Report: Browns will try to re-sign Alex Mack, T.J. Ward


The Browns will reportedly work to bring back two of their top free agents.

According to Tony Grossi of, the Browns have designs on trying to re-sign center Alex Mack and strong safety T.J. Ward.

Mack and Ward each made the Pro Bowl in 2013. The 28-year-old Mack has started all 80 regular-season games for Cleveland, while the 27-year-old Ward has twice exceeded 100 tackles in four NFL seasons.

Mack and Ward fit the profile of players who could garner lucrative second NFL contracts. Both are in their primes, and both have been productive. The question now is whether either player receives the franchise tag from Cleveland.

30 responses to “Report: Browns will try to re-sign Alex Mack, T.J. Ward

  1. Keep the offensive line together. The foundation to a potent offense is a strong offensive line. Mack is a healthy starter like T.J ward. But T.J Ward will command more money. If they can re-sign both, good. If not they should keep Mack and let Ward go. They need more help at other positions that free agency could cure.

  2. And the price will be significantly higher to extend them now than a year ago before TJ made his 1st Pro Bowl and Mack his 2nd. Thanks a bunch, Banner. The gift that keeps on giving.

  3. It would be a(nother) dismal failure for the Browns not to resign both of these players. They have $40M in cap room and each is a pro-bowl player that is already familiar in the locker room. There is no equivalent replacement that could possibly come any cheaper except if you score in the draft.

    The Browns need to fill existing holes; not create new ones, and players like Ward and Mack simply don’t grow on trees. Can they be replaced? Yes. Is it easy? No, especially not if it is also to be cheap.

  4. Can’t tag Mack thanks to the stupid NFL rule about an offensive linemen not fitting into positions. I’d give him every penny he’s worth though. TJ, run stopper etc but is a liability on coverage. I’d still tag him, we’re thin at safety.

  5. Farmer’s first real test will be a good indicator on whether or not the Browns will continue overpaying for their free agents.

    Here’s hoping these deals get done at any cost, as this team can’t afford to lose Pro Bowl players.

  6. I’m sorry are the Browns all of the sudden good enough that we can just watch two of our best players walk out?

    Browns fans saying that these guys leaving isn’t a big deal clearly doesn’t watch the Browns.

    How did our free agency signings last year work? I would much rather re-sign players who are proven pro bowlers, than take a risk signing some other free agent.

    People are talking like the Browns are some stacked team and can easily replace these two pro bowl players. No there’s a reason the Browns win 4 games every year. We don’t have a lot of talent. We need to keep the talent we have.

  7. I would take either one of these guys on the Bears over what we have. Cleveland would find out very quickly how valuable they are if they let them hit the market…

  8. If these two have paid any attention to the recent happenings at the Factory they will run and never look back.

    Take your talents somewhere Lebron style and be happy you had the chance to leave.

    If they try to tag you retire.

  9. Lets hope Ray Farmer can re-build the bridges and make this happen.

    Discussions like these are what happens when you value the PLAYER and the skill and not the asset. When you look at a body of work and not the value of player on a spreadsheet.

    If these deals don’t get done, its more about how a prior General treated the players, especially Mack than Ray Farmer’s inability to make it happen.

  10. The only player on the Browns that isnt replaceable is JoshGordon. He is the only true Pro Bowler on this team. Mack, Ward, Thomas, Haden, Cameron are solid, but not Pro Bowlers in my mind.

    Haden cant stop anyone with the game on the line. Ward takes the worst angles of any safety ive ever seen. Joe Thomas has constant false starts and holding penalties. Mack is solid, but the fact the Browns cant run block at all, is a red flag in re-signing him.

    If these guys were that important and good, they wouldnt have gone 4-12. The only ones not overhyped are Gordon and Cameron. The rest arent as good as everyone thinks

  11. .

    How do you turn 5 picks in the first 3 rounds (including #4 overall) and 40+ million in cap space into a PR nightmare?


  12. Mack is the corner stone of the offensive line and is an absolute stud. He calls out the defensive formations and has really taught the younger guys a lot. Let him go to another team and the line falls apart. No line, no offense, and yet another coach next year.

  13. Why would they stay?

    Has Haslem shown them that their best chance of winning a Super Bowl is to return to Cleveland?

    Put yourself in their position.

    Stay in Cleveland, with an owner that has “started over” twice in 2 years, couldnt find a coach to take the job, and settled on tbe only one that would take it, no franchise QB, and a consistent top 5 draft pick.


    Take about $1 million less, and play for a team that actually wins games?

  14. Mack hasn’t missed a game including playing one game 5 days after having his appendix out. You don’t let guys like that get away.

  15. Sorry Baltimore (Browns 1), you can’t afford him because you gave all your cap to your QB… Browns 2 has cap space. ( and we beat you last year btw )

  16. Are these guys along with Joe Haden, Jordan Cameron, Joe Thomas and Josh Gordon the Browns poor draft picks I always hear people on here complaining about?

    I don’t know about anyone else but looking at their roster every year it just looks like the Browns suck at drafting QB’s but they’re geniuses at every other position.

  17. After the fiasco in town about Chud’s dismissal & finally flushing the turds out of the FO, I believe that both will get signed but, the will definitely get PAID!

    What concerns me is that by nickeling & diming the Bess Mess, they may turn off prospective FA’s from coming to Cleveland. Signing “our guys” would help to overcome that.

    Truckstop Jimmy needs to create some stability within the organization. Right or wrong, he needs to put full faith and confidence in Ray Farmer. Remember Chuck Noll? Ride out the storm, Jimmy!

  18. Those of you saying ward is terrible in coverage haven’t paid enough attention. He’s excellent in man coverage against safeties (which is hard to find and valuable w all these great tight ends) and he only gave up 1 TD last year. Just because he doesn’t get a lot of INTs doesn’t mean he’s bad in coverage

  19. Browns could also franchise tag Ward which may make more sense see if he can back up his only good year hes had so far, thus, not being on the hook for a bad long-term deal. Mack has been more consistent but still isnt the end of the world if he leaves

    Farmer needs to nail this draft with all these picks becuz they have a ton of holes to fill

  20. $35 mil/5 for Mack. Kick it to $40 mil if you want and/or add another year. Makes no difference to me as long as he’s wearing that orange helmet with a white stripe down the center come week 1, 2014.

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