Michael Sam gets standing ovation at Missouri basketball game


The only thing more brutally honest than a small child is a large crowd.  With each individual finding anonymity in numbers, the boos or cheers that emerge reflect true feelings more accurately than any polygraph machine ever could.

A camera operator at the University of Missouri basketball game on Saturday night aimed at Michael Sam and projected his image on the screens above the court.

According to the Associated Press, the crowd not only cheered for Sam, but it gave him a standing ovation.

“Michael Sam stood up for Mizzou his entire career and we need to stand up for him,” Missouri fan Michelle Carmichael said.

While it’s not a shock that a Missouri crowd would zealously support one of its own, presence in a crowd provides ultimate cover for boos and jeers.  And so the overwhelmingly positive reaction is encouraging — and perhaps it’s a sign that welcoming Sam onto a given team will be anything but a distraction.

The added benefit will be that the team drafting Sam will instantly have thousands of fans in Missouri.

43 responses to “Michael Sam gets standing ovation at Missouri basketball game

  1. It would be great if some player comes out and says, “Hey, I’m coming out. I’m heterosexual.” I’ll bet the crowd would rise and cheer for him, too. Tired of this constant pandering.

  2. ok…so good for him that he stood for his rights and beliefs… BUT why is he being treated as a hero ? did he save puppies from a burning house ? ….too much hype about this…he will be judged as a football player!

  3. thepftpoet says: Feb 15, 2014 9:58 PM

    Michael Sam obviously is doing this for attention.


    You poor, small minded individual.

  4. Cool, I’m happy for him. Now can you please stop talking about it? Let the man live his life, and let him focus on the upcoming draft…..seriously….

  5. @jakec4

    No I’m just seeing this situation clearly.

    Why does everybody need to know this?

    How does his sexuality have anything to do with playing in the NFL?

    You’re the one who really needs to use his head.

  6. 1rockyracoon says: Feb 15, 2014 10:16 PM

    Someday soon a person’s sexuality will be a nonissue, but until that time comes people like Sam are helping to lead us toward a better society.

    Precisely. The acceptance of an openly gay player in time will carry the same significance of Jackie Robinson breaking the color barrier. Events like these lay the foundation for a better, more tolerant society.

  7. tjacks7 says:
    Feb 15, 2014 10:13 PM
    If the media would just let this die.. I bet the average fan doesn’t care about his or any other players sexuality.


    I disagree. Let’s beat this dead horse into the ground now, that way when he finally plays in the NFL, and other players come out, it will not be such a big deal.

  8. slugbaitspace says: Feb 15, 2014 9:53 PM

    One small problem: everyone in that building was smart enough to get into college, and grew up in an age of tolerance and acceptance.

    Some NFL fans…not so much.

    indeed .. i have come to the realization that the older/under-educated/intolerant people cannot be changed .. we can only wait for them to die off .. and try to raise the average level of education generation after generation. it takes time.

  9. this man is a hero to todays gay youth. he is an example of what they can aspire to be. for this very reason it is important for prominent gay members of society to step forward and live life openly. no longer hide in fear, no matter what the consequences may be. no longer kept silent, in the closet just so others can “be comfortable”.

  10. As a Mizzou alum, you make me proud Michael Sam!

    Good luck with the upcoming draft, and hope you excel in the NFL the way you have in college.

  11. Why is it all the new found champions of this cause, think that when someone isn’t praising a person for coming out, that we are against it? Maybe we are just indifferent and don’t really care what people do in their own privacy. It should be of no concern. I don’t get the praise for someone finally coming to terms with who they are.

  12. i love the people who “don’t care” about michael sam enough to register for a site and leave a comment about it. Usually when I don’t care about stuff I ignore it. It’s pretty clear they do care, and they’re mad.

  13. There have been gays in the NFL since the 60s. It really is not a big deal. It’s PC nonsense. It’s like pretending Doug Williams was the first black QB in the NFL.

  14. Getting support from the home crowd at a hoops game is one thing.
    Getting it from a football team and fans is another.

  15. Smart man, but perhaps not the hero he is being portrayed as. His chances of making it in the NFL were slim but now he will probably assure himself of an income from speaking engagements and other cushy political gigs, plus make it a perpetual controversy if he is ever cut from an NFL team.

  16. I challenge those who think that Michael Sam is doing this for attention. He is putting a target on his back. Because he stated that he is openly gay, he now must answer whether he can perform and probably outperform others most likely who are straight. From that standpoint, let him compete and then ask ourselves what are we afraid of.

  17. What amazes me is how much we focus on small groups, or in this case, one individual.
    Meanwhile, our senior citizens are stuggling to keep the homes they’ve lived in for years, our wounded veterans are coming home only to find they aren’t getting the help they need, and middle class workers, who’ve always been the backbone of this country, are finding they are no longer middle class because they’ve lost their jobs, or their pay has been cut, and they’ve been taxed to death to pay for those who are here illegally or think “the government” should support them.
    I couldn’t care less what this guy does in private, or who he does it with. In fact — I don’t want to know.
    I think his idea to come out has guaranteed him a roster spot on an NFL team, because all the scrutiny the NFL will be under by the folks who share his agenda will force a team to draft or sign him. So, pretty smart move on his part.
    My only hope is he’ll be judged just like any other player and succeed or fail on his own merit, not because he has come out.

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