Quarterback draft prospects working with Jordan Palmer

Getty Images

Jordan Palmer hasn’t exactly had the kind of NFL career that young quarterback prospects dream of, but Palmer still thinks he has something to offer the quarterbacks in this year’s draft.

Palmer, who has spent time in Washington, Cincinnati, Jacksonville and Chicago but never started an NFL game, is currently working as the quarterback coach at a pre-draft camp in Carlsbad, California. The quarterbacks there (Central Florida’s Blake Bortles, Wyoming’s Brett Smith and Washington’s Keith Price) are getting extensive daily work with Palmer both on the field and in the classroom.

“I played in five NFL offenses and learned five systems,” Palmer told the Chicago Tribune. “I have taken the universal concepts, universal protections and formations that you will find in any NFL offense, and I built an offense. I am installing it, not just to learn the offense, but to teach them how to learn an offense. What you don’t do when you are learning an offense is stare at the playbook and try to memorize it.”

Palmer most recently spent time with the Bears last season, and he’s still hoping to end up on an NFL roster in 2014. But coaching may be in his future, and Palmer is getting an early start on that by coaching young quarterbacks now.