pro day are for top ten picks to prove to the masses that they deserve to be picked number 1 overall. Johnny will do his work in private workouts and private interviews.

  5. waxthat says:

    “People act as if the combine and pro day are for top ten picks to prove to the masses that they deserve to be picked number 1 overall”


    That is exactly what its for.. The “masses” your referring to are every scout and GM in the league. The combine isn’t about the fans, they only started to televise it in 2004 and its still limited to NFL network.

  6. People must realize that Johnny is different. It’s not him with the problem, it’s everyone else, but Richie, umh, I mean Johnny.

    Hell, they named a sport that’s been played 125 years after him. Why should he throw?

  7. If you are a true competitor/baller you throw play in any type of condition or environment, this guy doesnt have what it takes..

  8. doe22us says: Feb 15, 2014 1:08 PM

    If you are a true competitor/baller you throw play in any type of condition or environment, this guy doesnt have what it takes..

    Who the hell does he think he is? What a diva and problem child of the first order. Would wish him on any team!

  9. Uh . . . . . Shouldn’t that read ‘four Aggies’? Or is Manzeil not still an Aggie? I’m so confused . . . . .

  10. Throwing at the Combine is a farce that agents want to put an end to. Matter of fact the vast majority of the Combine is a farce, other than medicals and interviews.

    There should be a flat fee paid to participants for showing up and extra money for competing in and winning events. As it is the agents have to bankroll the training, and they can’t bankroll everyone. Lesser prospects get left behind from the start. League is making money off the event, and it was their idea in the first place. Pony up if you want to watch the dog and pony show.

  11. When you are already widely projected as the #1 overall pick, why have your throws and mechanics in a non-game situation subjected to hyper-analysis?

    I’m sure NFL coaches and scouts aren’t happy about it either, but NOT throwing isn’t going to cost Manziel, whereas throwing might.

    As such, this is a very sensible decision.

  12. Smart move from Manziel. The selling point on Johnny Football is his dynamic play on the field. Already being discussed as a potential first pick overall, throwing scripted routes in shorts won’t help his stock whatsoever.

  13. It’s strange that he won’t throw at the Aggies’ Pro Day: (1) because he would be throwing to the receivers that he is familiar with; and (2) it would give an opportunity for his less heralded teammates to get exposure to many scouts that are now less likely to attend.

  14. Let’s face it. The critics were not Manzel fans in the first place and those on the positive side are loyal regardless. I really do like the comment about naming a sport that has been played for 125 years after him!

  15. Really wish all qbs would throw at the Combine but the bottom line is that many of the top ones just don’t. Can’t criticize Manzeil as each year there are a couple of QBs that don’t throw at the Combine. It doesn’t hurt their draft selection.

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