Incognito makes his return to Twitter, apologizes for “acting like a big baby”

Getty Images

Over the weekend, Dolphins guard Richie Incognito exited Twitter.  On Monday, he returned.

“I apologize for acting like a big baby the last few days,” Incognito said.  “This has all been so much on me and my family.  I just want to play football.”

He’ll find out whether he’ll be playing football on or after March 11, when he becomes a free agent.  His return could be interrupted by discipline imposed by the NFL, but as we explained earlier today the league may not be able to impose additional discipline beyond the discipline imposed by the Dolphins.

“I want everyone to know I’m in good spirits and looking forward to playing again one day,” Incognito said.

It’ll be interesting to see who gives him another chance.  Incognito can play, and at best he’d be on the same “one-strike” arrangement the Dolphins applied in 2010.  That arrangement needs to last for the remainder of his career; otherwise, “The Tornado” could return.