Bornstein gets big jump in pay


Lost in the news that Commissioner Roger Goodell received $44.1 million in compensation is the fact that outgoing NFL Network chief Steve Bornstein had a very good year, too.

Via the Form 990 filed by the NFL, Bornstein received $26.144 million in the fiscal year ending March 31, 2013.

That’s a huge increase over Bornstein’s relatively meager compensation of $5.7 million from the prior year.  The league explained the increase internally by citing a contractual provision that gave Bornstein a one-time final payment of $19.6 million “related to the long-term appreciation in value of the NFL Network.”

No other NFL employee made $10 million or more in the fiscal year ending March 31, 2013.  Bornstein is schedule to retire in May; he’ll be replaced by Brian Rolapp.

6 responses to “Bornstein gets big jump in pay

  1. 501-C3 Thats how they qualify they give all the profits to a few dudes. I am impressed at how much Goodell gets paid for essentially ruining football.

  2. What’s with these stories which imply these guys need to justify their salaries as if they’ve done something wrong?

    The NFL network has brought in tons of money for the NFL so it only follows that the guy responsible gets rewarded.

    The players have gotten a bigger piece of the pie as well partly due to NFL network.

    I know it’s trendy now to call out executives salaries, but some of them earn it.

  3. The median wage in the US is $27,500 annually. So Mr. Goodell is valued the same as 1,600 Americans, and Mr. Bornstein at around 950.

    Also, if you don’t think that’s a fair comparison keep in mind that the CEO of IBM has a salary of $1.5M with incentives likely bringing it up to around $3.5M.

    So by this reasoning Roger Goodell is worth 12 1/2 Fortune 100 CEOs.

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