Negotiations between Panthers, Newton could start this week


On Monday morning, Panthers quarterback Cam Newton told The Dan Patrick Show (I know because I was listening, and I was listening because I was hosting) that Newton won’t hold out to get a new contract.

He may not have to.  A new contract may be coming anyway.

According to Jonathan Jones of the Charlotte Observer, negotiations between Newton and the Panthers “could start” later this week, at the Scouting Combine.  That sort of broad report could invite a smart remark that anything “could” happen this week, but the Scouting Combine provides a convenient framework for negotiations.

But here’s the reality:  The Panthers already have their hands full with guys whose contracts are expiring, and cornerback Captain Munnerlyn recently has said the team has yet to start negotiating with its looming free agent.  Any time spent negotiating with Newton now is less time that would be available to negotiate with the agents for other players operating on a more pressing timeline — especially since Newton has made it clear he won’t be holding out.

Because a new deal wouldn’t do much to chop down a $7 million cap number for 2014 (if anything, the cap number would go up), the Panthers gain no benefit for cap purposes by doing a new deal now.  If anything, it makes more sense to do it after the Panthers have accomplished their contract restructurings/terminations and free-agency spending (or lack thereof), which could result in more cap space being available for Newton.

Regardless, Newton has acknowledged that he eventually wants a new contract, at some point.

“Hopefully I will be able to get that long-term deal because Charlotte is a place that I can call home,” Newton told Jones on Monday.

The Panthers surely will give him one, at the right time.  With one year left on his rookie deal and a fifth-year option for 2015, the Panthers have plenty of time to wait.  If Newton’s not going to hold out, there’s no reason to rush it.

23 responses to “Negotiations between Panthers, Newton could start this week

  1. Panthers should offer him a fair deal, bu nothing over the top. Newton doesn’t have the leverage for a big deal and he could be suckered into taking a lesser deal that benefits the Panthers salary cap down the road. Don’t wait and end up with a ridiculous Joe Flacco scenario.

  2. The Dave Gettleman era begins. How he handles his QB and the free agents, will signal to the franchise what to expect. Dave is “old” and Dave is “new”. Old in age and a 1st time, new GM.

    He’s walking a tightrope without a net. There’s no cap room and he’s already shown that he doesn’t communicate well with his players by not even contacting them. This is gonna be interesting.

    The fear is that he will blow up what seems to be a promising young team on the way up. I hope not.

  3. Always sign your QB 1st! The rest of the team means little w/o a Qb to run it. Look the top 10 drafting this year, only Atlanta has a good QB. Personally I think Stafford and Bradford are over rated b/c they were former #1’s. Time will tell for the Bills QB.

  4. Overrated runner who benefited from a great defense.
    He’s just another Vick, take away his running lanes and you have him beat because he will will not beat you with his passing ability.
    If they give him a big contract it will be thievery. Something Cam knows all about! LOL

  5. 80 million is reasonable but looks like 100 million dollar contracts are what franchise qbs get now

  6. I think Newton deserves more than Strafford. However I wouldnt pay him more than 15 mill/year. His potential is there, no WRs , no RBs, 1 TE, and an Ok OL.

  7. He is VERY good, but he isn’t great, I don’t believe he makes the players around him better.

    I don’t think the Panthers will let him go anywhere, because he is talented enough where he will hard to replace, I think he will become a top 10 QB one day, but I doubt he will ever be a top 5.

  8. “thegreatgabbert says: Feb 17, 2014 8:45 PM

    Newton offers hope to functionally illiterate meglomaniacs everywhere. If he can do it you can do it.”

    Blaine Gabbert offers hope to all quarterback busts who will never make a ProBowl or start a playoff game. If he can get a groupie on ProFootball Talk to call himself The Great Gabbert, anybody can.

  9. He’s not a very good QB, and neither is Geno Smith.

    I’d let him walk and start over, he’s not taking you anywhere you want to go.

  10. realnflmaster says:
    Feb 17, 2014 8:15 PM
    He’s not a very good QB though….would rather have Geno Smith tbh….

    J-E-T-S fan in denial….

  11. 6 yr 90 mil is fair, his numbers have declined every year in the league and he has 1 playoff appearence in 3 years with a loss and 1 winning season which can be contributed more to the defense playing at the highest level, and with a contract like that there should still be some room left to sign another good FA on offense.

    i was not a big fan of cam in his first two years, but he has matured and seems to get it now on being a leader. still not ready to put him as a top tier qb though.

  12. Anybody that says Newton isn’t any good is devoid of any football IQ….. Plus he’s been to the ProBowl twice in 3 years so obviously his peers, NFL coaches, and most fans know better.

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