Broyles: Knees “healthy right now” as he rehabs Achilles injury

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In the span of about 23 months, Lions wide receiver Ryan Broyles suffered three serious leg injuries: a left ACL tear in November 2011 at Oklahoma, a right ACL tear in December 2012 and a left Achilles tendon tear in 2013.

The Lions’ second-round pick in 2012, Broyles told Tim Twentyman of that he feels pressure to perform but also wants to be prudent in his rehabilitation from the Achilles injury.

“I know the deal with the Lions right now and you feel like you have a deadline because there’s guys counting on you, especially coming in from the second round. I feel like I have to go in there and prove something and maybe I did that a little bit before my body was ready (last year),” Broyles told the club’s website for a story published Sunday. “This time around I have to just focus on my future. I’m 25 years old right [now]. I just have to be smart from this point on.”

Broyles told that his knees are now healed, but his left calf needs to be strengthened.

“Last year I didn’t hit the ground running like I wanted to, but I wasn’t as strong as I needed to be last year. This year my knees are healthy right now,” Broyles told the club’s website. “I feel my glutes, back, hamstrings and quads are back. Now I just have to work on my left calf.

“I’m excited for that day to go out there and just be able to cut where I want to cut and jump when I want to cut. I’m going to work as hard as I can and it’s going to fall in my favor sometime soon.”

The Lions seem one of the more likely teams to add at wide receiver either in free agency and/or the draft. The club’s recent attempts to bring in capable wideouts opposite of Calvin Johnson have mostly fallen short, though in the case of Broyles, terrible luck is as much to blame as anything else. Nevertheless, the Lions are going to have to try again to find targets who attract attention opposite of Johnson, who draws no shortage of focus from opposing defenses.