Still no talks between Cowboys and Ware

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With one veteran pass rusher having a large cap number signing on Monday a new cap-less-unfriendly contract, another veteran pass rusher with a large cap number slides a little more sharply into focus.

Cowboys defensive end DeMarcus Ware has a $16 million cap number in 2014, and he’s due to pocket $26 million in total base salary over the next two years.

Ware said last week there have been no talks on a reduced or restructured deal.  Per a league source, there have still be no talks — and it would be regarded as a surprise if the Cowboys were to squeeze Ware into taking less.

There’s a good chance Ware would decline, forcing the Cowboys to decide whether to cut him.  Ware has been playing through a variety of ailments in recent years, from elbow to shoulder to quadriceps to neck.

In 2013, his first year as a defensive end in a 4-3 defense, Ware has the lowest sack output of his career, with only six.  In December, owner Jerry Jones lamented the lack of productivity.

“He should actually be in the prime of his career, candidly, strength-wise, explosion-wise,” Jones said.  “That’s one of the things we got to, I think, count on is him having more impact in the game as he moves away from his injury.”

If Ware stays under his current deal and gets healthy, Jones will be expecting even more.  At some point, Jones will have to move on, especially since his cap number in 2015 moves to $17.5 million.

23 responses to “Still no talks between Cowboys and Ware

  1. No way I keep him for 16mill…he’s a bum playing an every down DE. Left tackles are killin him!!!

  2. The Cowboys are projected to be the highest over the cap space team in 2014. Based on that, it seems like some real serious restructuring needs to occur here and elsewhere or they need to blow it all up and start over. Chances that Ware actually stays would seem to be low at this this point.

  3. Jerry, Cut all the mediocre talent you gave all those millions too and start anew. As far as Demarcus Ware is he is not willing to take a pay cut, then trade him to the AFC. Its time the Cowboys starting putting team first instead of individuals. The last golden nugget to make the cowboys champions again will likely never happen. Jerry, Jones you must stop acting like the Grinch of the NFL and hire a REAL general manager.

  4. What we need to do as a team is Move on from DWare! I love the guy BUT a 16 million dollar cap hit can buy you 3 REALLY good lineman of which we need! Just remember Jerry, we dismantled an offensive line not long ago,do the same defensively!

  5. Come join the Vikes on their path to greatness.The Cowgals are still in decline and they will not be close to what we are building here in MIN.come to MINNESOTA if u want rings.SKOL

  6. No way does Dallas let Ware leave. Their going to cut Miles Austin and Doug Free, restructure some deals, like Carr’s and Romos and will be able to keep Ware. Jones is an idiot, but even he knows how valuable DeMarcus is.

  7. Same thing happened over a year ago with Freeney and the Colts.
    The smart money would be to cut Ware. But, we’re talking about Jerrah, so expect a 10-year extension.

  8. Knowing their CAP situation (the worst in the league) they just might cut Ware. Even if they restructure kicking cans down the road and eventually the Piper has to be paid.

  9. Restructuring will not help enough as far as the boys are concerned, as their cap situation is beyond awful. Restructuring Ware would simply be fool’s gold; he either needs to take a pay cut or get released.

  10. Call Billichek and do whatever he would do if he was the coach in Dallas. I love Ware, but the cap is a pain in the a.. Ware has to restructure or Dallas needs to move on. And by restructure I don’t mean pushing more money back……..Ware declined; how about pay for performance?

  11. restructure, starting with putting the Cowboys on the Market. Get a real owner who knows to hire Football guys, and let them earn their money, while the owner sits back and counts his money. That would be better than an owner who picks his nose in prime time.

  12. Ware was a beast, no more..his last really good year was 2011, nameless tackles this season neutralized him with ease and I can’t remember the last time he collected a sack in a pressure situation, they all seem meaningless anymore when he bags one..

    Jerrah needs to offer a pay cut and use him as a situational pass rusher or let him walk…so this means he will probably restructure his deal the way he always does his favorites, and further deepen our cap mess

    And this coming from a Cowboy fan

  13. If I’m him I say no to pay cut because he wants to be cut. Who in their right mind wants to play for Dallas. This is coming from a diehard but extremely disgruntled cowboys fan.

  14. Cut him or trade him. We’ll be a schitty team with him or without him so why waste the money. Cowboys fans have had it with JJ. Get us a GM or draft blind players… at least it would be amusing to watch.

  15. Maybe instead of a new contract, Ware should opt for a new uniform. Personally, I’m a fan of changing “WARE” to “WHERE” since Demarcus is getting awfully hard to find on game day. Better think twice about that contract renegotiation #94…

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