Active market expected for Riley Cooper

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Last August, Eagles receiver Riley Cooper was on the verge of being run out of Philadelphia.  Next month, he could be whisked away, riding on a large pile of cash.

Cooper is due to become a free agent.  Per a league source, the man who slid into the starting lineup after Jeremy Maclin tore an ACL in the preseason, will have a significant demand for his services if/when he hits the market.

It’s unclear whether he’ll make it to the market.  The Eagles would like to keep him, we’re told, but receiver DeSean Jackson already is making $10 million a year.  As G.M. Howie Roseman has recently said, the situation gets complicated when Jackson is under contract and Cooper and Maclin are due to become free agents.

Cooper’s Chesney concert misadventures won’t be complicating his next contract.  The shouting of a racial epithet quickly faded into memory after a short, self-imposed exit from training camp.

He averaged 17.8 yards per catch in the first year of Chip Kelly’s offense, and Cooper had a career high of 5.4 in the all-important (in Kelly’s offense) of average yards after catch.

With more than 50 free agents at receivers, the specific amount and level of interest remains to be seen.  For now, though, Cooper could be one of the guys getting plenty of attention starting this weekend, when all the coaches, executives, and agents go to the Scouting Combine and engage in all sorts of tampering, which the NFL punishes only when someone is dumb enough to get caught red handed.

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  1. “He averaged 17.8 yards per catch in the first year of Chip Kelly’s offense, and Cooper had a career high of 5.4 in the all-important (in Kelly’s offense) of average yards per catch.”

    I’m sorry… What?

  2. Cooper’s remarks quickly faded from public consciousness, but I wonder how other players — especially black players — felt about him in the locker room. Another locker room might be more accepting of Cooper or less accepting (it’s hard to say) but that could potentially complicate his next contract since coaches will pay less for a potentially divisive figure.

  3. cooper is a good wide out easily a 2 or 3 in most offenses but i wouldn’t overpay for him if its possible for the eagles id say try and keep him and maclin to help foles progress into an even better qb

  4. He certainly stepped up in the offense last year. I can’t blame him for wanting to test the market as the window for making money is very narrow and can be taken away just like that.

  5. Cooper was never “on the verge of being run out of Philadelphia” by the Eagles. He was just being attacked by the PC Police in the liberal media.

  6. “Cooper’s remarks quickly faded from public consciousness, but I wonder how other players — especially black players — felt about him in the locker room. Another locker room might be more accepting of Cooper or less accepting (it’s hard to say) but that could potentially complicate his next contract since coaches will pay less for a potentially divisive figure.”

    Because Cooper is the only player of any color in The NFL that says crap like that.. #cuckoo

  7. Wasn’t the owner/operator of this website telling us all how his career was done?

    But he was also the same guy saying Pete Carroll wasn’t going to be allowed to be head coach of the Seahawks because the league would step into the hiring process, regarding the USC issues.


  8. It was supposed to say that he averaged 5.4 yards after the catch. In this offense, that is not very good.

    I think the only ones who are saying that there is a “significant demand” for Cooper are his agent and Cooper himself.

  9. Interesting. My buddy and I were talking just the other day about how there would be no market for Cooper and the Eagles would get him back cheap.

  10. Cooper is a nice situational receiver and he’s a good blocker. He shouldn’t get anything more than 3-4 million a year though. He’s not a burner and he has trouble getting off the line. If he stay’s with the Eagles, he’ll look great because he will be the benefitiary of playing on an offense with a great speed wide receiver, a great rout runner in a healty Maclin, two above league average tight ends, a top three offensive line, a top three running back, a quarterback who almost always makes the right decision on where to go with the ball, and an offenseive genius for a coach.

    If you need him to be a true #2 on a team that doesn’t have all of that -he won’t look too good.

  11. “O.K., this is the slant left, double clutch curl. Cooper, you go down 12.4 yards, catch the ball, juke to the right and you should be good for another 5.4. Set! Hut!”.

  12. If you watched all of the Eagles teams what makes Cooper so good is that he effects EVERY play. He’s been solid in the catching game (pretty fast, big target), but devastating as a blocker…

    I think the guy recognizes he’s not the second coming of Randy Moss and cannot getaway with taking plays off, so he gives 100% of every snap he is involved with.

    If I had to choose between Maclin and Cooper. Sorry, Maclin, you were good, very good, but this team already has a speedy, smaller guy. We need the big body. (Still pissed about Cooper’s dropped pass in the New Orleans game though.. what could have been ?)

  13. Over rated is putting this mildly. I’d be willing to bet that most fans had never heard of this guy until he shot off his mouth. I could, however, see the Vikings, Redskins, Bills, etc. spending a ton of money on a middling WR who has hit his ceiling.

  14. If he asks for a questionable amount, I would not be surprised if the Eagles do not re-sign. With the Eagles’ offense, they like their tight-ends. I expect they have high hopes for Zach Ertz (2nd round pick last year) and will play a bigger role in the offense. I think they prefer Maclin over Cooper not only for ability, but the fact that they have leverage on Maclin since he has not played a full season the past 2 years.

    Cooper will be a good fit for a QB who is revolutionizing the game with the big body receivers and can put the ball wherever they want even when there is perfect coverage. Much like Boldin and Nelson.

  15. If they can pull it off, the eagles could have djax maclin and cooper, with Ertz and celek, shady and bryce brown with Foles at qb.

    A jugz machine may be able to play qb with that offensive plan of attack and personnel.

  16. Hard to believe they’ve got $10 mil tied up in that squirt Jackson.
    Glorified returner.

  17. Cooper is an OK receiver (far from elite) but if the guy gets a big deal contract he BETTER thank Jonathon Martin, Richie Icognito and Michael Sam for making people forget about “Redneck Gate”.

  18. Ask the Ravens how well it worked to ship out a clutch, physical receiver your QB is really comfortable with.

    I understand Cooper wanting to look for the most money he can get, but if the Eagles are smart, they’ll try to hold on to both him and Maclin.

    They have the young offensive pieces they need – go ahead and sign them for the next few years. With so much attention being paid to potential offensive difference makers in the draft, this is their chance to clean up on defensive players in the draft.

  19. Big guy excellent blocker who can take a beating and still catch the ball. What’s not to like other than he’s young gets drunk and calls people names (and gets videoed doing so).

  20. He’s good. Not great. Not elite but he sure does play hard every snap remember a quarter of his production was all in the Oakland game. But a team will over pay him, I’m thinking Tampa

  21. There is no market for cooper outside the eagles because he only had one good year. He is in no position to negotiate and he is certainly not that great. Cooper to me screams 3rd-4th reciever at best. Honestly I wish my birds would have dumped him a long time ago there are infinently better options.

  22. Cooper is a decent receiver. As an Eagles fan I certainly wouldn’t mind him resigning with the team. However, not as absurd money. I think his success was in large part due to the scheme itself and his rapport with Nick Foles. I think if another team signs him he won’t have the same level of success he had this past season. Good complimentary receiver, but not worth break the bank money.

  23. Cooper is an above average receiver who was helped by Kelly’s offense and Foles arm. The racial thing actually helped him become more serious about his craft and I believe that is behind him. It really comes down to how much a team is willing to pay a #2 guy who had one pretty good year. He had 47 catches, 8 TD’s in 2013 and unlike the article states always had a high yards per catch (16.25) totals for his career.

  24. The term redneck comes from the infancy of the union movement. I find it interesting that it is so often used to describe someone of a supposed “conservative” action.

  25. I wouldn’t mind resigning Cooper if he agrees to be paid as a 3rd receiver. Maclin is still better than Cooper so he should take over as a starter again. I think Avant will be a cap casualty and I hope we go after a kickoff return/punt return/receiver type player such as Ted Ginn Jr. I also think Chip will use more 2/3 TE sets next year because he wants both Ertz and Celek on the field.

  26. Cooper is a great example of being productive in one style offense and a high potential to be a bust in another.

    For example, if he signed with the Vikings, there would be no QB to get him the ball, no #1 WR to draw double coverage and no consequently, no production.

  27. I’ve been watching Cooper catch the ball for quite a long time. He was a threat to get open most of the time even in college. Alabama had to deal with him twice in the sec championship game. This man is doing the same things all over again. The dbacks that tryed to cover him coached buy Saban are playing in the Nfl today. He’s an asset for the eagles if the money is right.

  28. The media and angry black people get upset at the “racial epithet “. I find it more upsetting to be called it by other black folks. It’s gotten to the point in history where the word has lost it’s strength,thanks to music and movies using it as a term of endearment. I bet his heard it his entire athletic career and it just became part of him. Make him brown and play that video again and people would laugh. Riley Cooper apologized and the majority of his teammates called it a non-issue. Then he proceeded to ball out. I think he was an upgrade to Maclin. I’ll take consistent catches and 3 scores versus 1 long score any day. Shoot,he may want to make that his pre-season ritual if it brings results hahaha.

  29. I don’t know if this is luck or because of his body size/strength, but a LOT of Cooper’s big catches, the DB was on the ground 5-8 yards away from him at the time of the catch. Watch the Raiders/Eagles game and the second Cowboys/Eagles game. He had huge catches in both games and there wasn’t anyone around him. Whoever was covering him was on the ground.

  30. Let Cooper walk. I have a feeling he’s gonna want to much money. Resign Maclin to a 1 year deal to see if he’s healthy. Cut Avant because he is making too much and not very productive. Cut Damaris Johnson too. Sign Boldin to a two year deal until they draft a slot receiver.

  31. thevikesarebest says: Feb 17, 2014 1:41 PM

    “Come to the Vikes dynasty next season.we already have the best wr core in the NFL …”


    First of all, to have a dynasty, you gotta win multiple championships, and the Vikes haven’t even won one. (And BTW, division titles don’t count.)

    Second of all, Minnie doesn’t even have the best WR ‘core’ in the NFC North…Chicago does.

    But hey, thanks for the laugh.

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