Jonathan Martin’s agent meeting with Dolphins next week

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While only recently has anyone suggested that Jonathan Martin might have any hint of a future in Miami, the Dolphins do still control his contractual rights.

So if he’s intent on playing again, they control to a certain degree where.

Agent Kenny Zuckerman told Andrew Abramson of the Palm Beach Post that he was meeting with Dolphins officials next week in Indianapolis to see what the next step is.

“We’re going to meet with the Dolphins at the Combine and see what their plans are,” Zuckerman said. “Right now they have his property, they have his rights.”

While it’s extremely unlikely that he could seamlessly return to Miami, there ought to be some degree of value for the former second-round pick.

Of the three Dolphins teammates accused in the Wells Report of harassing him, two of them are free agents, Richie Incognito and John Jerry. Center Mike Pouncey is under contract through 2014.

“He will be on the field in 2014,” Zuckerman said of Martin. “There’s no doubt. He wants to, he’s ready, he’s excited. He’ll be somewhere this season.”

Next week, they’ll be a step closer to finding out where.

23 responses to “Jonathan Martin’s agent meeting with Dolphins next week

  1. Check the looney wards to see which city would be the best fit.

    Martin may be a decent guy but his flaws don’t seem to indicate he would have a good career as an NFL lineman.

  2. Should of kept it in team, his agent & lawyer ruined his chances of getting on one. Remember all this happened AFTER he was benched, not before. Perception is one thing but the film is another and the film doesn’t lie so while people are going to forget teams that are scouting for a lineman are going to see that he isn’t that good.

    Also the Dolphins are going to have to get an entire new offensive line at this rate, oooooor they’ll just wait for everything to go quiet and people forget which they will. Americans are very forgetful unless it involves dogs.

  3. He will get a second chance and quick. He is a young, talented left tackle. The second most important position on offense. He may have not lived up to his potential so far but he is experienced and oh yeah, he should come cheap.

  4. Kids gonna get paid one way or another.

    I mean… even the NFL’s own investigation admitted Jonathan Martin was bullied.

    Companies have paid millions for a lot less with a lot less evidence (than the NFL actually highlights in it’s own investigation).

  5. Why hasn’t there been anything about Pouncey getting suspended? I’d say a season long suspension would be a good start. Incognito should be slapped with another year suspension too that will take effect if he’s ever signed anywhere again.

  6. @orivar
    Maybe Americans are a little more sensitive when it comes to dogs because they can’t speak for themselves. Whenever you torture/kill another living thing (whether its a dog, cat, child, old person, etc.)that is defenseless just for the fun of it, yea, we pretty much don’t forget that sort of thing.

  7. wow there are alot of haters here what incognito did was off the charts bad. this guy jerry, im guessing was the one that benefited by martins benching pouncey and/or his brother had ties to aaron hernandez. my guess is the kid (martin) gets a shot and if he does not get a decent contract he will end up suing the dolphins and/or the nfl and at worst it will be settled out of court. with what he had to deal with i cannot believe that once the weight is lifted off him this kid can produce, maybe never at an all pro level but my guess is he is very serviceable for about 5 years in the nfl

  8. too add to all this i have to say while jeff fisher (the guy you missed out on) may not be the best coach in the nfl my guess is this would never happened in miami if he was their coach!!

  9. The thing about this story that never was broached was the potential financial benefit of isolating an equally bad teammate/competitor by bullying him and not supporting him as a way to ensure future roster spot (lower the bar on the line to appear better in comparison).

    That is why teams who have kicked off/suspended/cut richie incognito always got better once he was gone.

    Bad teammate.

  10. Martin will continue his NFL career for no other reason than the league does not want the black eye it would get from teams shutting him out of the league regardless of how much they probably would like to do so.

    I see him landing in San Fran given his history with Harbaugh at Stanford.

  11. “this guy jerry, im guessing was the one that benefited by martins benching pouncey ”

    Stop guessing, maybe. John Jerry is a three-year starter at right guard. Martin was a left tackle who was being moved back to right tackle. No benefit whatsoever.

  12. can’t see Jerry, Pouncey and Martin working together next year. Pouncey is def getting a slap on the wrist and will probably be franchised by Miami next year

  13. Harbaugh confirmed that Martin in no way lacked toughness or ability to do the job, this only became an issue because Incognito is an actual Psycho who evidently can’t do the basic job of building a team even though he was being paid millions.

    Martin will be on someones o line as a starter this year… the Phins would be legally smart to keep him on if they can because they are looking at a monster lawsuit if no one hires him.

  14. Not many young players could live up to their potential with the fear if they screw-up they will be harassed to the point Martin was. The Dolphin organization addressed half their culture problems by getting rid of Ireland. The one I hold more responsible is Philbin and his coaching staff. I don’t care what excuse Philbin uses he had to be aware of the banner going on in his locker room. Owner Stephen Ross biggest mistake was not cleaning house right after their season was over. He didn’t go far enough by just replacing his GM.
    The Miami Dolphins is a team most free agents will by-pass because of the culture there. Some free agents will sign on with a mediocre team who has a great locker room environment, but not many will sign with a team as dysfunctional as the Dolphin are.

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