Ken Whisenhunt wants any concerns voiced “in-house”


During Super Bowl week, Titans tight end Delanie Walker made headlines when he told Nashville radio station 104.5 FM “The Zone” that there were six to seven players who were “cancer” on the club in 2013.

In an interview with Jim Wyatt of the Nashville Tennessean published Sunday, Titans coach Ken Whisenhunt said that he’s talked to Walker about his comments.

“The thing about Delanie, I understand him being frustrated, but those kinds of things we don’t want voiced in the public,” Whisenhunt told the Tennessean. “We want to keep those in-house and we want to address those things. We discussed that — [Delanie] and I did — and I am certainly comfortable with how that discussion went, and I don’t think there will be any issues going forward.”

Whisenhunt also told the Tennessean that the players on the roster have a clean slate with him and that he believes the roster is in good shape from a character standpoint.

“I believe we have a lot of the right guys here,” Whisenhunt said, according to the Tennessean.

If the Titans indeed have the right players in the locker room and on the field in 2014, the result could be more wins, which would likely end much discussion of internal concerns in external settings. That’s how it usually works, at least.

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  1. Whisenhunt didn’t like the fact a player aired out his dirty laundry in public so the coach gave an interview to the local paper saying he wasn’t pleased that a player’s complaints weren’t kept in house.

    Practice what you preach.

  2. Why shouldn’t a player voice his problems to the public. It’s the public that pays the salaries, the lease on the stadium and everything else.

  3. He didn’t name the names, so he did keep it in-house. Whisenhunt just said the same thing in these comments now, that they have a lot of right guys, which means that some of them are NOT the right guys. Not much different than what Walker said. He probably hasn’t even had time to thoroughly even analyze every new player he has and he already is talking about how some of them are not the right guys for this team? I wonder if Whisenhunt is thinking of the same guys as Walker that might not be a good fit. I’m sure nobody on the team has a problem with him already leaning towards who is worth having on this team, that shouldn’t fester up anybody’s concerns now that he’s giving a lecture to Walker despite doing basically the same thing with his own comments.

    Why did he have to even say that comment about having some right guys, why talk to the media and expose all that, shouldn’t you keep it you know in-house like you are trying to stress to your new team?!

    I think the slate just got it’s first scuff mark, nice early impact coach. But this team is never going to win if Whisenhunt doesn’t wise up. He said nothing constructive here and he just set up a potential problem with any player that thinks they could be one of those “not right” guys, or those that don’t like getting pounced on with lectures by aggressively abrasive hypocrites. Oh I’m sorry, it wasn’t a lecture he had with Walker, it was a “discussion” that went “comfortably”. Did they share tea and crumpets as well?

  4. “He believes the roster is in good shape from a character standpoint.” So, what coach W. actually MEANS when he says he wants concerns voiced in-house is simply to wildly LIE to the public…Clever, very clever.

  5. They haven’t even had their first team meeting with the new coach yet and he’s already being a disciplinarian? Gosh, this isn’t the Dolphins we’re talking about.

  6. @jackvcr,
    Ask any Dolphins fan what could happen when players don’t say anything “in house” and then bring stuff to the media later on. Any one of those “cancers” could have blown up while the complaining player stood by and silently watched

  7. thevikesarebest says: Feb 16, 2014 5:07 PM

    I wonder if packer fans have concern about their weight?

    I wonder if viking fans have concern about their I.Q.?

  8. this is the same guy who said that it was all ” him ” that took the Cardinals to the super bowl when 11 players on the Cardinals 2008 run said it was Kurt Warner making the calls on Offense and Defense and telling them where there routes are going to be. Interesting how Whisenhunt has so much to say about the Titans. Especially since he went 6-10, 5-11, 4-12 without Warner and left the QB situation a WRECK in Arizona. Bruce Arians comes in and fixes everything. Get’s Kolb out of the way, DRAFTS A RB that’s actually good, revamps the O- Line which didn’t lead the league in sacks given and hires a SUPERB defensive Coordinator who isn’t afraid to blitz. I have a feeling we’ll be getting Blake Bortles this draft.

    Whisenhunt is not HCing material.

    BTW Chargers finished 8-8 and almost lost to a 2nd string line up ( KC )

  9. I’m sure the interviewer asked him about the situation, not him bringing it up. Obviously he wouldn’t want the public thinking there’s turmoil in the locker room. I’ve got to believe that stuff died with the previous administration.

  10. The first football coach who can say something more than bland, cliched comments and have a winning team will be a star…

  11. As we learned in AZ, Ken doesn’t want anyone talking about anything to anybody. Certainly not when it comes to acknowledging reality.

    He probably figures this NSA model bought him an extra year in Arizona.

  12. Hands down the worse coaching hire this year. I hope Delanie Walker was paying attention because the Whiz just fired a warning shot.

    Listen not to what the Whiz says, watch what Whiz does because he is absolutely, 100% clueless. It can only escalate from here.

  13. Everyone hates on Wiz so much… it’s as simple as this, the Titans needed a new offensive mind in control. Wiz is one of the best O Coordinators available WITH head coaching experience. You all can hate him as much as you want but he was the #1 free agent coach this offseason and the Titans landed him.

    I’m excited to see what he can do. I’m hoping he cuts cj2k and signs a rookie to sit behind greene.(i want carlos hyde) also he needs to make signing verner a priority, he only had one good year so he will still be fairly cheap. also resign pollard, he was the leader of that defense last year.

    go titans

  14. I’m a Die hard Titans fan and I’m known to be a homer at times but for all of the negative poster’s saying Whisenhunt is garbage have you not read his resume? In 2004 he took over the offensive coord position and they won the superbowl! If I’m not mistaking he called a key trick play that put them up 21-10 and blew the game open. He went to the cardinals in 2007-2008 and brought them to a 8-8 record the 2nd non losing record in 10 years. 2008-2009 , 9-7 (lost in superbowl), 2009-2010, 10-6 lost in divisional round to superbowl champs Saints! 2010-2011 they were 5-11 with the loss of Warner, boldin,etc.. 2011-2012, 8-8 , 2012-2013, 5-11… Although Warner was a big part of there 3 year run he wasn’t the only reason. They lost a lot of key players and they had the worst quarterback shuffle I’ve ever seen, not to mention non of them had talent. In 2013-2014 he led the chargers to the 5th ranked offense in the league, the year before they were 31st. They made the playoffs and won a wild card game. Anyhow all I’m saying is the guy can coach and has been successful on every team he’s coached for so far. As a Titan fan we’ve been in mediocricy for about 12 years with a few solid years thrown in. Whisenhunt and his staff are a clear upgrade over Munchak and his goons, so if all these negative reviews are over a few bad years in Arizona ill take it. Before I go,whoever the guy is who said he’s glad he didn’t go to Detroit must be sniffing glue. Caldwell is won of the worst coaches I’ve ever seen.

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