Antonio Brown did not enjoy the Pro Bowl draft


Count Steelers receiver and return man Antonio Brown as one player who did not like the new draft format of the Pro Bowl.

Asked on SportsCenter for his thoughts on the new format, Brown said, “It was a little bit off.” Brown said he didn’t think the draft itself — in which players were chosen for either a team captained by Jerry Rice or a team captained by Deion Sanders — was a fitting way for Pro Bowl players to spend their time in Hawaii.

“First off, you get there with a lot of great players, they make you wait two and a half hours under a tent for the draft at the Pro Bowl,” Brown said.

Brown added that he would like to “see some tweaks, especially upon the draft. You don’t want guys waiting two and a half hours to get picked when we’re all Pro Bowl players.”

Watching the Pro Bowl draft on TV, it felt like it was dragging on way too long. Being there in person, having to stand around when you’d rather be enjoying yourself in Hawaii, must have felt interminable. If the NFL is going to keep the Pro Bowl draft format, it should change the draft so it doesn’t feel like a waste of the players’ time.

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  1. Last part of that interview: “On top of that…..we ended up having to play a game when we just wanted to go surfing….what the hell….”

  2. my fantasy drafts go quicker than that… with 12 teams & 1700 players. probably because we don’t have that windbag deion sanders in our league.

    although, if deion wants to join my league, we’d welcome him with open arms.

  3. Meh. I never missed the Pro Bowl, but haven’t watched it since they put it in front of the Super Bowl (ensuring no one from the top two teams would participate) and started tweaking it to improve the ratings. Used to root for the AFC because I support an AFC team. But wouldn’t root for Sanders or Rice. Who comes up with these ideas?

  4. 3 weeks after the Super Bowl They Should hold an All-Pro Bowl who ever is “All-Pro” at their positions plays the whole game unless injured or for rest periods.. winning team gets their contracts for the next season fully guaranteed+ Bonus.

  5. other than the obvious reasons ( television ) not sure why they don’t just keep the draft but have the players not there for it. It does seem like a waste of time.

    If the college players that get drafted were only getting drafted for 1 game and the salary slotting wasn’t involved they wouldn’t show up for that draft either.

    Just have the captains pick their players and then they can announce the teams after its over.

  6. What kind of inhumane torture is the NFL subjecting it’s stars too? I mean, an all expenses paid trip to Hawaii and being forced to hang out for a few hours in a shaded area with their peers! OH THE HORROR!

  7. The idea is actually pretty good, but after the first half-hour or so it just became an unbearable slog.

  8. I agree with Brown. The “idea” was a good one, but after the draft started it became less about the Pro Bowl and the players that worked hard to get there and more about Sanders and Rice. (More Sanders then Rice) Nobody wants to picked last in dodgeball so I am guessing being picked last in the Pro Bowl isn’t fun either.

    Two and a half hours is a ridiculous amount of time for a TWO TEAM draft. My 12 team draft took less time. I understand that the NFL “tried” to make this entertaining, but it’s not that entertaining for the players.

    Maybe they could have the players competing in some fun, SAFE, football competitions while the draft is taking place? That would double the entertainment value.

    I used to love watching the QB competitions but I stopped watching the Pro Bowl because I didn’t want to watch elite players jogging around a football field. So, if they had ALL the players competing in games while the draft was going on I think it would increase the Fun Factor. JMO

  9. Didn’t he make it as an alternative? Wasn’t it only as a returner?

    Shut up and know your role, bum.

  10. Didn’t he make it as an alternative? Wasn’t it only as a returner?

    Where were you this year? Brown led the AFC in receptions and had at least 5 receptions in all 16 games (only 3 in history have done that).

  11. The draft took too long? We’ll be sitting through days of drafting in a few months. But, whatever…

    The rest of the rules were actually pretty fun. Mostly the 2 minute rule at the end of each quarter. It was more competitive with the new rules than any Pro-Bowl in the last few years.

  12. Brown was actually a 2nd-Team All-Pro meaning he was one of the 4 best Wide Receivers in the league. Nor was he a Pro Bowl alternate either. He was the 2nd leading vote getter at the position in the AFC. As a Receiver. And the 2nd leading vote getter at the position at Punt Returner… But yeah, he’s a bump despite an 111 Reception, 1,499 Yard, 8 Touchdown season….

    Also, to the other guy… Brown was actually the 6th WR taken off the board for the draft… Before DeSean Jackson & Larry Fitzgerald. And went before about 20 other players.

  13. It was as stupid as the idea of eliminating the extra-point, playing a Super Bowl in England, playing an games in England, and paying old Roger 50 million and I didn’t even watch it (like I’ll quit watching the NFL if they keep coming up with these asinine ideas!

    More stupid changes in the past 2 years than all of my 40 years of life. Enough, this isn’t Madden.

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