Incognito pulls plug on his Twitter account

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It appeared for a while on Friday night that Dolphins guard Richie Incognito had pulled the plug on his Twitter account.  He hadn’t.

At some point since Friday night, he did.

Yes, the account otherwise known as @68INCOGNITO is no more.  While it may have been a rash reaction to the abuse he was taking on Twitter after the Wells report was released — a blow back that surely was enhanced by his prior boasts and proclamations that he’d be exonerated — the move may have resulted from the advice of Incognito’s agents and lawyers.  Even if Incognito had managed to make it through 23 hours and 59 minutes of a given day without saying something that could work against his effort to avoid further punishment from the NFL or find a new team as of March 11, in that one remaining minute his alter ego known as The Tornado could have wrecked everything.

It was a smart move, given that Richie’s alternative to continuing his NFL career is finding a real job in a real workplace that wouldn’t tolerate two percent of the stuff he routinely said and did in Miami.

So the next we’ll hear from Richie likely will come from his agents or lawyers, especially since attorney Mark Schamel declared on Friday that the Wells report is “replete with errors.”

In more than two days since then, neither Schamel nor Incognito have identified a single erroneous fact, inference, or conclusion contained in the 144-page report.  Schamel, however, has promised a thorough analysis of the report.

67 responses to “Incognito pulls plug on his Twitter account

  1. Forgetting everything else for a minute, let’s look at two unrepleteable items. How do you prove the text messages sent by his phone wrong? And, how do you explain the begging to destroy the book? That seems like pretty concrete evidence.

  2. Richie can find a real job in a real workplace. He can get a job working for “Bubba’s Sewage Removal & Septic Tank Cleaners”. I doubt they would have an HR department, and Richie can continue to be who he really is without worrying about any consequences.

  3. I would bet the house that Richie resurfaces on Twitter, as anonymous user, with a whole new identity.

    Wild horses couldn’t keep him away. He will be back, sooner rather than later.

  4. I still can’t grasp the concept of how a 300 pound grown man and professional athlete allows himself to be “bullied”.

    That being said, it’s extremely satisfying seeing a complete a-hole like Incognito finally getting what he deserves in life.

  5. I had this guy do this same crap to me at work along with one boss. Really sucked.

    Then he retired and in leaving he was all hugs and buddy buddy.

    THAT’S the thing: Incognito really thinks he did nothing wrong. It’s their weird way of being ‘friends’.


  6. Richie Incognito is this year’s Michael Bennett. A Pro Bowl caliber talent who will sign for cheap with the Seahawks as they lead another unstoppable onslaught to their second straight Super Bowl blowout. J Mart sits down when he pees!

  7. Richie Incognito is this year’s Michael Bennett. A Pro Bowl caliber talent who will sign for cheap with the Seahawks as they lead another unstoppable onslaught to their second straight Super Bowl blowout. J Mart sits down when he pees!

  8. The fall out of this is going to reach beyond Incognito, and should. However, I just wish we could “pull the band aid off quickly” and move on.

    Lets get back to talking football and the upcoming FA/Draft…

  9. Best thing Incognito can do is stop talking publicly or via the social media.

    If Incognito is ever going to play in the NFL again, needs to seek out some professional help. Incognito has been down this road many times and it seems that he goes through the motions, but ultimately he reverts right back to his old ways.

    This time, Incognito will have his NFL playing career on the line. He is definitely a talented offensive lineman, capable of Pro Bowl type play. He must try to come to grips with his demons and accept the fact that he needs some professional help.

    We may have seen the last of Richie Incognito !

  10. Who would have thought that in America, land of the free, that there is a group out there that will police your personal thoughts and beliefs and how you express those beliefs, and if they don’t line up with “the program” as it is deemed acceptable, then work furiously, together, to cripple your ability to survive financially. Those that do not align themselves with this same group are also subject to attack. Isn’t that why so often it’s not the actual issue, but documenting how people “feel” about it that drives the news, over and over and over? Isn’t that why the silliest things get airplay, while the most difficult things get “overlooked” in this society? Isn’t that why truth can no longer be acknowledged, and bad is good, and good is bad? It goes way beyond these clowns, but it makes me think…… Perhaps as a society, we have waaaaay too much time on our hands.

  11. Richie has shown his character, & the same can be said of the others that have been implicated. If somebody out there thinks it is appropriate to publicly talk about another persons suicidal thoughts… that is not a friend.

  12. He’s going to be back in the NFL, and when he’s on your or my team, we’ll be cheering for him. It’s just how it goes. While his actions were deplorable, someone will take a chance. If Vick can get back in, so can Incognito. Quitting Twitter pretty much confirms he’ll be back somewhere.

  13. Allowing yourself to be bullied is more a mental thing in my opinion. I’m not a big guy but I was never bullied. Why? I’ll stand up for myself. I’d rather take a beating than allow someone to walk all over me.

  14. LOL!!!

    lil’ richie can’t handle the heat.

    Man Up, lil’ richie!!!

    What a little sissy.


  15. Professional football players need to grow up. I don’t care if you’re in a locker room: you’re being paid lots of money to perform as an athlete, not to haze or bully other people. If the locker room mentality includes hazing or bullying people, then the locker room mentality needs to change. By the way, there are laws about bullying people in the workplace, and it sounds like it’s about time to start implementing them. There are very few workplaces where someone could get away with this kind of garbage for very long. The only reason it’s still happening in football is because it’s “tradition.” Well, this is one tradition that’s outlived its usefulness. My hope is that enough players will have the cojones to stand up and refuse to take and/or engage in this kind of idiocy. Workplaces should be about helping people to succeed, not attacking them or making their lives miserable. That’s not how you “motivate” people. Incognito and his ilk should be brought up on charges. I hope that will happen–maybe it would teach these emotionally underdeveloped bullies that professional workplaces are not open to such ridiculous, juvenile, damaging behaviors. NFL players and coaches, feel free to start acting like grown men, not junior high schoolers.

  16. um, he was exonerated.
    it’s not a crime to be mean.
    martin was an eggshell skull player that couldn’t hack and knew he couldn’t hack it and lamented to his parents that he wished he just wasn’t a pushover.

  17. Snitch is a gangster term from the mob years and adopted by inhabitants of the ghettos. Incognito sank to the lowest level of humanity. What a loser!

  18. All I know is that when he played for the Rams he would get called on numerous bone head personal fouls EVERY game. The day he threw the bird to us as he left the field we all knew how much of a stand up guy he really was. His NFL career might be over but at least he can still have a promising future as a bouncer somewhere.

  19. There was never any doubt what the Wells report would say. Every move Goodell makes is calibrated to make the game more appealing to EUROPEAN fans. Europe has been emasculated for more than a generation now, and this violent, crass behavior in the locker room must be weeded out now before the NFL can be truly globalized. Same reason for all the new unnecessary roughness and unsportsmanlike conducts calls. Martin will be made a poster-child and Incognito will be the scapegoat. Amazing that Incognito has universal support from his teammates while not a one of them wants Martin back. But the lawyer who probably hadn’t been in a locker room since HS has spoken and we must obey.

  20. beastnyg says: Feb 16, 2014 4:05 PM

    He gets bullied on twitter and quits? How ironic

    You win the internet today!

  21. Incognito needed to shut up about 10 years ago….

    they get paid millions to make a team…. not break it down so hard you’ve got people bolting or turning down job offers

  22. How is it that all the texts between Martin and Ritchie that show how close the two were are left out if the report. When you read all of them in full context you get the picture that Richie really cared about Martin that they had the kind if friendship that if a joke was over the line it would be discussed and dealt with. I read the report, it is pretty one sided and screams agenda.

  23. is EVERYONE serious?! When the ‘story’ first broke about someone getting bullied, i was like ” the trainer, the assistant coach?” No, it was a hulking offensive lineman! Give me a break, this guy is a joke. His track record aside, LT had a point

  24. Ritchie Incognito will play again. Good luck who ever takes Jonathon Martin, he might quit be careful what you wish for.

  25. What is needed are more attorneys to get these locker rooms on an even keel.

    The commissioner an attorney hires another attorney to do the job a former coach or respected former player should have been doing.

    How very proper!

  26. Richie Incognito is this year’s Michael Bennett. A Pro Bowl caliber talent who will sign for cheap with the Seahawks as they lead another unstoppable onslaught to their second straight Super Bowl blowout. J Mart sits down when he pees!

    Dude…the Seahawks do NOT need Incognito!

    ROTFL 🙂

  27. The whole report is flawed. I seriously have a hard time understanding how anyone can be on Martin’s side.

    Incognito is an obnoxious meat head, who probably crossed the line. But there was no bullying going on. The report itself says that Incognito, Jerry and Pouncey didn’t intend on causing any harm on Martin. Bullies generally intend on causing harm to the victim.

    Other reasons this isn’t bullying:
    – Martin willingly participated in the games and pranks that the rest of the line was consistently engaging in.
    – Incognito reached out to Martin after he left the team, and it’s fair to assume that he was being genuine. Why would a bully care how the victim was doing afterward?
    – The text messages exchanged between the two suggest that there wasn’t any bullying. And yes, they’re just texts in the end, but Jonathan Martin wouldn’t be responding within minutes if he were feeling bullied.

    If these things were bothering Martin as much as it appears, he should have spoken to someone. He has a union rep, an agent, a lawyer, and a mother who specializes in labor laws just to name a few. He didn’t go to any one of them. He handled this as poorly as possible.

    Jonathan Martin had two options:
    1) Take no accountability whatsoever and get paid.
    2) Take accountability but don’t get paid.
    He picked the first one, and to me, that says all that I need to know about Jonathan Martin. He (and his parents) are scumbags.

    For the record, I’m not really defending Incognito. He was still wrong here, but if anyone is a victim it’s Richie and not Martin.

    Richie Incognito is a meat head and Jonathan Martin is a coward. That’s what the report should have said. Ted Wells’ team should be embarrassed at this report that they put out.

  28. He won’t play in the NFL again but he’ll make big bucks in the world of “professional” fake wrestling in the next few years. He’s set is image up perfectly for that.

  29. Incognito is so much like the adolescent who is driven to push and push until he finally hits the limits he’s looking for.

    Martin didn’t stop him (at first), his teammates and friends didn’t, his coaches certainly didn’t. It took the seemingly drastic step of Martin walking out to finally make him quit.

    No matter how talented or high a draft pick they are, no athlete should be that coddled or appeased that he’s allowed to break another man in the supposed name of toughness.

  30. Dig all of the “tough” guys…Good thing that the interweb allows you bad dudes to shower your tough comments Richie’s way, safely behind your MAMA’s computer.

  31. detectivejimmymcnulty says:
    Feb 16, 2014 4:59 PM
    Allowing yourself to be bullied is more a mental thing in my opinion. I’m not a big guy but I was never bullied. Why? I’ll stand up for myself. I’d rather take a beating than allow someone to walk all over me.

    See the problem em with that is you’re gonna get tired of getting your ass beat everyday, you’ll eventually bring a gun with with you and kill the bully. Then you’ll go to jail, guilty of manslaughter, sentenced to 15 years in prison all because you decided to take matters in your own hands instead of making it aware. The fact is, in any job you are to report bullying to your employer, not worth losing your job trying to retaliate.

  32. I took the time to read the Wells Report. Anyone who reads that will quickly realize it isn’t Martin alone who needs couch time. Incognito is just a nut job. He needs to be put in a rubber room somewhere.
    I’m 61 years old and half Incognito’s size. If he said to me what he said to Martin, in spite of the fact that he would kill me, I’d have tried to punch his lights out. No one should ever talk that way to another human being.
    I can fully understand why Martin left the team. He had no capacity to fight back. He needs help with his self esteem, for sure. But anyone who tries to blame him for what went happened to him is just wrong.
    If ever anyone deserved to be banned from ever playing in the NFL again — it’s Incognito.

  33. jimmyt says:
    Feb 16, 2014 10:47 PM
    The PC crowd have ruined everything else, I guess they were bound to get to football sooner or later.
    I was going to post about where the people were who were defending Incognito and blaming the whole thing on Martin, calling him an opportunist. However, jimmyt, you showed up. 🙂

  34. This entire scenario is a product of Dolphin poor management and supervision. Incognito was on the scrap heap due to his previous conduct. We were going to keep him on a short leash. Martin was just a blown draft pick that festered when Jake Long escaped from the asylum.

    Philbin’s claim that he didn’t know and Ross’s acceptance of this lame excuse, illustrates how weak supervision is in Dolphin camp. This is a bunch of egotistical loosers who leach off of the fans and lie when they get caught.

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