Ray Farmer knows which QB he wants, but isn’t saying


There’s no bigger challenge for new Browns General Manager Ray Farmer than finding a quarterback.

The perennial question for the Browns, Farmer knows answering it will go a long way toward determining his success and longevity.

And while there were reports the previous administration was leaning heavily toward Johnny Manziel, Farmer has the ability to play coy now. In a Q and A with Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer, Farmer was able to blow some smoke about his intentions.

“Yes, I do,” Farmer said if he knew he’d take today if he had to. “I’ve studied the quarterbacks and I’ve studied other players, and I’ve already started to formulate the rank and order of each position. I do know what I’d do if I was held down at the moment. It doesn’t mean that can’t change, but I currently have somebody in front..

The Browns have the fourth overall pick, but the extra first-rounder from the Trent Richardson deal gives them the ability to move around a bit. And Farmer hedged when asked if the quarterback he preferred was the fourth pick.

“I’d say that No. 4 is not necessarily where I would take the guy that I like,” Farmer said. “Again, it may not be the name that everybody thinks is the latest, greatest, and the easy one to spot. There’s definitely an art to selecting people in the draft and it’s finding the right name that fits who you want to be.

“I haven’t revealed to many people who that person is that I may like. I think it’s an interesting debate. If I were to say ‘I like player A’ I don’t know if it poisons the pool. I’ll let everybody else have the conversations before I comment. They might say ‘I like player A too’ instead of giving honest feedback.”

Getting that decision right is something that has eluded the Browns since their return to Cleveland, so Farmer knows the pressure he’s under right now.

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  1. The Browns finally got their version of Ozzie Newsome. Farmer will finally lead us to the promised land!

  2. Wonder if it’s Mettenberger or Murray, nobody is talking about them since it’s all focused on Manziel, Bridgewater, and Bortles. Of course the room is awfully Smokey when he’s talking about this though

  3. Don’t hold your breath. Manziel and bridgewater could go one and two. Carr and Bortles are good, but a #4 overall? Idk

  4. Why isn’t Jimmy Garoppolo more in the conversation? Browns might be able to trade down from #4 and still get him…

  5. I like Manziel a lot but not at #4 though considering the rest of a weak QB draft class you have to consider it. Manziel needs to be with the right organization and coach and I don’t know if that’s Cleveland. Wonder if Philly would have the guts to trade Foles for that pick. They have the right coach, weapons, and O line to make that work.

  6. I don’t understand the Bridgewater hype. He’s good but he hasn’t been playing against defenses loaded with future pro players every week, same with Bortles. He may be the best QB in this draft, but I don’t see him as a future elite.

  7. Hoyer played pretty well for you guys — just not sure why Hoyer doesn’t get much respect.

  8. If I had to guess I would say his eye is on Carr or Goroppolo… Use the first round picks dangle in front 0f other teams and try and turn them into draft mid round picks. If Carr is there when the Browns pick in the second, they take him. If he is not, I’m sure he would be more than happy with Goroppolo.

  9. As a Browns fan I wouldn’t be opposed to a Hoyer/Cousins/Rookie QB trio going into next year.

    Hoyer deserves the chance to start – he showed real leadership and command out there. Cousins knows Shan’s offense and could battle it out with Hoyer in camp and be a very viable backup QB. Not sure what the Skins want for Cousins but maybe a high 3rd rounder #71 gets it done. I think they should get it done and try to find someone to take Weeden for a 6th round pick.

    Ben Tate might also be available for a 3rd round pick to the Texans and the Browns have 2 of those and 2 4th rounders as well.

    If the QB Farmer likes can be gotten later in the draft, better to stock up with those first 3 picks and get some quality players.

  10. Taking WR Watkins at 4 makes a lot of sense. We’ve seen what WR Gordon has done so, adding Watkins would make a nice complement. Besides, if Gordon messes up, Watkins provides nice insurance.

    Other than Bridgewater (excellent), the draft is full of good to very good QB’s. Manziel can be a very good QB….on the right team, which is NOT the Browns. Between our “turnstile” O-line and the wonderful winds off of Lake Erie, Manziel would be toast. I like Bortles but the Browns are not the team , at this point, to “develope” a QB….maybe GB or NE. I also like Carr but, will he turn out just like his brother? The rest are a dime-a-dozen at this point. So much depends on the coaching they’ll receive.

    The drafting of a good QB is moot though if they don’t do something with the O-line to protect him, and hopefully open some holes for the running game.

    I’d like another top DB taken early to compliment Haden. Where I wouldn’t want to be in Farmer’s shoes, I’d love to be the fly on the wall.

  11. Ray wants Aaron Murray in the 3rd round so he can focus on best available in the first and get a couple of Guards that can pull in the 2nd.

  12. I love the overconfidence of the Stiller and (Browns) aka Ravens fans. The worm is turning and you’ll be weeping in Mom’s basement in the upcoming years as the Browns take their rightful place in the league. We as Browns fans cannot control our horrific ownerhip groups since our rebirth. Please remember football started in Ohio and the Hall of Fame is in Norheast Ohio for a reason… Just sayin…

  13. To me Cousins=Hoyer. I’d go out and get McCown and draft Murray or someone of that ilk and fortify the oline and front seven on defense first.

  14. I love the overconfidence of the Stiller and (Browns) aka Ravens fans. The worm is turning and you’ll be weeping in Mom’s basement in the upcoming years as the Browns take their rightful place in the league. We as Browns fans cannot control our horrific ownerhip groups since our rebirth. Please remember football started in Ohio and the Hall of Fame is in Norheast Ohio for a reason… Just sayin…

    Ah yes the off season boasting about the turning worm. Sad thing is every year when you have to play and not talk the Browns fall flat much like the one and done Bungals.

  15. Happy for them either way. They already made the best 2 moves of their offseason.

    They couldn’t go too wrong getting the best WR/QB combo w their 1st 2 picks.

  16. It is about time the Bowns have someone in charge who is going to keep who they are targeting in the draft quiet. It seems like everybody knew who the Browns liked the past few years which is just stupid considering its a huge disadvantage for other teams to know who you like.

    Maybe the Browns finally found someone competent to run the front office part of the organization.

  17. Also, I like the idea of not taking a QB in the first round as other commenters have suggested. Hoyer could be competent next year and there is a high bust rate in first round QBs. I’m not sure any of them are Going to be Pro Bowl caliber. Why not go with Watkins who has rare talent that is well deserving of a high draft pick? Especially if he runs a 4.4 at the combine.

    Then you fill in other needs such as running back in the second round (Tre Mason and Carlos Hyde are possibilities) and take a QB like Murray or Garrapolo in the third and maybe you sign McCown to provide competition for Hoyer.

    Every team needs a winning quarterback but as SF and Seattle have shown you don’t always need to find one at the top of the first round. If the sure thing isn’t there build your team and try and find one another way.

  18. As a Browns fan, it’s hard not to like Farmer’s approach both with the media and even his (stated) approach to his own scouting dept. He seems more accessible and stating he doesn’t want to poison the pool of opinion from his scouts and others by stating his own speaks to a willingness to take seriously their views.

    He seems like the anti-Joe Banner and doesn’t appear to be condescending or relaying the message that he’s smarter than everyone else. Maybe he thinks he is anyway, but he’s smart enough to keep it under wraps at the very least.

    I always laugh at Raven fans who poke at Browns fans, because they’re actually cheering for the original Browns and they seem not to know this.

  19. I’m to the point as being a browns fan, I don’t care who runs their team or who’s name the guys they’re drafting. I’ve been excited and unhappy with past hires or signings. I’m done getting excited about stuff they do until someone can prove to me or I should say us that someone can change this garbage that we call a team. I hope this is the man to do it but until then I will not hold my breath.

  20. The Browns are trading down, maybe twice and going to solidify the only weak part of the D with CJ Mosely. Pettine watched what Alonso meant to the Buffalo D and everyone can see what Keuchly does in Corolina.

    If Clowney is on the board, I look to trade down to Atlanta. If Mathews or Robinson slide to 6, a team like the Giants could come up to get him. That is where the Browns could get their defensive leader of the future. They then have another first and possibly two additional seconds to go with the one they have to fill any holes and get Hyde and McCarron in the 3rd.

  21. Kiss of death for whoever they select. Their career just went into the toilet before it ever had a chance to take off.

  22. Take it from a Chiefs fan Cleveland..Ray Farmer was horrible as director of Player personnel in KC, and he’ll be a horrible GM..Be ready to be average to bad until he’s gone

  23. I would start Hoyer and groom a later round pick behind him. Bolster the o-line in the draft along with a WR, RB and a DB. With a bit of luck we should be a solid team then. OK-maybe a lot of luck! Go Browns!!

  24. P.S. It will take Ray Farmer being courageous enough to buck conventional thinking and gamble on nothing more than Tim Tebow’s proven track record for winning more games than he loses his entire football career.

  25. Nailing this draft is critical. If they screw this draft up, they wont recover. They have a ton of holes and a ton of picks. I want players that can come in immediately and make impact. These projects and no names need to stop this year. Drafting isnt rocket science yet the Browns have consistently screwed it up the last 15 years

  26. This draft prediction thing is kind of stupid. Bridgewater, Bortles, Manziel, Carr, McCarron, Garoppolo, Boyd, Mettenberger, Garoppolo, Murry….10 names, I am sorry no NFL draft has every produced more than 3-4 starters.

    I wouldn’t waste a first round draft choice on a QB. Just look at the elite QBs today (Manning, Brady, Brees). Manning was the only one to be picked first round.

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