John Jerry may be even more toxic than Richie Incognito


There’s been some talk around the NFL that Richie Incognito, the purported ringleader of the bullying in the Dolphins’ locker room, may not be able to find another team willing to sign him this offseason. But Dolphins guard John Jerry, who was also implicated in the bullying of Jonathan Martin, may have an even tougher time finding a job.

The Miami Herald reports that Jerry may have the toughest time overcoming the bullying scandal of any of the players implicated. That’s because Jerry was not only portrayed as a bad guy in the locker room in the Ted Wells report, but is also not a particularly good player in the first place.

The Wells report says that Jerry was the first player to start the name-calling directed at Martin in 2012, that Jerry repeatedly made sexual comments about Martin’s mother and sister, that Jerry would demean Martin in front of teammates and that Jerry said Martin wasn’t “black enough.” Jerry doesn’t exactly sound like a great guy.

And perhaps more importantly, Jerry isn’t a great player. NFL teams are willing to overlook almost anything for a player who can help them win. Unfortunately for Jerry, he may not be able to convince any NFL teams that he can help them win.

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  1. FALSE. Jerry’s role in this is spelled out in the report and it in noway rises to what was done by Incognito. So just stop it.

    Like it or not, you can’t rewrite history and deflect blame to soften the image of Richie, by sharing the blame.

    The fact is you could give every player in that locker room a fraction of the blame and Richie Incognito, would still easily be the MAJORITY OWNER.

  2. Just another lame example of the media trying to cause a racial stir…. this will go away now because the other 2 individuals involved in the harrassment were black… Wake up America, it’s time. Incognito, Pouncey, Jerry & Martin, all guilty of being stupid. All of them used the N-word, 3 black, 1 white, end of story.

  3. As a Dolphins fan, I want them to keep Pouncey. As a human being, I want all of them to be cut.

    I don’t care about the comments/ language but these guys have crossed the line too many times and they have no idea of the team concept. On top of all of this, there were a useless line too. They clearly care more about the lifestyle than actually winning!

  4. qdog112 says: Feb 17, 2014 9:12 AM

    “The fact is you could give every player in that locker room a fraction of the blame and Richie Incognito, would still easily be the MAJORITY OWNER.”

    You’re right. EVERY player, including Martin who is just as much of a sleazeball as the rest of them.

    The only innocent people in this seem to be McDonald who apparently was treated worse than Martin and that Trainer.

  5. The more I hear about this the more it sounds like none of these guys would be desirable for any other team. Stay in Miami and clean up your mess.

  6. Jim Turner is getting way too much of a pass on this, and Philbin seems like a nice guy, but he’s ultimately responsible for the conduct of his players and coaches. All the name-calling and abuse should have been squashed by both veteran leadership and good coaches – which shows the Fins had neither. There’s a reason that people like Jeff Saturday, Tony Dungy, and Tedy Bruschi have said this wouldn’t be tolerated in their locker room – and a reason those teams won titles and the Fins haven’t.

  7. It doesn’t make it right, but certain elements of this entire Incognito/Martin saga happen in EVERY LOCKERROOM!

    Now, it may happen less in alot of them, but the macho, name calling is rampant.

    So, please readers, don’t be SO GULLIBLE!

    The NFL workplace is TOTALLY different than an office setting/normal work setting.It doesn’t make it right.

    The reality is, many of these guys are just plain stupid AND ignorant. Half of them are roided up, and with the meathead mentality, you have a combustible combo.

    It does appear that Incognito played the role of ahole and went over and beyond. But, still, the relationship he had with Martin seems that Martin played along, and he used the N word as much as anyone. Enough blame to be shared by many, and I don’t view Martin as the main victim.

  8. “Ed Bandell says:
    Feb 17, 2014 9:22 AM
    qdog112 says: Feb 17, 2014 9:12 AM

    “The fact is you could give every player in that locker room a fraction of the blame and Richie Incognito, would still easily be the MAJORITY OWNER.”

    You’re right. EVERY player, including Martin who is just as much of a sleazeball as the rest of them.

    The only innocent people in this seem to be McDonald who apparently was treated worse than Martin and that Trainer.
    I don’t think anyone is innocent here. The trainer comes closest, but even he didn’t report what he witnessed. (from fear) INNOCENCE is not to be associated with that locker room.

  9. qdog112 says: Feb 17, 2014 9:36 AM

    Incognito sympathizers don’t need to read the report.

    You seem to be the one who didnt read this article. He never said that Incogbito does or doesnt deserve the majority of the blame but that John Jerry will suffer the most from the report because not only is he implicated in the report but he is a lousy football player while Incognito is a year removed from the pro bowl. Read before commenting please

  10. What is it about Florida? Does the sun just fry your brain to the point of lunacy? So much craziness in the world, but Florida definitely seems to be the epicenter. Why not move BOTH Florida teams to London and just let them play each other every week? What a train wreck of a state!

  11. Miami passed up Jimmy Graham to draft this big fat turd. That by itself should prevent Ireland from ever working in the NFL again.

  12. Every team in the league is crapping their pants that their version of The Dolphins saga might go public… This behavior is hardly unique to any one team…

  13. Based on a quick read of the report, both Pouncey and Jerry seem like the archetypical, nauseating, unable-to-produce-their-own-thought-process, bully sidekicks. “Please like me Richie! Let me prove my devotion to you. Here – I’ll touch Jonathan Martin’s ass in a provocative way, insinuating that he’s gay…” Mental midgets with low self-esteem.

  14. There’s a reason that people like Jeff Saturday, Tony Dungy, and Tedy Bruschi have said this wouldn’t be tolerated in their locker room – and a reason those teams won titles and the Fins haven’t.
    The reason these teams have titles is elite quarterbacks.
    Colts – Peyton Manning
    Patriots – Tom Brady
    Dolphins – Tannehill, Henne, Moore, Green…

  15. The behavior amongst the Dolphins offensive line was reprehensible. All involved share the blame. The holier than thou talking heads are full of it. This type of behavior is common among young men. It shouldn’t be but it is. Young men are in every NFL locker room. To

  16. Send the three of them to perpetual summer camp where they can work out their juvenile energy running and climbing and swimming and being the jerks they are.

  17. Seattle sue, you don’t have to go so far to find lunacy. You have plenty of that on the west coast. So don’t paint the whole state of Florida with one brush. And in case you didn’t know it, there are three NFL teams in the state. So are you giving one an pass on your exile plan?

  18. Half the league are young bangers or pretend to be bangers. How is anyone surprised about this? The only reason it’s received attention is that a white man used the N word. A word that you can’t go a day without hearing from the group of people that say you can’t use the word.

    I have an Idea,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,everyone stopping using the N word today and it will start to evaporate. Keep using it everyday and people think it’s what you say.

    Bottom Line,,,,,,,,,,these guys we watch and follow are mostly dumb kids with athletic talent. Let’s stop using them as a barometer for what real life is like.

  19. Jerry must be a great guy with high moral character cuz the genius duo of Jeff Ireland and Joe Philbin had him on their team……………and we know no one is better at their jobs than those two.

  20. perhaps more importantly, Jerry isn’t a great player.
    I think you have your answer as to why Jerry rode Martin so hard. It’s called compensating for one’s own shortcomings.

  21. Suspend Incognito, Jerry and Pouncey for a year. Goodell needs to step in and do the right thing. That type of behavior should never be allowed in an NFL locker room. Sickening stuff.

    Hopefully, some team will give Martin a chance. He had to go through a living hell with those loser bullies.

  22. As a lifelong Dolphins fan (48 years old) I’m sick of all the crap involving this situation. I don’t care how good Pouncey is, cut him along with the rest of the OL and the OL coach. Get some RESPECT back! This organization is now a joke. I was always proud of my team doing things the right way when Shula was in charge. It’s been one clown show after another since he was FORCED out. Is there anyway out of this black hole?

  23. Played team sports most of my life, seen a ton of this in the locker rooms, and it goes on everywhere, in every sport. Don’t let these talking heads like Dungy and Bruschi fool you, it went on in theirs as well. Its inevitable, you have a massive mix of testosterone and egos and its never going to mix perfectly. A lot of these guys had been the Alpha males on their high school & college teams, and now its all thrown in together. The stronger and aggressive personalities really stand out and the meek and weaker guys bow down, and become unwilling targets for the abuse and ridicule. And the other guys don’t step in and stop it because they look at the guy not standing up for himself so they actually view it as his problem, “Man up and Stand up for yourself and they’ll leave you alone”..I cant tell you how many times I heard players say that to the guys being bullied, but in these situations its actual the only thing that is going to stop it. Its a sport dominated by the strong, and if you appear weak you are going to be pushed around and bullied. Which is why I don’t believe a gay player will ever be fully welcomed in an NFL locker room, he will be viewed as “weak” and not many guys are going to respect him. They may say they will to be politically correct but we all know how that goes.

  24. Name calling, Ribbing, Emotional Harassment… oh my. Maybe the NFL should start having player training seminars to help players emotionally deal with all these potty words directed at their character.

  25. Martin isn’t black enough? Wait, I thought that was OK, must just be bad to say when you’re also a bully. I’m working hard on my progressive vernacular, but some of the rules are difficult for me to grasp.

  26. You know it’s bad when Bryant “partyboat/partybus” McKinney is the model player on the field AND in the lockeroom.

    Might as well make McKinnie the offseason workout coordinator too.

  27. I can’t really say whether or not Incognito would have quit if Martin had said these things were bothering him… And it could have been reported somewhere and I missed it, or it’s in the report that I’m too lazy to read… But it does seem that Incognito actually saw Martin as a friend. But I do agree with the basic statement of this article, where Jerry is going to pay more since he’s not that good of a player. On the other end, Pouncey was involved too and you don’t hear too much about it… Probably because out of all of them he is the best player.

  28. I will not resort to name calling. The trio is equally responsible. I am not buying the black on black angle the media is trying to spin. Jerry will eventually get another job. He is not that bad. The media probably does not want him to play again in the NFL but he will just like Incognito will. It is totally plausible Martin and Jerry did not grow up on the same side of the tracks and that is what was meant by not being black enough. The term struggle synomonious with black and if one has not had to struggle they are considered more white. At this point what is done is done. You cannot make it any worse than it already is.

  29. I can’t believe that Joe Philbin is getting a pass in all of this. Could you imagine if this happened on Jim Schwartz watch?

  30. According to Martin, as stated in the Wells report….the abuse originated with Jerry (not Incognito)……with regard to his sister which reportedly angered Martin more than anything…..Jerry was the worst offender…..not defending Incognito but how can one label Jerry a “follower” when it was he (not Incognito) who started this?

  31. It’s amazing how everyone on here has the answer to this. I’ll bet stuff happens in all the locker rooms, it just hasn’t gotton out of them.
    I love the prima donnas on the television like Teddy Bruschi, who need halos over their heads today. They never did anything wrong, ha ha you have to be joking.

  32. Wells concluded that Pouncey, Jerry and especially Incognito were all meanies and potty mouths and it made Martin feel sad.

  33. It’s amazing how one’s ability to be rehabilitated is directly related to one’s talent. Ergo, all Pouncey needs to do is get sensitive training. While Incognito and Jerry can look for jobs outside the NFL.

  34. In the report it states Martin has been bullied since the 6th grade.. Incognito had nothing to do with that.. Martin and his parents should have done something way back then to bolster his self esteem and teach him to be proud of himself and stick up for himself (that doesn’t mean violence) and NOT TO ALLOW himself to be a victim.. He obviously was bullied by different people through out the years, so you can’t blame just “the bullies”. If YOU have a problem, YOU FIX IT.. For example if you have a flat tire you change it, you don’t keep driving on it, even get a new car but put the flat tire on it and then blame the tire for your problems. Wells report states “he participated” in the jokes and pranks on other teammates..” and he used the N-bomb as much as others.. So how was anyone to know he was offended by it? He is overly sensitive and WANTS to be a victim.. Thrives on being the victim and the attention and sympathy he gets from it.. Uses his “victimization” as an excuse for anything and everything that goes wrong in his life. He cannot accept the consequences of his own actions or own faults, therefore he must put the blame on others or redirect the blame away from himself.. This personality quirk is mostly the result of his parents never accepting any blame for any of his faults/mistakes and never having him accept any consequences for his mistakes.. Nothing was ever his fault, someone or something was always to blame or used as an excuse so it really wasn’t his fault. No fault, no blame, no consequences.. So of course when he was failing at football, when he was suffering from mental health problems, it couldn’t be his fault (or anything in his childhood or up bringing), so who and what should we blame it on… Of course the most popular PC issues of the day: Racial and Bullying, instant media support and sympathy for the victim and outrage against the perpetrators and absolutely no defense, because there is ZERO tolerance, so even if HE participated; got it covered, even if it was used in jest; NO excuse, no defense..

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