Kirk Cousins: Difference between 3-13 and 13-3 isn’t that much

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Kirk Cousins played on a 3-13 team in Washington last season, but he doesn’t see a big difference between his own team and the 13-3 Seahawks.

Cousins said on SiriusXM NFL Radio that there wasn’t a huge difference between the 2012 team that won the NFC East and the 2013 team that tied for the worst record in the NFL.

“It is kind of perplexing when you look at the start of the season, how high the expectations were coming off a great year in 2012, and it didn’t go the way we wanted it to,” Cousins said, via Dan Steinberg of the Washington Post. “But you know, it’s the NFL. When you look at week to week, the margin for error is so small. And you take one, two plays, that makes a difference in almost every game. So the difference between going 3-13 and 13-3, it isn’t that much. And we won a lot of close games down the stretch in 2012 to get into the playoffs, and we lost a lot of close games in 2013 that kept us away from getting into the playoffs. So I think it’s those inches that make the difference, and we’ve got to find ways to get those inches to fall our way in the next upcoming season.”

It’s true that a lot of games come down to one or two plays, but Washington also had losses by 35 points, 24 points, 21 points and 18 points, so those are four losses that were a lot more than just “inches” away from wins — which means they certainly weren’t close to 13-3. And all three of Washington’s wins were relatively close games (10 points, four points and six points in overtime), so if Cousins wants to talk about the record his team was inches away from, he should acknowledge that Washington was actually pretty close to 0-16.

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  1. There is also a narrow difference between people hating you and people not hating you, and that difference is your owner narrowly missing getting hit by a cement truck.

  2. I think he’s overstating things. I agree that there’s not much of a difference between 5-11 and 8-8. Or 7-9 and 10-6. But 3-13 and 13-3. No, I don’t think so.

  3. The difference was starting a QB coming off a major knee reconstructive surgery and starting him despite no OTA’s, minicamps, training camps, or preseason games and expect him to play at a NFL level. How naïve is that?

    I think the RG3, the former coaches, and front office should step forward. Cousins should have been the starter from RG3 shredding his knee to at least the bye week.

    Takes no geniuses to figure that out. I for one was NOT all in for week one and I bet Kirk wasn’t either but towed the company line.

    Hate him or not, Cousins has been the consummate team player!

  4. i remember when russell wilson got picked before kirk. kirk’s michigan state teammates went crazy, they couldn’t believe that wilson got picked before kirk. since kirk believes that an inferior qb can go 13-3 that it should be easy for him to do the same thing.

  5. Well, while his comment is exaggerated, it is somewhat true. Take an average 8-8 team. A favorable call and a lucky bounce during the season can convert an average team into a 10-6 playoff team. Once in the playoffs, anything can happen.

    With a bad call and an unlucky bounce, that same team can end up 6-10. It is a game of inches and it’s why you see teams go from worst to first every year, along with playoff teams from the previous year ending up with a losing record the following season.

  6. Huh? If you compare the Redskins to the Seahawks – the difference is 21 points! 3 TDs a game (Redskins need to score 1 more and give up 2 fewer every game!)

    If you compare to Broncos it’s a 24 point swing – every game!

    Not to mention the Skins have a QB who focuses more on Subway commercials than his relationship with teammates.

  7. Cousins is explaining that 2-3 big plays can make a huge difference on the outcome of the game and that the team is real close to being on the other end of those few plays and on to winning.

  8. This gentlemen sounds like a PR guy for my beloved Bills. we have heard this refrain for the past 15 years

  9. Is say from my perspective, a Texans fan the difference is a competent starting QB healthy RB healthy TE and a competent safety. Having gone through this recently yeah there is a big difference

  10. You Steeler trolls are embarrassing a great legacy.

    I’m 5th or so generation Pittsburgh but moved young and have a ton of great relatives who are avid fans.

    With each stupid comment comes less respect…

  11. EJ says:

    Cousins is explaining that 2-3 big plays can make a huge difference on the outcome of the game and that the team is real close to being on the other end of those few plays and on to winning.


    Then logic would suggest that they’re more likely to be on the wrong end of those 2-3 plays and even closer to 0-16, or being blown out. At least they have the 2nd pick to get an immediate impact player. Oh wait.

  12. Removing Shanarat & son is probably good for 3-4 wins.. the other 6-7 would come if they could remove Snyder. Obviously he’s not going anywhere, so illogicalvoice will continue to suffer for decades to come.

  13. I agree with him, there are some similarities between the Seahawks and the Redskins. Let’s see…

    One plays in Washington (State) and the other thinks it plays in Washington (City).

    The both play football (though one not nearly as well as the other).

    They both play in the NFL and the NFC.

    Other than that, I got nothin’.

  14. There’s some truth to what Cousins is saying, but if a few plays went right here and there, they would still have gone 8-8 maayybe 9-7. There were a number of games where they were blown apart, and a few plays done right would have meant that they lost by 1 touchdown, and not 2 TDs and a field goal.

  15. Anyone else notice that when the Shannies got fired logicalvoices disappeared? He must have been their alter ego on line….

  16. They got in the playoffs two years ago thanks to a Romo Week 17 special.

    Then RG3 doesn’t blow his knee out against Seattle and who knows where last season goes…probably the same, with less RG3 day by day updates…and Cousins ends up being less relevant than he is now.

    Every team needs a bit of luck along the way, the Skins needed a cement truck full of it.

  17. Actually Kirk the saying is;
    The difference between ordinary and extraordinary, is just that little bit extra

  18. Can everyone associated with the DC Football Club, whether it be a fan, reporter, player, or someone pulling a paycheck from the organization, stop referring to 2012 as if they accomplished anything worthy of mention. It’s tiresome.

    Your organization is a bottom-feeder in the NFL. You haven’t had any success in 22 seasons. As sure as the Swallows of Capistrano return every year, your team has a new head coach every 2.5 years.

    Kirk Cousins is utterly clueless, and he looked pretty damn average on the field. He doesn’t know what it takes to win in the NFL. He is running his mouth this offseason like Griffin last offseason.

    Just. Shut. Up.

  19. Cousins’ argument is correct (the difference between wining and losing in the NFL is small), but even as a Skins fan, I think the 2013 Skins were a bad example. Many of the “close losses” were not that close, as the Skins racked up stats and scored points late that had no bearing on the outcome.

  20. The difference is that when the skins are 13-3, logical voices will be on here saying that the skins are gods gift to the nfl…..when they’re 3-13, he says …..wait, nevermind

  21. Let me see if i have this straight.

    He thinks there is not much differance between a 3-13 team and a 13-3 team?

    I wonder does he know the differance between a cover 2 D and a goal line D?

  22. tvjules says: Feb 15, 2014 12:06 PM

    Is Cousins trying to make himself more visible to put pressure on the Skins to trade him?


    No. For reasons unknown the NFL sports media has a huge man crush on Cousins and they are lobbying for some team to give the Redskins a high pick for him. Somewhat strange to me that they are so high on a guy who has a 68.6 career QB rating and more INTs than TDs. That and the three games he played in at the end of the season matched him up with some of the worst defenses in the NFL and he did nothing special.

  23. I agree that the difference between 13-3 and 10-6 might be a few close games, but the difference between 13-3 and 3-13 is massive. That is a great team and a horrible team.

  24. Way to go PFT! You’ve done it again. Taking an extremely classy individual in Kirk Cousins, and trying to make him out to be delusional, and a malcontent. #1 he is just speaking about being optimistic, and not try to become discouraged about a bad season. #2 he is a true competitor, and wants to be a starter in this league, but is a true team player. Not a malcontent who is demanding a trade. You guys love to put parts of a interview and plaster it on this site to get a rise out of the haters, when in fact nothing could be just the opposite for this very classy kid. Stop trying to destroy the character of Kirk, and of the Redskins for that matter, and focus on the whole picture of this team. Talk about the players who go out to the DC community and give a big part of their time, and talk about an organization who gives to the local charities. This organization has learned their lessons from their past digressions, and have moved forward to try to get this team back to it’s successful history, and celebrate one of the best fan bases in this league. Let’s talk about that….

  25. In a way he’s right. In some situations, if you get a few better players, a bit more luck, make that key first down in that 4th quarter scenario, and then have the coaching strategies work, it can turn around.

    However, the Redskins…I think they need a lot more. And there are teams that need a lot more when they are 13-3.

  26. Kirk Cousins is absolutely right.

    In the NFL where the talent level is the pretty much the same The difference is…

    A) a hall of fame level Head Coach


    B) A hall of fame QB who’s stellar on 3rd down and in redzone situations.

  27. I love how the Steelers trolls are so desperate for attention these days…perhaps they realize they are entering another dark period

    2012 – 2025 = 1980 – 1993

  28. mobil4life says:Feb 15, 2014 12:42 PM

    Not a Redskins fan. My opinion. Seahawks suck. Not a 49ers fan. Not a Broncos fan. Thanks.

    Since we suck so bad, you might have to get low by being on Your elbows when you Kneel down and kiss the ring.

  29. I understand his underlying point, that games are often decided by three or four plays. But when you go 3-13, that means those three or four plays consistently went against you in almost every game.

    So you might not think there is a huge gap but when you publicly state that, you sound as delusional as those Viking fans defending Ponder.

  30. Another castaway on Gilligan’s Island…Talk about denial! Yay the Redskins went 3-13, they win! The are the gold standard of the NFL Yay! Made a couple of plays! Yay! Cousin’s and Griffin both need to know there rolls, they are at the bottom right now….

  31. to funny…what does Kirk Cousins know about winning in the NFL? you mine as well print a story about homeless man blabbering on a street corner about how the redskins are the best team in the NFL..

  32. ….spoken like an inexperienced player. The statistical odds of improving from 3-13 to 13-3 by the same group, all things being equal, is a HUGE number, like 1 x 10 ^ __ kind of huge. Every game there is, for a lack of a technical term, a bunch of possible outcomes, each being magnified by innumerable outcomes in the other 15 games. A good team has either good chemistry or good players, which slant the outcomes in favor of the “better” team, odds are that a bad team will stay bad until otherwise impacted by player movement in team rosters (coming or going from the Redskins or any of the teams they play that season).

  33. One of those records belonged to the best team in the NFL.

    One belonged to one of the highest drafting teams in the NFL.

    Yes, there’s a difference.

  34. Its easy for Cousins to get in the headlines now because its the quiet time of the year for the NFL, before free agency, draft, training camp, etc. and the media will latch on to anything to write about. Maybe he’s just trying to get his name out there so he won’t be forgotten when he’s a free agent and some desperate team (are you listening, Cleveland?) decides to throw big bucks at him (think Matt Flynn) to give him a shot at being a starter. But from my perspective, the Redskins could have just as easily been 3-13 with Griffin as the starter or Cousins as the starter. There isn’t that big of a difference between the two in terms of potential value to a team. Griffin just has a lot of (arguably undeserved) perceived value, which Cousins does not. Some people may give Griffin a pass for 2013, since he was coming off a serious injury, but in 2014 he’ll have no excuses. It will be Superstar or Bust for RGIII.

  35. “The Steelers cast such an immense shadow over the league. There’s no wonder why we are so widely envied. We are superior. We have six Lombardis. What do you have ☹? says: Feb 15, 2014 11:00 AM

    Meanwhile, the Steelers are marching towards #7. Wow, life is grand.”

    The city of Baltimore has 5 Championships (3 with the BALTIMORE Colts, 2 with the Ravens).

    The Cleveland Browns have 8 Championships.

    You have somebody to catch up to, and somebody on your heels.

  36. You guys are becoming too NBC now. Over opinionated is what I mean by that. I’m almost ready to dump my app & wash my hands of PFT. This article for example, the last paragraph seemed more into bashing the Redskins (I’d put money on it being because of their team name) than anything else. You gave 4 examples of not so close losses & followed it up saying it certainly wasn’t close to 13-3. Had he Redskins won every other closer game that’d be 12-4 (the 4 being your example games) that’d put them only 1 game behind 13-3, 1 game seems close to me. Do I think the Redskins could’ve gone 13-3? No, but Cousins made a good point and the article seemed more into attacking the Redskins than reporting news. I get it, (all your readers should be able to get it with the mass amounts of anti Redskins name articles you’ve written) you have an anti Redskins agenda, just limit it to articles specifically pertaining to that subject & not anytime you write about a player on the team.

  37. He’s saying the politically correct standard NFL answer. You can’t come out and throw your team under the bus. This is a non story here. Would also like to know the context in which this came up. (yes I’m a skins fan, but I’m not a delusional one and would feel the same if this story were about any NFL player)

  38. Not sure I totally agree with his comments but history has proven many times that you can go from 3-13 to 13-3 (and vice versa) in one or two offseasons.

    Once the season is underway there is a big difference between teams with those records. But it doesn’t take much to get from one place to the other. The margins are pretty tight in the NFL.

  39. “rg3sus says: Feb 15, 2014 4:48 PM

    He’s saying the politically correct standard NFL answer. You can’t come out and throw your team under the bus. This is a non story here. Would also like to know the context in which this came up. (yes I’m a skins fan, but I’m not a delusional one and would feel the same if this story were about any NFL player)”

    Yeah, but you don’t have to come out like a complete idiot about it. It is absolutely ridiculous to come out after a pathetic season and say, “Yeah, our 3-13 record isn’t much different than Seattle’s 13-3.” Really? Did he have blinders on and not watch what Seattle was doing this year to other teams?

    You can come out and say something like, “I know our record was pretty bad last season, but we have a lot of talent and I think we’re a better team than that. There were a lot of close games that came down to a play or two that if they happened differently we could have won. We need to focus on getting better, executing our game plan, and limit our mistakes. I know my teammates and I are going to do everything possible to have a healthy and successful season next year.”

    There is a WHOLE lot of difference between going 13-3 and 3-13.

    Such as having the 9th ranked offense to the 23rd. To turning the ball over 19 times as opposed to 34, having the best defense in the league to the 30th.

    Sure…not a whole lot of difference….

  40. He’s right. That’s why you have teams go from worst to first every year and vice versa.

    It’s why the NFL is so popular. Most teams have a legit chance to compete from year to year.

  41. The difference between 3-13 & 13-3?

    3-13 = Top 5 pick

    13-3 = Picking somewhere between 28-32, typically.

  42. Teams can turn it around really fast, take a look at the first season of Troy Aikmen with the Cowboys and the next season, I think the same thing happened between the first year of the Indianapolis Colts with Peyton Manning and the second year.

    How do you do it?

    1) Star players must remain healthy all season or a majority of it.

    2) You find that one key element that may have been missing and try to add it. Either you sign the right free agent or two, draft very well, or a combination of both.

    3) You secure the football better. I bet you if the Redskins turn the ball over on offense 10-15 times less than they did this past season, they will win 5+ more games. It really is all about turnovers.

    4) A splash of luck.

    The Redskins have been signing high priced free agents almost every season for as long as I can remember and that just isn’t working out. They’ve drafted pretty well lately, but those guys are getting hurt. So yeah, it can happen. I am not bashing Kirk Cousins for his underlying message, I just don’t think he worded it the best way he could have.

  43. Difference between 3-13, and 13-3 is:

    * 100% healthy RGIII playing back to form
    * completely upgraded defense
    * offensive line that can actually pass block
    * competent HC and OC.

    Other than that, not much difference.

    But at least they play in the NFC East. So, there’s a chance that with just 2 out of the 4 they can actually take the division.

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