Report: Rams don’t intend to extend Bradford’s deal

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The Rams would like to extend the contract of quarterback Sam Bradford.  Unless they don’t.  Unless they presently have no intention to do so but may do so in the future.

It’s all become sort of confusing.

The latest report comes from Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports, who says that the Rams “have absolutely no intention” to extend Bradford’s contract.  His claim that the new report is “contrary to a midseason report” strongly implies that, even then, the Rams didn’t want to extend Bradford’s contract.

And that’s where it gets weird.  La Canfora isn’t simply throwing high and tight at Adam Schefter, Jay Glazer, or Ian Rapoport; there was no “report” that the Rams want to extend Bradford’s contract.  Rams COO Kevin Demoff said so.

Specifically, Demoff said, “We’ve decided Bradford is our guy.  If they wanted to do a contract extension, we would do it.”

We reported in response to Demoff’s declaration that there currently are no talks.  It appeared that the Rams were interested in buying low, before Bradford possibly made a big push in the final two-plus years of his rookie deal.  A subsequent torn ACL has complicated things, and perhaps the Rams have since decided to take a wait-and-see approach with Bradford.

But then there’s the “contract to a midseason report” knife twist, which means that, according to La Canfora, the Rams didn’t want to extend Bradford when Demoff publicly said they did.

The question of whether the Rams want to extend Bradford glosses over the question of whether he has done enough from 2010 through 2013 to merit a salary of $14 million and a cap number of $17.6 million in 2014 and/or a salary of $12.9 million and a cap number of $16.5 million in 2015.  That’s a huge investment for a guy with a career record of 20-28-1 and a career passer rating of 79.3.

But then there’s the question that every team with a good-but-not-great quarterback must consider.  If you release the bird in the hand, you may up with a turd in the bush.

UPDATE 6:14 p.m. ET:  And now it gets even more confusing.  La Canfora has done a 180, adjusting his report to say that the “Rams are open to an extension” with Bradford.  That still conflicts with Demoff’s saying that if Bradford wanted to extend the contract, the Rams would.

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  1. Why even bring him back?

    This team needs a new QB and Bradford has been an overrated QB since he won Rookie of the Year in undeserving fashion in 2010.

    The Rams are going nowhere because the faces of their franchises have been overrated their entire careers, Jeff Fisher and Sam Bradford.

  2. Bradford isn’t worth the 17 Mil the Rams are on the hook for if they keep him.. with the new rookie wage scale and the Rams position in the draft.. it makes perfect sense to cut Bradford and draft a new QB.

  3. He already had a huge payday before the rookie wage scale. I bet the Rams feel like they were “taken”.

    This seems like a prove-it year for Bradford.

  4. Funny how things in the NFL work out. He was one of the last of the stupidly paid top draft picks and he’s the poster boy of why it didn’t work and why the Rams will suck for the next 2-3 years.

    Then the NFL and NFLPA agree to new rules to limit and scale the rookies… and now you have Russell Wilson, Kapernick and the like who are paid less in a year than Bradford makes a week and can’t do anything about it.

    Back and forth the rules must go.


  5. The Vi kings should be the poster boy of the nfl.we are like a picture perfect franchise.the scary part is it will get 10 times richer this season led by mike zimmer,we will achieve greatness.SKOL

  6. Ram fan who follows everything closely. Bradford looked very good last season before his injury, except for one nationally televised game. Having said that, he still has to prove his monster contract in 2014, but he should be given the chance to do so, and almost certainly will be given the chance.

  7. Pocket passers are dead meat vs the NFCW defenses…particularly Seattle and Frisco. Wouldn’t be surprised if Johnny Football ended up in STL. The only problem with Manziel is he has too much Vick in him. Every defense he faces is going to take their shots on him. I don’t think he’s as muscular as Wilson or as good at avoiding hits like Wilson…i think he’ll run like Vick and be dinged up his entire career like Vick, too. Buyer beware Rams fans.

  8. I think the NFLPA needs to look at this…….he has been improving, but he is straight!

    Where are HIS rights?????

  9. Bradford is a much better QB than his numbers would indicate. He’s no $17 million a year QB, but still better than average. Just give him a team around him.

  10. Hmm… The closest Jeff Fisher ever got to a Superbowl was with a dynamic dual threat QB. He plays in a division with a 5’11” QB who just won a Superbowl. The offense was better with Kellen Clemens than Sam Bradford last year. There’s a real shot St. Louis could take one Mr. Johnathan Pigskin with the 2nd pick. Fisher rolled the dice on a Texas legend dual threat QB once before with Vince Young, perhaps he’s learned from that experience and thinks he can do it right this time around. All signs are the Texans are going to be conservative idiots and take Clowney (the move of a franchise more worried about doing the wrong thing the taking a chance at greatness), which means the Rams will have the chance, with a pick obtained in the RGIII deal, to maybe draft the one guy who might have a chance to be an even more dynamic playmaker than RGIII himself. This could happen.

  11. No one is sure what kind of QB they have in Bradford. The wild card is the number 2 pick in the upcoming draft. Supposedly a good number of Qb’s will be available.

  12. That last sentence makes no sense. The Rams would extend if Bradford wanted – the Rams are open to an extension. There’s NO contradiction. You seem to be presuming that Bradford wants to extend. Maybe he would prefer just to play out his deal.

  13. That is the kind of money you pay the guy you know is your franchise qb, not the kind of money you pay to the guy who could be your franchise qb. Then again, I am not sure he has had much to work with receiver-wise. You wouldn’t want to be the GM who lets him go only to see him light it up with some great receivers.

  14. Eloquently put. “He blows”. I’m guessing Stanford? Maybe Princeton? C’mon guys bring your A game or don’t type.

    All joking aside, he’s not the worst QB in the league, and as it stands he’s not worth 14.1 or anywhere close to those numbers. I would like to see what he can do with a decent line and receivers. He might do all right with a good team around him.

  15. I wouldn’t sleep on this guy just yet. May just turn out to be another Jim Plunkett. Bust out with his original team… bounce around the league for a minute… End up with the right organization and have the career everyone expected him to have.

  16. He showed a nice amount of improvement before he got hut, but that’s just it; he’s always getting hurt.

    You could say the same for Jay Cutler, but Cutler’s ceiling is higher than Bradford’s. His peak ability outweighs his injury problems. Bradford’s doesn’t. Also Cutler’s backup is a lot better.

  17. In other words, “We’re not going to extend him but we don’t want to tip our hand about which players we are looking to draft or trade for so we’ll say we are open to everything.”

  18. Why extent when he’s hurt every season. Damaged goods coming out of Oklahoma. Time to move on.

  19. As a Lions fan, I’m afraid that Bradford is just a little less valuable than Matt Stafford. Except that Stafford is now a multi-bazzilionaire with a scruffy, awe, shucks kinda feel to him.

    I hope for the best for Bradford because he came out so hot and confident. But the Rams might do what the Lions should have done – all thanks to the old, out-of-control rookie contract days. Go Lions!

  20. When can we rid ourselves of the Jason La Canfora ‘s of the football world. He and all the egomaniacs that populate the football press are credited here and everywhere with “reports”. They aren’t reports which would imply actual reporting, they’re rumors of something that might happen and they want credit for it.

  21. 2)St. Louis- Johnny Manziel

    The Rams trade Sam Bradford to Oakland who has the cap room and can use an experienced signal caller and hope for a fan base. They Flop picks 5 and 13. In a division with Wilson and Kaepernick, the old saying when in Rome, do as the Romans do is fitting. Manziel can help put fans back in the seats and offer the biggest hope in keeping the team in St. Louis.

  22. Bradford is worth more to my team that anything he would get in a trade. Barring injury, he the Rams will be better IN 2014 with him than anyone they can draft solely because of his familiarity with the offense and his experience. Having said that, the Rams are dumb if they extend him before the end of next season. They have more than half of their cap tied into 5 players which is not a good recipe for success…and Robert Quinn is going to be looking for his 2nd deal soon so someone other than Finnegan is going to be getting the axe. It could very well be Bradford if the team falls in love with someone after the combine.

  23. Bradford would likely extend, but not for a Costco Discount. Conversely, the team said they weren’t sure his membership dues were even current, so he may have to go to another store…….Maybe Walmart……

  24. Jason Lacafora? the guy who had the chiefs taking a T 5 seconds before Eric Berry was celebrating and on the phone with the front office? he is one of those who takes big leaps and either basks in the glory of being right, or simply moves onto the next prediction.

    sources? pshhh

  25. Having the second pick in the draft and a loaded roster I’d rather roll with Bridgewater or Manziel on a rookie deal than Bradfords pre CBA garbage.

  26. You would think that a lawyer would proofread prior to submitting something for public consumption…especially when it involves misuse of the words ‘contract’ and ‘contrary’.

    The easy ways out is the usual…fix the typo and censor/refuse to post the comment.

    We shall see…..

  27. 14td’s 4 int in 6 games (from memory)

    He played plenty fine. The problem was the offensive coaching staff installing a wide open offense in the off season, then scrapping it after we went 1-3 and a shellacking from the whiners.

    One poster said the offense was better with Clemens. That was simply because they found Zac Stacy and schottenheimer finally found a way to use Austin.

    Went back to the ground and pound offense with Stacy and the offense looked far better.

    Stick him with the new ground attack and then hitting them with play action over the top with Austin, Givens and god forbid, Jared Cook and he will be fine

    The problem with Bradford is not talent, he clearly has it. Has a rocket arm and some pretty good accuracy.

    No, the problem with Bradford is his durability.

  28. Too many of the so-called sports ‘reporters” sell the public their own speculation (often citing an unnamed source) and it becomes a “report” and it is taken as fact by most of their colleagues and the public. Now you wonder why it all seems confusing. The simple answer is a lot of it is By.

    Journalism is dead. Nobody seems to verify anything anymore. Unnamed sources used to be used primarily when there was potential harm if their identity were known. Now it is to protect people who willingly violate ethics and are by definition untrustworthy. Reporters slant stories bases on their own opinions. It shouldn’t be that way but far too often they are just concerned with being first or simply advancing their own agenda/reputation. Most of the public would rather be told the facts so we can determine conclusions for ourselves. Now, we are treated as children or of lesser intelligence so the reporters feel they must think for us and present their own speculative conclusions. Ugh. Please stop it already.

  29. i still believe in Sam. paying him that much is tough to swallow but the rams were absolutely horrendous when he was drafted. with a good team starting to build around him he will b e a very good QB eventually. he is still only 26 and played pretty well last year.

  30. Editor/Producers to Reporters Every February:

    What do you mean there’s no NFL news here in the weeks following the Super Bowl? Well, get out there and make some!!! There are websites and TV channels to keep filled with stories!!! No news?!? MAKE SOME UP!!!

  31. Sam Bradford is Jason Campbell light. They are nearly identical after their first 49 games. The Rams should use this blessed opportunity to get away from Bradford and that contract. If you want a QB that doesn’t throw beyond 10 yards, you can sign his evil twin Campbell for 15 million less.

  32. all the rams have to do is find a team owner dumb enough to give away their future for 1 player and then……never mind, that would never happen

  33. I live in the NFC West and have seen Sam play many games. He is a check-down quarterback. No matter who the Rams add to their wide receiver corps, Sam will check down to the running back in the flat. The Rams will never get past the Seahawks/49ers/Cardinals with Sam at quarterback. It is time to let him move on and for the Rams to move on.

  34. None of the QB’s are worth 20 million. The money that gets tied up in these guys hurts the rest of the team. 1/6 of the salary cap. Was Peyton worth it? No, he didn’t get them a ring. Beat by a true definition of team – The Seahawks.

  35. I wouldn’t blame LaCanfora undoubtedly he got played by the Rams who are probably playing their usual mind games with somebody whether its Bradford or other teams who knows.

  36. I can’t stand this stupid auto correct. In my previous post it should be “The simple answer is a lot of it is BS.” not “by”

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