Dolphins may open season with all-new offensive line


Away from the field, the Dolphins’ offensive line was apparently a mess last year, with three offensive linemen reportedly bullying a fourth to the point where he felt he needed to leave the team. On the field, the Dolphins’ offensive line may look a whole lot different this season.

In fact, the Dolphins may have to open the 2014 season with five new offensive linemen, as noted by Adam Beasley of the Miami Herald.

Two of the starting offensive linemen implicated as bullies in the Ted Wells report, guards Richie Incognito and John Jerry, are soon-to-be free agents who aren’t expected back. The third accused bully, center Mike Pouncey, may be suspended for the actions described in the report.

Jonathan Martin, the offensive tackle who had started 23 consecutive games before abruptly leaving the team last season, is also not expected to be back. Bryant McKinnie, who replaced Martin at left tackle last season, is a free agent. Tyson Clabo, who started 15 games at right tackle last season, is also a free agent. There’s a good chance that both McKinnie and Clabo will leave Miami in the offseason.

The Dolphins’ offensive line coach, Jim Turner, also may be fired for his role in the bullying of Martin. So Miami could be looking at a huge amount of turnover on the offensive line.

The only piece of good news for the Dolphins is that their offensive line wasn’t very good last year. Maybe the off-field problems will spur the Dolphins to on-field improvement.

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  1. Why shouldn’t they.

    The 2013 Miami Dolphins O-Line gave up the most sacks in the NFL and had the 26th ranked RUSH Offense with all those low character losers (incognito/jerry/pouncey).

  2. Even without the bully nonsense, they were likely going to replace the majority of the offensive line. Pouncey was and is still part of the plan, so a suspension to him would hurt. They drafted Dallas Thomas last year in the 3rd round to replace Incognito at left guard. My guess is that they sign Albert from KC to be the LT, sign a free agent guard and draft a couple of lineman high in the draft.

    The line last year gave up 58 sacks, so pretty much replacing the entire line is a positive. Plus they already hired John Benton, formally with the Houston Texans, so they have a much better offensive line coach than they had with Tuner(who is about to be fired).

    A better offensive line will help Tannehill and the run game. So despite all the drama the Dolphins will likely be in the playoff hunt again next season.

  3. I think its been reported that McKinnie wants back, so I could foresee him returning in some fashion.

  4. I am very grateful that Tom Coughlin is the Giants head coach. The cold plunge incident with Prince Amukamara and JPP could have easily escalated into a serious bullying situation without a no nonsense head coach.

  5. Man, poor Tannehill. While the oline as a unit was a complete mess last season, they actually had some talented players. They wont be able to replace them with the same level of talent

  6. Miami needs a wholesale rebuilding of the O-Line based on performance alone.

    The controversy surrounding the members of the line could literally be ignored, and it would still need to be done.

  7. If Philbin has any part of the personal moves the trouble has just begun.

    He is part of the problem not the solution, add Mr. Ross you had a franchise with Autism

  8. Similar to the pats starting the season with all new TE’s.

    Let’s see,

    Former dolphin incognito charged with harassment….


    Former patriot Hernandez charged with multiple murders….

    It’s amazing what winning games will do for an organization. Over the last decade the pats have been part of more embarrassing stories than the dolphins, drafting a player who dropped in the draft because everyone knew he had a shady past and turned out to be a murderer and also got caught cheating, was covered up by the nfl and has not won a sb since, yet they are the model franchise. The dolphins have a couple players who took having fun with others a little too far (based on perception) and the story that has been presented could go either way, yet now one of the most storied franchises in the nfl is considered a joke. It’s amazing what the media can do to change peoples perceptions.

  9. formerworldchamps

    It didn’t matter so much that Coughlin was the head coach….we were just lucky that Prince wasn’t a punk and didn’t make a mountain out of a mole-hill. No coach has control of his players’ behavior 24 hours a day. You do make a good point though….if Prince had cried about the incident it would have been national news. Instead, he took it in stride, and everyone forgot about it a few days after it happened.

    Its not about the nature of the incident, its about who screams the loudest.

  10. IMO, Stephan Ross needs to fire everyone and completely clean house. That is the only way he’ll gain the trust of the fans, players under contract and 2014 free agents.

    Another reason to clean house is so that media isn’t constantly asking questions to the players and coaches “How is this different from last year? How could that have been avoided? Why didn’t you doing anything about it?” and so on.

  11. The dysfunction starts at the top, with Stephen Ross, an 80 year old billionaire who has too much to do to make running the Dolphins his full time job. He is very much an absentee owner and it shows.

    To think, the Dolphins could have hired Nick Cesario from New England but rebuffed him simply because he wanted to have input into the decision if whether to retain or fire Philbin after the upcoming season.

    In typical Dolphins fashion, Jeff Ireland was fired in a kneejerk reaction to the end season collapse, in a move that no doubt most fans supported. Of course, there was absolutely no plan about what to do once Ireland was fired, and the result was an embarrassing, protracted GM search that ended with the hiring of a guy whose employer of 18 years didn’t even consider for their own GM job.

    These truly are hopeless days for Dolphins fans. I believe Tannehill has what it takes to make it, but I imagine he will wash out like so many others. Other than Pouncey’s on-field play, there was nothing to like about Miami’s offensive line last year. They could replace all five starters and it couldn’t possibly be any worse than what we saw last year. Could it???…

  12. The only keeper was Pouncey. Big Mac was okay but was never meant to stick around. Jerry was a three-year starter but they were always looking to replace him, would probably stay around if not for his part in all the BS. Incognito, who was good, is of course gone, as is Martin, who was a starter not because he was good but because nobody was better at the time. Clabo was pretty decent at the end of the season, I wouldn’t write him out yet.

  13. Pouncey should just blame Incognito for bullying him into bullying Martin, it worked for Martin so…

    Seriously though they should trade Pouncey.
    Sorry but he has the Urban Myer gangster stink to him.

    McKinney should be resign to compete and reserve the tackle position. Brenner and Garner got a lot of reps last year and should return in a reserve role as well. So they just need 4-5 starters, ever since Parcells came in they have talked about the OL gel’n by mid season. EVERY SEASON! So nothing new in Miami even though now him and Ireland are gone.

  14. You’ll need to replace Jim Turner too.

    Turner should actually be replaced by Mike Sherman weirdly enough. Sherman was the O-line and “assistant head coach” in Houston under Gary Kubiak before going to Texas A&M.

    Other positions that need to be replaced, middle and weakside linebackers and running backs.

  15. Chicago was able to bring in 4 new starters on the online and get big improvement, so while bringing in 5 new starters isn’t ideal, it isn’t like miamis line can get much worse

  16. The Dolphins 2014 offense will consist of Mike Wallace running go routes while Tannehill is laying on his back.

  17. I recall Incognito being quoted as saying early last season after a poor performance by the O-line… “If we can’t do better as a unit, they should fire us all”. Well, it looks like he got something correct.

  18. Pouncey will NOT be suspended. The NFLPA will fight it and win just like they did with Bountygate. The league’s best option is to handle it with the organization because there were coaches involved. Anytime the organization as a whole is involved in creating a culture of misconduct, the blame cannot fall onto any individual players. Suspending the o-line coach is practical, banning Jeff Ireland from the league for a year is practical, but suspending and singling out players for adapting to the culture of their locker room is patently unfair.

    It is a possibility that the Dolphins TRADE Pouncey in an attempt to overhaul their locker room culture, but his suspension will not happen. He’s too talented.

  19. And yet the Dolphins keep Philbin, who claimed he was innocent of knowing of the problem. Did he even go into the locker room? Didn’t some of this harassing language carry out onto the field? Everyone knows about locker rooms; they’re the same everywhere. And Philbin is innocent?

    Maybe Philbin is “harassing” Ross, and Ross is to weak to stand up against him.

  20. that O line has been 28th or worse in all major categories 3 years running….

    no protection, too many sacks, too many hits on QB, no blocking, poor rushing performance

    it was amazing that a housecleaning hadn’t happened earlier… and if Turner is smart, he’s already cleaned out the office.

  21. And no this is N O T H I N G like New England starting with new TE’s, not even close…this is your entire offensive line!!!

    Brady can work with anyone.

    Just losing ONE guy from the line can cause problems…as evident by Buffalo’s line taking a big step back without Levitre.

    It’s like comparing apples and oranges.

  22. Typical dolphin fans, blaming the rest of the afc east because they have a bunch of meatheads playing on their team. Whose fault is that?

    I wouldn’t want to play there with all the distractions, there will be a microscope on the Dolphins during the entire off-season, which will follow into the reg. season, bad atmosphere.

  23. The Dolphins will be fine. All you bashers keep going because you have no clue what you are talking about. Pouncey may get a fine, so what?What else has he done?The rest of the line needs pensioning off anyway. Jonathon Martin was horrible so we won’t miss him.

  24. They need to retain McKinney for senior leadership. He has done well in Miami in spite of his own issues and he needs to know Miami may be his last stop so he will continue to do well.

    They need to get rid of everybody else including Pouncey. Either trade him or let him go into free agency. It is obvious he was a follower in that locker, susceptible to be lead by bullies so I shudder to think the dynamics of his relationship with Hernande. The Dolphins need to realize that is one bomb in waiting to blow. I would rather start with 10 highly motivated rookies than this mess. The fan base will support this move as well.

  25. I was surprised by the Bears early success last year. It’s been my observation over the years that if you start out the year with two or more new offensive lineman it takes four or five games to get up to speed. I wouldn’t bet on the Dolphins in September.

  26. Stephen Ross does not have a clue on how to run a NFL franchise. Ireland should have been gone when the team fired Sparano. Everyone could see that he was not good at drafting college players. Plugging numerous holes through costly free agency is not how a playoff team is built. Instead of hiring a new GM and letting him bring in “his guy” to coach the team, the Dolphins have to settle for a guy who is near the bottom of their GM wish list.

  27. The Dolphins should blow up the coaching staff, remove EVERYONE involved in this situation, and start all over again.

    There is nobody that is completely innocent in this situation other than maybe than McDonald and anyone who was just nowhere near the team at all. Everybody’s hands are dirty.

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