Falcons add ex-Buccaneers offensive lineman Gabe Carimi

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The Falcons have signed a 2011 first-round pick with an eye on bolstering their offensive line.

The club announced the signing of former Buccaneers and Bears tackle/guard Gabe Carimi on Monday. PFT also confirmed the addition of Carimi.

The Buccaneers released the 25-year-old Carimi on February 10.

A Wisconsin product, Carimi (6-7, 316) was the Bears’ No. 1 pick three years ago. He will work again with Mike Tice, who is now the Falcons’ offensive line coach after serving as Chicago’s line coach and offensive coordinator in Carimi’s first two pro seasons (2011-2012). The Bears traded Carimi to Tampa Bay last June.

Carimi played in 14 games for the Buccaneers in 2013, starting two games at left guard and one game as a tight end. The previous season, he started 11 games at right tackle and three games at right guard for Chicago.

Carimi’s Wisconsin teammate, Peter Konz, is a center/guard for Atlanta. Falcons fullback Bradie Ewing also played with Carimi at Wisconsin.

27 responses to “Falcons add ex-Buccaneers offensive lineman Gabe Carimi

  1. Still pisses me off the a Bears chose the ONE lineman to come out of Wisconsin recently that can’t even make a team as a solid backup. Wonder what went through his head when Lovie became his coach and cut him again lol

  2. It’s crazy how Carimi, Konz, and John Moffitt have all been relatively disappointing pros after being such dominant ass kickers in college.

  3. It’s crazy how Carimi, Konz, and John Moffitt have all been relatively disappointing pros after being such dominant ass kickers in college.

  4. Still young. Even Mandarich had a successful career after being named “bust”. So it is worth a shot, I’d say for a team that needs help on the offensive line.

  5. Another in the LONG line of Jerry Angelo draft busts and Bears first round pick busts since Rashaan Salaam. Carimi takes his rightful place up there with such legends as Curtis Enis, David Terrell, Cade McNown, Michael Haynes, Rex Grossman, Marc Columbo and Chris Williams. My God looking at that list I think the only team to strike out more first rounders are the Raiders.

  6. Carimi was roommates with Tice’s son at Wisconsin. Tice was the driving force behind the drafting of Carimi too.

  7. I think he’s a bust. But Atlanta need all the lineman they can get, of their starting 5 and back ups last year how many are actually NFL standard? 2 or 3? Generally you try to sign starters early and fill in the rest later but as a guy who can try and play OT or OG he might even make it as a backup.

    What I will say about Carimi is even though he was man sized coming out of College (or even HS with some of these kids these days) at just 25 he’s probably just reaching full physical development now. How many other sports the require tremendous strength, power and athleticism see their athletes peak at 25? I’d say weight lifters, heavy weight boxers, rugby players wrestlers all take a while to hit peak.

  8. After he got hurt his rookie year, it’s like he never was the same. Before the injury, he wasn’t incredible, but pretty good for a rookie. I, along with a lot of others thought Angelo FINALLY had a 1st rd pick that wasn’t going to be a bust. At least Carimi didn’t look like a complete waste as soon as he stepped on the field like the other Angelo busts. When he came back, he looked completely different. Then he looked like the typical Angelo pick. When a team who desperately needed OL help gives up on you just 2 years after you’re their 1st rd pick, that’s not a great sign. I do think reuniting w/Tice will help, and ATL might get a bargain.

  9. They must have done this in the dead of night when Arthur Blank was asleep. In what universe do you let an offensive line coach pick up a player that he failed to get anything out of the first time around? Arthur, and the entire Falcon organization, would have been better off taking the money paid for the both of them and investing in lottery tickets…the Falcons would have had a much better chance of winning something.

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